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Release your resistance to lose weight

Overweight girl

I am desperate to lose 10 kgs in a month – have tried a lot, but no joy. I eat sensibly but still do not lose weight.

I am chanting “ROCK WATER, OAK, CRAB APPLE” at the minute.


Chant “ROCK WATER, OAK, CRAB APPLE, RELEASE RESISTANCE, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER” over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water.

Do it three times a day.

Overweight girl

I have been chanting for reducing my weight. Unfortunately, I have not lost any weight at all.

I also bought CRAB APPLE Bach flower essence, mixed a couple of drops with 500 ml water and drinking it and still no joy.

I am desperate to lose weight. What can I do?


Continue what is given. Do it for one year.

How can you reduce within 15 days?

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Business is Safe

Vasanth asked his friend to do SAFE and SECURE Mudra to increase his business in his shop for 15-30 minutes a day.

His friend who doesn’t have a clue about Mudras and who was desperate to improve his business did it for a week.

He reported that new customers have started coming and they are giving good business to his departmental store.


This Mudra improves our connection with Mother earth and activates the Hara Chakra.

When our connection with earth increases our life will become more stable and settled. So do this Mudra before going to sleep for at least 30 minutes a day.

You can also chant, “FIND WHY I sleep very well in the night and get 1000 (fill up whatever you want) rupees in the morning” while doing the Mudra.

The front side of the Hara Chakra (one inch below the navel) represents our physical well-being and giving attitude. The back side of the Hara Chakra represents our emotional side and receiving attitude about life.

Crystal clear solutions


I’m writing this mail for my cousin.

I used to go through your blog and all those switch words and angel numbers explained in that blog used to work for me according to the situation till now. Your blog is very much helpful to public who are suffering from different problems. I really thank you for the support you have provided to the public through your blog.

But now, our family is in great trouble. We are having a warehouse rented for storing spices. Due to heavy rain all those spices are destroyed. The company is saying that they are having a loss of three and half crores and my cousin is responsible for that.

Our family can’t afford this huge money and we are very much desperate sir. We all are fully tensed.

Please find me some mantra or some switch words so that I can chant it for my cousin to help him get rid of this situation and my cousin not to be blamed by the company for the losses caused by natural calamity. We don’t have any other way.




I did the chanting.

The company itself called my cousin directly and said that it’s not our problem. Losses caused will be totally claimed from the insurance company and now there’s no problem for my cousin.

We all are really happy due to your grace. Once again thanks a lot. God bless you.


To find a crystal clear solution: CRYSTAL

Grieving and fearing over loss of money: CHICORY

For hopeless situation: GORSE

To REACH for HELP, the animal spirit guide WOLF is sought

Delay in Marriage and Job

Dr. Preethi G

Thank you so much for services which you are rendering to the people. I have purchased many CDs from your center. Every day, I use to listen to them.

I am trying for abroad education and job. I want to qualify in my process.

I am a hard worker at my work place, but not getting proper appreciation.

Also, I am in love with a Muslim guy. Marriage is getting delayed. Even my parents know about my issues. There is no response from them. They are not replying.

I want to get married to him. My future-in-laws are good to this issue. They are fine with this matter.



For both the questions this will work.


Desperate situations needs divine intervention: SWEET CHESTNUT

Everything has to happen in unison: TOGETHER

To FIND what is in store for you: DIVINE ORDER

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Facing lots of hurdles to get what I want


I am writing this message with lots of depression and tears.

I got an admission into PhD more than 2 years before…yet I haven’t started my research work.

I am fFacing lots of hurdles at my lab and with my teachers and colleagues. I’m a very sincere student from childhood.

But, now I became very useless as no one is allowing me to carry out my work at my lab.

Applied for many scholarships but nothing worked out. People who are of less knowledge, skills and liberal at work are getting selected for stipends.

Even at my home also no one is listening to others so lots of disputes are arising everyday among all family members.

All these issues at home and college are making me more depressive. Even I’m trying for suicide also though I am against to it.


Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, CHERRY PLUM, 58” over a glass of water 100 times and drink this water daily. Do two times a day.

Write this in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow.


