Balaji S

Before writing the experiences of using “THANKS DIVINE ORDER”, I like to thank you for sharing this mantra.

The switch word combination “Thanks Divine Order” is helping me in multiple ways; here I like to share a few.

I am working as a lead consultant in a reputed company.

Even though I have very good experience in software industry, I always get scared to face questions from my team (including my managers and clients) and get panic in case of delay in delivery.

Then I started chanting the switch words “THANKS DIVINE ORDER”. Whenever possible, I wrote the switch words every day.

I am chanting and writing this mantra for more than two months. I am seeing lots of changes in my professional as well as my personal life.

I am feeling more confident now.

Before answering to anyone in my mind, I chant “Thanks Divine Order” and then say thanks to them mentally, for giving the opportunity to answer.

Then I give my answer.

Before starting the work I chant “Thanks Divine Order” for giving the work opportunity.

Nowadays, even if I face some issues in my development life cycle, I am confident in solving the issues and do not get panic.

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