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Cleared all my debts with help of Abundance CDs

Kiran Shinde

Following the post “Received money without borrowing”:

Thanks for the 4 Abundance CDs I bought it from you. I was able to clear all my debts with help from the CD affirmations.

The mantra LALITHAM SRIDHARAM is wonderful. I chant it daily for 108 times. It has helped me a lot.

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When you feel depressed or sad

Naran S Balakumar

We always expect something good to happen and then we feel happy.

When exam results are coming tomorrow, one feels very anxious.

If one has a visa interview tomorrow, he will feel tensed. Once he gets the visa, he will feel happy.

In the energy world, it is different.

You feel happy and then something (to be happy about) will happen.

Before achieving anything, be in the state of happiness. You don’t need anything to be happy.

Don’t wait for something outside to happen so that you feel happy.

Fill up your heart with happiness always.

One can listen to ‘HUMMING BIRD’ CD when they feel depressed or sad.

Play the CD for 5-6 hours at home.

‘To feel happy’ is the main theme of the animal spirit guide Humming Bird.

Study Pack

Naran S Balakumar

Once the child sits to study, he/she may not able to focus. There may be distraction.

To have focus, attention and to learn the subject easily, give the Bach Flower Remedies WATER VIOLET, OAK, CHESTNUT BUD, and CLEMATIS.

This combination along with MUSTARD has to be given. MUSTARD can be taken to understand any subject.

For most of the children, Physics and Maths are the problem. To understand these, MUSTARD is the remedy.

PS: Study Pack Remedy is available in the center.

Equanimity and Calmness CD

Naran S Balakumar

Whenever you are highly worried or angry, bring back the mind to equanimity and do anything.

Sometimes you feel that chanting is not working, you go on changing to other techniques.

At that point of time, when you feel that something is not working, listen to this CD and do the healing. It will be perfect.

Money Combo

Naran S Balakumar

Remedies to bring in Money


2nd day – MIMULUS, RUBY




6th day – ASPEN, AGATE


Wash the stones and put the Citrine stones in a glass of water. Keep it for 24 hours and spray it inside the house.

You can drink the Citrine water. It reduces the blood sugar.

You will never be insufficient of money.

You can also keep the Citrine in a bowl and keep it in the house.

Abundance CD

It has to be played in the house for 5-6 hours.

Chakra Balance CD

If played in the house, the chakras of the house will be balanced.

Inner Smile CD

It is useful for consistent and constant income.

Please note Gem Remedies and CDs are available in the centre.


Hari Hum Meditation CD

Naran S Balakumar

When you inhale, chant “HARI” and during exhale chant “HUM”.

When Hari enters (inhale), then Hum (ego) goes out (exhale).

This exercise is good for releasing our anger, pride and ego. A Rhythmic breathing of HARI HUM CD is available at the centre.

Ravi, Reiki Master

Case History

I was doing Hari Hum Breathing with the CD (on inhale chant Hari, on Exhale Hum based on the speed of the mantra recited in the CD).

First five minutes I was having different thoughts circulating within.

After that I felt a gush of white light filling up my entire being both inside and outside me, as if I was fully protected by the white light. I felt total silence and no thoughts were there.

In between I felt that I was not breathing at all. It was a beautiful experience I want everybody to go through this experience.

The need for the mantra Durga Durgama

Naran S Balakumar

All healers should play the “DURGA DURGAMA” CD and drink the water energized by the mantra.

Especially after visiting a Death house or a condolence meeting, take bath with that water. By drinking the water, both your aura and the chakras gets cleansed.

Let us say you go to a Mall, a place where thousands of people come. We will pick some negative energy from them unknowingly.

When you come back from the Mall, wash your face, hands with the energized water and drink it as well.

Keep the energized water in the NE corner of the house.

Next day throw the water on the open ground, so that it evaporates in the sun. Don’t throw it away in the wash basin or in the sink.

Or you may throw it in the garden.  It will be helpful to it like the mantra Pranava Roopini.

Keep the water near the speaker where the CD is played. If you want the energy to go to a particular person, paste the photo of the person on the speaker.

Using glass or ceramic is better to keep the water.

It is good to sip throughout the day.

It is a blessing listening to Naran’s Mantra Workshop 2015 DVD

R Mohan

I had the privilege to attend the free mantra chanting workshop organized by Naran on Oct 22nd, 2015.

It is a blessing to attend the workshop, a greater blessing to listen to the DVD, and much greater blessing to transcribe it.

The transcription is getting posted in the forms of Blog Posts in

I took two weeks to do it, as I am not a professional doing this kind of a job. During that period, I witnessed several good things happening in my life.

Rains in Chennai

However, Chennai started seeing rains within 36 hours of the workshop and it went on for more than 6 weeks with a gap of no rains for a period of five days only.

