Marriage Mantri

Avoid Confusion in Marriage


One day prior to my sister’s marriage, mediator called my father that groom’s father want a dining table; otherwise, they will not take rest of the furniture which we are giving to them as gift.

When my father called groom’s father regarding the unexpected demand he told that he will call my father back.

Immediately I gave SWEET CHESTNUT pills to my father and BLACK TOURMALINE stone in his hand.

I remembered Naran sir’s words: “Always have SWEET CHESTNUT during marriage; it will help the flow of Divine Grace”

And the miracle happened.

They never called my father, neither discussed about it and marriage happened smoothly and happily without any complaints.

Million thanks to SWEET CHESTNUT, BLACK TOURMALINE, Naran sir and Shobana madam

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How to get adjusted in a difficult circumstance

Naran S Balakumar

Take the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT.

Anywhere one has to adjust and make some compromise. WALNUT is the best remedy to make adjustments and compromises in the family.

Before marriage, a girl was born and brought up in a different family and surroundings and so she has to adjust with the new family after marriage.

So to make easily the compromise and adjustments whenever needed, WALNUT is the remedy.

WALNUT will totally change the person.

Meeting for marriage proposal

Naran S Balakumar

BEECH is a Bach Flower remedy which will make you understand the other person – why the other person behaves in a certain way.

For or a fault finding person it is a good remedy to develop tolerance.

When some person is coming to see your daughter for marriage proposal, take BEECH and WALNUT. BEECH will make him understand that the person is good.

We all see only outward beauty. To develop tolerance and see the inner beauty of the person, BEECH is the remedy. Instead of finding only faults, one will find the good qualities of the other person.

How to attract a good partner

Naran S Balakumar

Take Gem Remedies

CORAL – for delay in Marriage

EMERALD – to attract a good person

GARNET – to be decisive

PEARL, YELLOW SAPPHIRE – to handle any dowry problems

CORAL, DIAMOND – to prevent divorce

Take Bach Flower Remedies


Seek Animal Spirit Guide

SWAN – helps you to attract good partner


Switch words and Affirmations to Get Married

Naran S Balakumar

Chant Switch Words “OVER TOGETHER TAKE DIVINE NOW” – to marry.

Chant the affirmations:

  • “Why am I married now?”
  • “Why did I get happily married now?”
  • “Why my resistance to marry is released?”

All the affirmations should be prefixed with WHY.

If the affirmation is ‘TRUST THE PROCESS OF LIFE”, chant “why I trust the process of life?”

What is the difference between regular affirmation and the above affirmations?

An affirmation always assumes what is not there and therefore, most of the people do not believe in the affirmation.

When You are not married and when you start repeating the affirmation, “I am married now”, you can not get married, because the thinking mind resists it very often by putting counter questions.

To overcome the resistance of the conscious mind, “WHY” is added. By adding “why” to the affirmation, the conscious mind becomes silent. Then the subconscious mind, thinks it as a command and starts working to manifest.


How to drive away doshas for marriage

Naran S Balakumar


If this CD is played at home for 4-5 hours, it will drive out all the doshas and get the person married. Till the marriage is consummated, play the CD.

Number of unmarried people played the CD and they got married immediately.

You can also write the name of the person to get married, tie it with the speaker with the name facing the speaker.

You can play it at night also.


Marrying a Person from a Different Community


My son is marrying a foreigner in a month or two. I want him to marry a girl from our community. Please suggest some Switch words or mantra.




I am a little curious on this one. I understand the switch words TOGETHER and DIVINE. What about the rest of them?


BREAST – meeting place of two opposite persons or marriage

Let the LINK happens as per the Divine (will).

Chant the switch word combination as many times as possible.


Marriage for the aged


Suggest marriage mantra for boy an aged 43 to get an appropriate match.


To find the divine time to get married, chant, “VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKA THANTHAM” as many number of times as possible.

For those not yet married

Naran S Balakumar

For girls who cannot get married, (Gem Remedies) CORAL and EMERALD have to be given.

For boys who cannot get married we have to give DIAMOND (Venus) and EMERALD. Emerald is for communication.

Curse on family in relation to marriages


Astrologers have told that our family has a family curse.

There is a delay in marriage and none of the boys in the family has got married though they have good jobs.

Though, some girls have got married, they do not lead a happy life.




This mantra will also release the curse of the family.

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