Reiki during Surgery


Can Reiki be sent to person when he/she is having surgery or do we need to send it before and after surgery?


It can be sent.

Change the intention. During the surgery, fill the person with Reiki asking the body to open up and co-operate with surgery.

You can also fill the doctors in theatre and ask Reiki to enhance their surgical skills, assist, direct and guide them in the process.

R Mohan

I tried Reiki when my friend had a surgery inside her nose.

I cursed her for putting herself through knife. She was in such a pitiable state.

As per suggestion of Naran, I visualized her in bed, completely covered by a big CHO KU REY symbol. When I visited her next day, she looked completely transformed, with no hint of surgery.

That’s the healing power of Reiki.

Healing Others through Reiki

Naran S Balakumar

When somebody comes to us for healing, it shows we are karmically connected to them.

When the connection breaks, the problem is resolved immediately. While chanting ‘I am sorry’ mantra, we can draw the Reiki symbols too. Thus, healing is very simple.

When should healer be involved?

Only when he was asked for it, he should give Reiki.

The reason being, when healee requests for healing, then it works. Though, your family members need not ask, as we are bound to the family.

How to Realize Atman

Naran S Balakumar

How can Atma be the same as mind?

You say peace of mind but not peace of Atma.

When we go and search for peace, we find that there is something behind the peace.

It’s the Atma – which is the Universal Energy, Prana, Love, Peace and Joy – Satchit Anandam.

Atma is always happy and always present.

What about mind?

If there is no thought or emotion then there is no mind. It’s only a tool of Atma. Atma observes it. We have to merge mind with Atma. Until then we are ruled by mind.

It’s not learning. It’s realized. What’s an Atma then?

It can’t be learnt. It’s an experience. We can point the direction by saying ‘don’t touch fire’. However, we touch fire to experience it.

Likewise, we can’t learn about Atma. Though, we can experience Atma through Reiki. We have to keep on doing Reiki to achieve that.

Today you are supposed to come here and see me. Reiki has helped you to come here. We think we decide but we don’t. Something made us to come here.

Keep on trying. Even if you don’t finish it this Janma, in the next Janma you continue from where you had left in this Janma.

Reiki for Others

Naran S Balakumar

Giving Reiki to somebody means giving them energy.

Wherever the energy is less, give Reiki. Give Reiki to anything that requires energy. You may give energy to whole of the world.

If your bed room lacks energy, then draw the symbols over the room.

Give Reiki daily to your Family photograph

For the house where you are staying, or over the address written on a paper give Reiki

Give Reiki to drinking water and make others drink it. It’s very effective. Spray the Reiki water over the floor, and house garden.

When we give Reiki to children they learn to live with Reiki.

When you fight with somebody give Reiki to them as they are indirectly asking for it.

Send it to the people around you as all of them are our projections.

You can visualize the person and draw symbols over his body part that requires healing.

If you have a problem visualizing, write the name of the person in a piece of paper and give Reiki to it.

For multiple people, write their names in one sheet of paper and give Reiki to the paper. Reiki is intelligent and it will heal the concerned people.

Requests from Others to Give Reiki

Naran S Balakumar

A person can ask you for Reiki in two different ways:

  1. By a straightforward method – asking you directly
  2. When he is angry with you – he is indirectly asking you.

As a Reiki channel, your gate of love is open. You have the power of Reiki. He doesn’t have it. He can only fight. You can retaliate with a fight or rectify it with Reiki love.

This conflict could be resolved by adding to the intention the expression, “for the highest good of everybody concerned”.

For example affirm, “Reiki heal my relationship with Suji, for the highest good of everybody concerned”.

Do well physically as well as in life

Naran S Balakumar

When you suffer from disease, then it shows you have to heal some part of your life. You may not know where. In fact, you do not need to know either.

Just give Reiki in the required positions. This will heal your body as well as rectifying your life too.

Our lives are getting too fast. Of course, we don’t know why we are running fast though. Therefore, we need a simple method to heal ourselves.

Reiki says, “Don’t run, things will come to you automatically”.

Use Reiki for Harmony

Naran S Balakumar

Give Reiki daily for establishing harmony within the family.

Reiki can be given to the house or the family members (photos).

Healing Inside the Reiki Net

R Mohan

One day, on a call with Naran, he said I could draw a big Reiki symbol Sei Hey Ki over my bed and visualize myself going under it (something like sleeping inside a mosquito net) and go to sleep.

I could sleep then very deeply and satisfied.

After a week, a friend of mine was admitted for a nose surgery. I saw her the day after the operation was over. She looked tired and unhealthy.

From my home, I visualized a big Sei Hey Ki over her bed. When I met her again after a few days, she looked to be 70% recovered which was totally unexpected.

I got confirmed from Naran that this NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) based Reiki technique that can be used to resolve serious problems in life.

By visualizing a BIG symbol, we are making our brains believe that the symbol is big and powerful (a NLP technique). Therefore, it tends to be very effective.

Acceptance to get married

Alka Singh

I really love a boy but nobody from either side is ready for our marriage.

Can Reiki help me out to solve this problem of mine as I am really getting into the state of depression and the person on the other side too?


You can give Reiki for the marriage. Write in a piece of paper “Marriage of …………………… with the acceptance of elders”.

Write also, “Reiki reject it if it is bad for our highest good. Retain and attract one who is good to me.”

Give Reiki to those papers.

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Anger and worry will reduce the Prana inside us. If Prana is reduced, then your physical vitality will also be reduced.

Within worry, there is fear and sadness. Anger has jealousy, envy, likes and dislikes behind it.

What will increase Prana then?

When you do yoga for example, it will and due to that, it stabilizes the physical stuff.

Prana also can be increased by having certain states of mind.

What are those mental states that increase the Prana and thus our degree of vitality levels?

According to Dr. Mikao Usui – the founder of Reiki, the following principles do that:

  •   Be honest

You should act with your conscience;

  •  Be kind to others – express kindness and love to others.

Even if you see a cockroach struggling to get up from its upside down position, you should help it, to regain its position. This single act alone can increase your Pranic energy thousand fold.

  •  Have an Attitude of Gratitude

For anything good done to us, we have to say thanks; especially for parents we have to keep on say love and thanks as we owe so much to them.

  •  Also say thanks to others – even to your enemy. He will become your friend then. Don’t have vengeance and hatred. They not only will sustain the enmity but will reduce Prana as well.

Even inanimate things like the house you live in – say thanks to them.

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