Desperate situations needs divine intervention: SWEET CHESTNUT

Not to lose control and take one’s own life: CHERRY PLUM

To overcome obstacles: 58

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Two months without salary


It’s been two months without salary.

Company’s operations are very slow due to unavailable operating cost, shareholders are fighting, though they have assets but to liquidate them is a long process, huge pile of debts in market and nil credibility with banks.

Seems company is going to close down in near future unless DIVINE INTERVENTION takes place. I even heard they are planning to retrench 70% of staff soon.

Please advise any chanting for company’s regular business so salaries are not delayed further…




After I senta mail to you, my senior messaged me that I need to travel to Singapore to look for apartment and school for the kids.  The thing which is worrying me is I relocate and what if reaching there such delays in salary happens! How will I survive?

Sorry Naran, if it’s annoying you but being single parent Ineed to assure financial assurance for me and my kids. Besides chanting the above, do I need to chant anything else?


Continue the same.


Thanks to You and Divine light… New investors are coming in hopefully. Really wish company grows and flourish with these new changes.

Salaries are released and all pending payments are settled… Thank God!

I am so glad that my boss is now allowing me to work couple of days to work from home when he is not in town. This way I can spend more quality time with kids and I pray Divine light to help me getting some tuition for evening, as additional source of income.


Divine order is a switch word, while Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem and Chestnut Bud are Bach flower remedies.

For divine intervention: Sweet chestnut

Outside, unhelpful environment over which one has no control: Walnut 

Total break-down because of the company: Star of Bethlehem

To get free  from the bad situation: Chestnut bud 

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Facing money and job problems


Right now I am facing problem for money and my job. My organization is going through financial problems and hence we are not receiving our salary.

I am looking for job as marketing manager but not getting anywhere. Please give me some mantra to get good job and money as I need desperately for me and my daughter.



Take the flower remedies SWEET CHESTNUT and CERATO.


Desperate situations: Sweet Chestnut

Searching for a job (or anything for that matter):  Cerato

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Seeing ray of hope


I am facing challenges in my career for the last 4 years – no recognition from my managers/higher authorities.

Could you please recommend a mantra for me to get the due appreciation for my hard work from my current managers?

And though I am trying to find another job in a different company I just face a lot of obstacles and do not get any results from my job hunt.

Suggest a mantra /switch words I can use for attracting the right job where I will be successful and happy?


Write “WATER VIOLET, CLEMATIS, WILLOW” daily for 51 times



I am doing the same for last 10 days. Day by day, I am becoming very desperate, frustrated and feeling all alone with stagnation in life. As I am seeing nothing is working for me. I’m doing Reiki as you have suggested in one of your blog for long standing problems.

But still all areas of my life are closed for me and not seeing ray of hope.


Do the forgiving exercise for all the persons in your life.

Thank also all the persons in your life.


As I was doing everything as u have suggested and unable to get any results.

No sooner I started forgiving and thanking exercise 3 times a day, very next day I got call from my previous boss to come and join on same post.

Thank you so much.

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Your life will always be bright


When you pray for others…


Thanks a lot Naran for making us knowledgeable about Black Tourmaline and also the technique you taught “Pray for someone who is very desperate like you in a certain entanglement and you’ll be healed and blessed with the solution “.

I wished and prayed   for a job for my cousin who was desperate for it. It turned out very surprising he got it and is leaving tonight to join tomorrow.

Indeed even I got an offer in ORACLE (BLR), a dream company for every IT student where I hadn’t applied also. But circumstances are such that I am not able to accept the offer and make the dream come true bcoz now I have a goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Even that day is not too far.

Thanks a lot once again from the bottom of my heart.

Actually, BLACK TOURMALINE should be called as BRIGHT TOURMALINE….

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Got a good house for rent



Thanks for all the good things we are able to get through your blogs.

We are in Dubai. Suddenly the rents became very high. This month our tenancy contract will end, we have to shift. So please guide us to find a positive home in our budget and in a safe place.




We have got a good house, though slightly high on budget.


Desperate situation needing divine intervention: SWEET CHESTNUT

Searching for a house: CERATO

To get a house within your budget: MIMULUS (will get a fair deal for both the parties concerned)

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