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How to regularise periods

Naran S Balakumar

Chant “HARI OM”

Hari Om mantra can be chanted during periods. It regularises it.

If there is a pre-menstrual tension, menses pain, continuous chanting will reduce the pain and regulate the periods.

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How to pray for victims


There was an incident in a school from Bangalore. I am feeling very low. A 6 year old was raped by a school staff. What should we pray for that girl?

Naran S Balakumar

When you hear the news of this type, close your eyes and chant,VAST SECURITY ABSOLUTE LOVE ETERNAL LIGHT”.

This will make you calm. This will make the victims feel secured, help them come out of traumatic experience and will be healed by the eternal light.


Mantra to stand on your own legs

Naran S Balakumar


What is the specialty of this mantra?

It activates all the Chakras.

When you look at Ganesha, the right-side tusk is broken. In the female elephant, there is no tusk. Only male elephant has a tusk.

Ganesh represents both male and female energy. This mantra is for stability in one’s life.

A special mantra for those, especially for women who are fighting the divorce cases, when they fight for money. Numbers of women do not divorce because they are financially dependent on their husband.

Every time, women ask their husband for money. It’s also there in the family. If those women chant this mantra for a month then their husband will automatically give money to them.

How will I sustain if my husband is not there?

This question will be there in the mind of most of the women. This mantra will be helpful in those situations.

It will help you to stand on your own legs.

Remove Fibroid in Uterus


What can be chanted to remove fibroid in uterus of size 1 by 2 cm?



When flowers are there, you are SAFE!!!

Naran S Balakumar

A mother of 16-year old girl called me around 10 PM to check out what her daughter need for her to come back home safely after doing voluntary service for the rain-affected Chennai people. The girl was working until late night.

I gave her the Bach Flower Remedies STAR of BETHLEHEM and SWEET CHESTNUT and for the mother RED CHESTNUT.

The girl was able to do her work without facing any issues.


To get divine protection from all types of problems – whether due to nature or human beings: Sweet Chestnut

Not to be affected by any traumatic incidents: Star of Bethlehem

For the worried mother: Red Chestnut

No role to play at home

Naran S Balakumar


“I don’t have a role to play in this home – with no space for myself” – if somebody thinks like that, feeling insecure always and have a fear, then this mantra works well.

Healing Polycystic Ovaries

Naran S Balakumar


Whoever has got it – which is a pre-dominant problem in women nowadays, this mantra chanting is very very effective.

Polycystic Ovaries is always bound by the time. The ovulation has to happen at the right time. Otherwise, it will form a cyst.

My life is worthless

Case History

After listening to the ‘I love myself’ CD, a house-maker for more than 20 years told Naran, “All these days, I had been feeling that my life had been worthless. For the first time, I feel it is meaningful and worth the pains I had gone through”.

Delay in Periods No More


Other example is (this might sound silly)…I used ‘ON’ again on another instance. My monthly periods were delayed last month and I was very irritated and anxious.

One Sunday, I just was lying down on my bed and chanted ‘PERIODS ON’ couple of times. When I did, I felt some movement in my tummy. When I stopped chanting the movement stopped.

Like this, I continued for few minutes and slept. When I got up after couple of hours, I was surprised my periods had started.

The experience has been amazing!!!

I do not have full knowledge but I have only learnt from reading your blogs. I would like to thank you whole heartedly.

I live in Bangalore and would like to attend one of your sessions if you are conducting any in Bangalore. Thank you Naran… Warm regards!!

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Postpone menopause


How can I postpone menopause? Is this possible?

Please I need your help, switch words or flowers or gems or other remedies, I’d like to try what you’ll say to me, thank you.


How can one act against nature? Fearing the menopause probably may be the reason.

Menopause is transition. Take (Bach Flower Remedy) WALNUT to easily transit through menopause and for the fear – because it is specific – take MIMULUS.


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