Naran S Balakumar

There is yet another mantra to clear our auric field apart from the mantra mentioned in the post:

Chant “RAA MA” – say ‘RAA’ on a higher note and ‘MA’ while coming down.

If you want your talents to be utilized and want to do something to this world, chant “RAA MA” for 63 times, while you are in LINGA MUDRA.  It will help you to unfold your talents with Linga Mudra.

If you chant it one more or one less, the whole effect is gone.

Without doing Mudra, if you chant “RAA MA” 63 times, you will sleep well.

But, how you can count the mantra for a certain no of times?

Write the mantra 63 times, in 6 columns. Look at it and chant.

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