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Key to Find Lost Items

Dee Pra

This is a feedback on using a time tested method of Naran S Balakumar for lost/found item(s).

Last week, a colleague at work within a span of one and half hour saw the cabin room keys were missing from the table where it was kept.

As it was quite early, people who had access was narrow but it was also a sensitive issue to take up before being sure.

Also, due to some construction work quite a few outside laborers and other students etc were moving in the area.

Chanting “REACH” and “FIND” all day was of no avail.

For weekend the security duplicate was used.

This morning, I wrote on a paper, “CERATO, CHESTNUT BUD, ROCK WATER, REACH cabin keys” and asked Wolf (who else?) to help.

In less than an hour, the head called and said that there is a set of keys found by the electrician and asking for verification if it was the one that was lost? It was indeed!

The staff electrician said some student found it fallen in corridor. How and when etc no idea as it was also a Sunday Yesterday.

The person who took it with the purpose of making a duplicate set was a possibility. However, the matter was not pursued further!

Due to the divine flower remedies the matter did not take any serious turn and one more instance of amazing results in managing life problems!

Divine thanks to Naran, his methods as well as his students and followers who encourage others with their experiences and stories!

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How to criticize others?


By nature I am very candid and not diplomatic.

Also, I am very open to negative feedback too, when someone is giving me a feedback – at home or at work.

However, at home (mine is a joint family), everyone dislikes me since I am very frank. Although, I am very efficient with house work and do not compromise on my duties.

One of my boss (I have 2 bosses) was very good to me and appreciated my work etc, until a while ago when I was frank in expressing some work-related issue.

Now one boss is still ok, since he knows that I am good at work and I am very frank – that is my nature.

Another boss is all angry with me and at every meeting makes sure that he puts me down or talks negatively when it comes to my work.

Can I chant something please, especially that both my husband and my boss should start appreciating me?


If you want to maintain your candidness, you can get these only.

You do not point out the mistake only. You point out the good points also. If you want to point the mistake then do it with love.

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My husband stopped drinking


Raji: I am married for 8 years. I have a daughter who is 7yrs old. When I became pregnant, I got separated from my husband.

Naran: Are you still separated?

Raji: No. We are living together for the last one year.

Naran: What is your problem since you had been together?

Raji: My husband is an alcoholic. Once in 3 or 4 days, he gets drunk as well as daily consuming Pan Parag (a tobacco product).

Naran: Since how long he has been an alcoholic?

Raji: According to my in laws he started drinking from his graduation days.

Naran: Explain his behavior after he gets drunk?

Raji: He will get angry at me and my daughter; will shout.

Naran: What does he shout about?

Raji:  He will say, “Nobody respects me. There is no respect for me even in my own house. My daughter does not respect me. My friends, my employees, and my parents don’t respect me either. I will teach all of them a lesson”.  

After the outburst, he will start weeping.

Naran’s Analysis

To be respected is the key word for ROCK WATER.

He is weeping. By losing control of himself, he weeps. Therefore, add CHERRY PLUM.

Rock Water will ultimately turn into either CHESTNUT BUD or VINE.

Discussion (cont…)

Naran: How is his behavior when he is not under the influence of alcohol?

Raji: His behavior is quite normal only. He shows his love for his daughter. In fact he sincerely made efforts for our reunion.

(Naran questioned further about her husband’s profession)

Naran: What is he doing?

Raji: He is running a Screen Printing unit. But it is not doing well.

Naran: How does he manage to pay his workers and take care of the family then?

Raji: He is honest in paying out the dues. Somehow, he will manage to pay the workers first, and then gives me money once a week.

Naran’s Analysis

Honesty – ROCK WATER

When one tries to be honest, in spite of adverse circumstances, self-control is employed to the maximum in one area.

He is so self-controlled in the area of finance that he loses self-control in some other area. Thus when he drinks, he loses his control and starts weeping.

Discussion (cont…)

Naran: Suppose if he can’t pay his dues, then how does he manage?

Raji: Naran, one more thing, I have forgotten to tell you. Every month before paying the rent, he would abscond.

Naran: Why?

Raji: He cannot pay the house rent by first of every month. Therefore, he feels ashamed to meet the house owner. So he would not stay in the house during the first week of the month.

Instead, he would stay with his parents for 4 or 5 days, arrange for the money, and will return back home after paying the rent. He has been doing this for a long time. Though, he would never cheat anybody.