There is an old poem by Avvaiyar which says:“nallAr-oruvar ularEl  avar poruttu ellArkkum peyyum mazhai”

It means even if there is one good person in the world then there will be rains.

Floods in Chennai

Though, some might claim it is a natural disaster. However, media reported otherwise, especially Times of India around the time Dec 11th, 2015.

During this period Naran and his followers were praying mantras to stop the rain. These mantras appeared in Naran’s groups in Facebook and WhatsApp.

One solution, recently he has given is that if 5000 people listen to Rudram (from Vedas) then there won’t be any such calamity in India.

Still worrying about floods

Today, nobody talks about water scarcity in Chennai. They are only worried about floods due to rains.

I am as well as Naran’s students in Facebook and WhatsApp are sure that thanks to Naran, Chennai will find a solution to avoid these calamities in the future.

He is planning to discuss the same in the near future.

Please note that the DVD is available in the center. Please contact Shobana: 

I Feel Strong and Courageous


Today, I feel the DIVINE resides in me. The SOUL LOVE CD that I heard yesterday helping me to be more strong, confident and courageous.

How to meet god:

Instructions to Delta Yogic Meditation

How to listen to the CDs?

During the one-hour you sit in meditation, with the delta tones on, you need not concentrate as the wandering mind does not spoil the benefits of the meditation.

Just sink in.

7 levels of Meditation

Each level is deeper than the first level. So, start with the first level, then go to second level and so on.

Each CD contains 2 tracks.

The first track is called Descending Track. It takes you (duration 30 minutes) from the Beta frequency to Delta, preparing you to the Second level of Delta. Listening to the first Delta Descending track should not be avoided.

The second track is the Delta Track duration 30 minutes.

In total, you will be listening to the CD for one hour a day. Please don’t listen for more!

They are to be listened for 6 days. With the gap of one day – the seventh day, the next track can be listened.

Once you finish listening to 7 Delta CDs within a level, start the next level.

Listening with HEADPHONES is recommended. Even though it can be listened through speakers, listening through headphones is more beneficial.

One should not lie down. One should sit and listen. Release all your expectations and resistance. Meditate in a relaxed manner.

Listening Schedule

CD 1st Track to


2nd Track to Listen Time


No of Days to Listen Gap
1st Delta Descending Delta 1 A 60 mins 6 days 1 day
2nd Delta Descending Delta 1 B 60 mins 6 days 1 day
3rd Delta Descending Delta 1 C 60 mins 6 days 1 day
4th Delta Descending Delta 1 D 60 mins 6 days 1 day
5th Delta Descending Delta 1 E 60 mins 6 days 1 day
6th Delta Descending Delta 1 F 60 mins 6 days 1 day
7th Delta Descending Delta 1 G 60 mins 6 days 1 day
8th Delta Descending Delta 2 A 60 mins 6 days 1 day
9th Delta Descending Delta 2 B 60 mins 6 days 1 day
10th Delta Descending Delta 2 C 60 mins 6 days 1 day
11th Delta Descending Delta 2 D 60 mins 6 days 1 day
12th Delta Descending Delta 2 E 60 mins 6 days 1 day
13th Delta Descending Delta 2 F 60 mins 6 days 1 day
14th Delta Descending Delta 2 G 60 mins 6 days 1 day
.. .. .. .. .. ..
43rd Delta Descending Delta 7 A 60 mins 6 days 1 day
44th Delta Descending Delta 7 B 60 mins 6 days 1 day
45th Delta Descending Delta 7 C 60 mins 6 days 1 day
46th Delta Descending Delta 7 D 60 mins 6 days 1 day
47th Delta Descending Delta 7 E 60 mins 6 days 1 day
48th Delta Descending Delta 7 F 60 mins 6 days 1 day
49th Delta Descending Delta 7 G 60 mins 6 days 1 day


Naran CDs present the ear with alternating frequencies to stimulate and activate the brain. While this treatment has had a wide variety of benefits for various individuals, we do not guarantee any particular result.

When you undertake to listen to DELTA YOGIC MEDITATION CDs, do it with this understanding, as each nervous system is unique and will respond differently to the program.

However, it is highly likely that if you persist with the program you will experience benefits. Though, we cannot predict nor guarantee what those benefits will be.


Read the instructions carefully before starting to listen to DELTA YOGIC MEDITATION CDs.

For medical advice or if symptoms persist, please see your doctor or health professional.

CDs with headphones should not be heard by people suffering from epileptic seizures and nervous disorders. Neither CD should not be listened while driving, working or standing.

Good Luck with DELTA YOGIC MEDITATION CDs from Naran S Balakumar!!!

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