Compiled from the Abundance Workshops, Chennai, Jan and Feb 2014

Refer the blog on “40-Day Program to Develop Prosperity Consciousness”:


There are 10 statements.

Take a notebook.

Do the programme daily by writing one statement per day.  You may want to write all the 10 statements every day, but write all of them for 40 days. Have the discipline to write all of them every single day without fail.

Only once you should write a statement. You can write 2 or more times also. It doesn’t matter as long as you write the statements same no of times throughout the programme.

Reflect about the meaning of the statement. Think how much it can change your life.

Write it in the sequence mentioned. Then only you will get the money.

Say on the 7th day, you may forget to write. Then start from 1st statement once again. No forgetting business.

After 10 days, start once again from statement one.

After 10 statements are written, one cycle is completed. Do three more cycles like that and thus in total four cycles.

You may think only a particular statement applies. However, all statements will apply to us. So don’t be focused on one statement only.