Naran’s Analysis

 Honest and at the same time an escapist. This is the case of a ROCK WATER person turning into CHESTNUT BUD character. On the due date, he would abscond (Chestnut Bud).

Key Words for Rock Water

To be respected:  Ego and pride; self control, honesty.

Self controlled, honest person expects self respect. As a principle, he would never cheat.

Here the husband doesn’t get respect. His ego is hurt when he is insulted. He loses his control when he drinks.

One more interesting point is Rock Water father will face a Cherry Plum daughter.



Put the combination in the common drinking water, so that everybody will get the healing effect.

Feedback after 15 days

Raji: From the second day onwards, he stopped Pan Parag, and after a week he has stopped drinking.

Fear of punishment

A child aged 10 years old, had a meeting with Naran S. Balakumar, regarding a problem that she could not handle by herself.

Naran: What is going on?

Child: I am afraid that my School Principal will punish me, because my friend is accusing me, that I had stolen her money.

Naran: Did you steal the money?

Child: No, I did not.

Naran: Why cannot you convince your principal that you did not steal the money?

Child: No, I will not be able to that. My fear is that tomorrow my Principal will call me during the prayers, in front of all the school students. Then he will punish me, without doing an enquiry.

Naran: What do you want to happen?

Child: This issue should not come up in the prayer meeting.

Naran, S. Balakumar did tapping on her, until she was 100% relieved from her thoughts and fears.


For some reason, the meeting did not take place! This will not be a surprise, if you are an ardent EFT user. Such surprises and unexpected things happen, when you use EFT!!

A lifetime of seeking is over


Feedback on workshop held at Mumbai:


“When the student is ready the teacher comes”

Dear Naran,

This saying has been resonating in my mind since day one, when I wrote you the first mail seeking healing and you replied. Seeing you in person has just made it a happier occasion – TY TY TY.

If I had the time and opportunity to say it in person, I would tell you how I am feeling today – “Enveloped in a ball of bliss”.

I am so delighted that my smile is just refusing to go away. Though, all the participants have got your equal grace, I feel you have come to Mumbai only for me. Today, it felt all so easy. Finally, I got confidence that I can learn any healing modalities/techniques – so, multiple bonanzas for me.

The joy of meeting you in person, doing the workshop – it is ALL PERFECT.

Your presence is such that at end of day, the hotel waiter was asking me about you. Really, he is blessed for wanting to know.

 A lifetime of seeking is over! Deepest love!! Thanks Love Divine!!!

Varsha Patil 

A big thank to YOU Naran! And welcome back to Mumbai in this year-end. That was the most amazing and wonderful time. Really felt so blessed in your divine presence. A big thanks to Shobanaji, Haripriya, and all other participants who made this workshop happen.

Dear Participants, am opening a Facebook group for Mumbai Participants, as per request by many. As many of them wanted to be in touch with each other, for Success stories, and more future events in Mumbai. Will post here.

Kalpana Vasudevan Iyer

An unforgettable and much awaited day for me! Thank you Naran!! Thank you Varsha, Nagalakshmi and others for organizing this meet. It was so long on my wish list. Please organize another one soon!! Blessed to listen to NARAN and his simple explanations and suggestions!!!

Barathi Raghav

Yesterday workshop was excellent – Purnima

Usha Raghunathan

Well organized. Thanks to all. Did a good job. Workshop was excellent.

Dr. Rashmi Menon

I was fortunate to attend the first one. It was a lovely experience. Thank you! Thank you organizers!! May the love and light spread through you all over the Universe!!! And so it is!!!!


We were truly blessed! Love and Light always!!

Vrushali Vilas

We love you Naran…great to meet you and well organized beautiful experience.

Shilpa Deshmukh

Excellent is the word!!

Sumegha Shanbhag

Love you Naran and waiting for next workshop to happen soon…. love to meet all you friends!

Lupe Soto

Hi Naran, please remember your foreign students. Many of us would benefit from Skype or your wonderful audio recordings. Please let us know. This class would mean a lot to me. Thank you Naranji!

Irene D’Souza

Thank you Guruji for visiting Mumbai! It was wonderful sessions.

Deepa Prabhu

There was so much love in the room. By end of day two, people who were strangers and tense on day one morning were by end of day two relaxed smiling and sharing hugs!


Yes people were tensed on the first day. They expected a buttoned-up, taciturn Naran!!!

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