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Van caught fire


Around 1996, I was having a Maruti van that runsusing a gas cylinder. It is designed in such a way that the driver has to sit over the engine.

When I was on an over-bridge, the van caught fire. I didn’t realize it, but everybody outside was shouting that there was fire. There were a lot of fumes.

In spite of the fire, nothing happened to me, while I was sitting over the engine, run by a gas.

I safely got out of the car, ascertained the fume was put off from the engine, repaired the engine and drove the car again after 30 minutes.

That day, I was taking the Bach Flower Remedy ELM from the morning. So, I realized that to prevent (getting affected by) fire, Elm has to be used.

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Ignore Astrological Predictions

Sushma Pandey

I am bit confused about predictions.

Your reply shows me the correct path – which says that one must not take predictions for granted but try to work on them to change our destiny.


Stop not trying.

When you think that “I cannot have this” or “I cannot have that” then you stagnate. Stagnation makes one rot.

Movement is the DIVINE ORDER. What is movement for us human beings?

Doing. Doing is Karma. Karmic is the result of Karma.

When you fully concentrate on the work on hand, not eyeing on the result, that productivity is a joy to experience. That joy only is Divine.

Don’t eye on what is going to happen. Our duty is to do. The result is the reward.

If your mind is fully on what you do, instead of the result, every result (the effect of karma or doing) is a REWARD!!

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Sorrow-filled Nights


My sleep is affected in night.

Sometimes, I wake up at midnight, without a reason. Again it takes more time to sleep. Plenty of sorrows are coming in mind at that time and I am crying.

Because of this, I am not able to wake up in the morning on time. My daily routines are affected resulting in tension while getting ready to office. 

Suggest remedies to have a good sleep and wake up early in the morning.


Buy the Bach flower remedies “WHITE CHESTNUT, WALNUT, CRAB APPLE, and RESCUE REMEDY”.

Put 5 pills of each in a cup of water and take that remedied water before going to sleep.


Basic remedy to sleep well: WHITE CHESTNUT, WALNUT and CRAB APPLE

Not able to control one’s own emotions: RESCUE REMEDY

Alternatively, you may buy SLEEP WELL pills from the center, which contains Bach flower remedies and some bio-salts.

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Remove the Darkness Inside Others


In the ancient days, there were lot of clairvoyants and healers around.

The moment they see other person’s aura, any unwanted black energy in the aura can be found by them.

They used pranic healing to do the necessary cleansing and clearing of that unwanted energy in the auric field.

If you don’t clear this black energy, you will be affected by them. No need to have doubt about that.

The ancient healers said, once you see the black energy (any negative element) then the black energy also sees you. Then there will be a contamination of your energy field.

Is there is any technique to remove that darkness and the black energy inside you?

Yes there is one:

  1. When you see the darkness in an auric field, visualize the sun in the mind of the person, which will burn any possible contamination in the energy field.
  2. Once you see the darkness, there will be an energy reaction from us. Mother Earth can transform us. Direct that energy to the earth. Thank her.
  3. After that visualize a cow.

This is not only for healers but for every one of us. Whenever we see darkness – mother earth and cow can remove our energy reaction.

Do you know how much darkness has been transmuted by Mother Earth so far?

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Aid to Support Hepatitis Treatment


Could you please tell me the Bach flower remedy for Hepatitis B?


For Hepatitis B, there are good alternative treatments. It has to be monitored by medical profession. It is a condition, where not only liver is affected, but also kidney.

From the mental point of view, I can say that the patient needs AGRIMONY. Liver will be too much affected for a person, who has mental torture inside.

Those persons who mask their sufferings with cheerful faces, or who do not let other people know by sharing their mental status, will have this problem.

Take AGRIMONY 3 pills, three times daily.

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Take the Bach Flower Remedies WALNUT and CRAB APPLE.

As this is a Sun-related issue (affected by environment), we need WALNUT. For any skin-related problems one has to take CRAB APPLE.

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Purpose of Tapping

(From Multi-Dimensional Healing June 27 Workshop)


Simple way of tapping/EFT

Pull the entire 10 fingers one at a time as well as the gamut point (it’s the hollow place between the front little and ring fingers).

For any type of problem, pull each finger and tap on gamut, and affirm “I accept myself totally”.

What does the affirmation means?

It means that I accept my life situation, the event, as well as my feelings and my thoughts.

How to make sure we are not influenced by a situation?

Situation is one percent, our reaction is 99%. It becomes bothersome or problematic because of our own mind.

You are watching an accident on the road. A person riding a motor cycle had met with an accident.

The mother of the person, who was watching it happen, will react more strongly than others. Same event but reactions are different.

Our habit is to react emotionally. If we don’t have connection to the situation, I am not affected. Who gives this link? Isn’t it the mind?

If you do tapping then you will come out of the panic situation.

Why should you come out of the panic situation?

Then you can help, as you have a calm and tranquil mind. You will react calmly and do the necessary. Instead we overreact and spoil the whole thing.  

Adi Sankara and Scientists Think Alike


Adi Sankara: “The sky blue as we see it as blue as there is a person to see it as blue. If there is nobody to see then what is the color of Sky?”

A Nobel Prize winner says your world is your perception. The same world changes to our thought patterns and everybody see a different world. This is the basis of quantum theory.

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Secret behind maintaining beauty


‘I will not give breast milk, so that I can maintain my figure’.

Let the mother take the Bach Flower Remedy, CRAB APPLE, which is a total physical and mental cleanser.

The mother will start breast feeding the child, as she will not be worried if Crab Apple is given.

If you say, ‘I am not beautiful’ then the cells will be affected by this thought. Crab Apple will remove this thought and you will start looking beautiful.

This is the secret behind maintaining youthfulness.

Let us have a soap made of Crab Apple.

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A balanced life!!!



Your wants have to be in balance

Wherever you need harmony you can use the word TOGETHER. It is a very special switch word. It goes deep into the life of person. It stimulates the values in us.

However, most of us do not know what we want. He will be working as a temporary worker but he may want freedom. Employment and freedom cannot go together. If you want freedom and independence then you should have your own business.

However, for doing business, he needs security and so he cannot invest in business. Like this, we are always in conflict in our lives.

Some people want to earn more money, but he cannot because if earns more money, his family life may be affected and so on.

Different parts of life

For all of us a balanced life is needed. What is that?

One is personal; one unknown person is there inside all of us. I can only know myself. That is the personal life in which physical life will be there too. You cannot be healing others continuously unless you are healthy. So, physical health is one part of life.

 The second part of life is our social life and relationships. That is, relationship with others – either relationship with the family or society.

The third part is professional. 

Thus, the first part of life is physical or personal, the second part is relationships, the third part is professional and the fourth part is spiritual.

Our conflicts of interest

All these four are not balanced in any of us because our interests are in conflict with each other.

Our physical health will be good but relationships will not be good. If relationship is good, his professional life will not be good as he may not go to the office.

When you take a decision for one part of life, it may imbalance the other part of life. When you decide to go to a foreign country, you will lose your family life.

For that reason, you cannot sit at home saying that for you, your family is important and therefore you will skip work.

In the same way, when you think money is important then you have to forego your family life.

Ultimately, you are working for your health, which is lost by working hard, going at 6 am and coming back at 12 midnight.

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