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Adi Sankara and Scientists Think Alike


Adi Sankara: “The sky blue as we see it as blue as there is a person to see it as blue. If there is nobody to see then what is the color of Sky?”

A Nobel Prize winner says your world is your perception. The same world changes to our thought patterns and everybody see a different world. This is the basis of quantum theory.

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The switch words SLOW CARE (遲暗記) can be energized when a student is studying or writing the examination.

Write the name of the student in the blank circle.

These Switch Words make him to remember what he needs to.

2 Recall-During-Exam

Introduction to Power Life Symbols


Power of Kanji Symbols

Kanji symbols are not like letters found in other languages, which can be strung together to form words.

In fact, every Kanji symbol depicts an idea (or word).  Kanji symbols are basically pictograms or ideograms.

Because they are pictograms, they can convey the idea to the subconscious mind easily.

Stability can be found easily – Case History

One day a client of Naran phoned up and said his company is sending out most of the people. However, he wanted to continue working there.

He wanted his management to retain him because at his age he cannot find another job easily.

From his expressions, Naran found that he wanted stability. He gave him a stability symbol (48) and asked him to paste it on the chair that he sits in the office.

Till now the client is continuing in the same company, even after retrenchment of so many of his colleagues.

When he kept the stability symbol under his pillow, he found extraordinary feeling of stability. Probably that changed attitude of him has helped him to save his job.

Refer the link to know and use the stability symbol:


Researching on Symbols with Switch Words

This encouraged Naran to collect and experiment with various symbols for different life situations.

While doing this research, he found out that symbols can be combined with the most popular switch words too. He found this increased the power of switch words in multiples.

He feels using these symbols along with the chanting of switch words can help so many of us in so many of life situations.

Combining switch words with symbols

Switch words with Power Life Symbols is a unique, unknown and untried healing method introduced by Naran. Both the symbols and the switch words can impact our sub-conscious mind.

All of us know how switch words can be used for various life situations. Sometimes, we get 100% and sometimes we don’t.

In those areas where it is not working, we can complement them by energizing them with symbols.

Thus, the Symbols – Kanji (Chinese and Japanese) compliment, and supplement the power of switch words.

The features of this method

  • It is a simple technique that even a 10-year-old child can learn it.
  • No need to learn, practice or remember the symbols.
  • One can use them by simply looking at, by keeping it under the pillow or carry it in their pocket. You can energise the symbols by placing the crystals on them.

Seems like miracles



Dear Naran,

I have written many mails to you and when I don’t get reply, I don’t feel anything because my work is to tell you. I know that from that point on, I am in the grace of your Love and Light in Pink Healing Energy.

Since last six months, though life has been difficult and very depressing, it has been DIVINE ORDER at work.

Main purpose in writing this is to share what seems like miracles…!!!

Even after any horrific experience, which I normally have with my people, I have a deep and sound sleep. I wake up in the morning and remain calm. I am so calm that I cannot remember when I last took RESCUE REMEDY. This is despite so many stressful events on a daily basis – maid, college politics etc. I think I may finally earn my thick skin. J

A day before, God is so great that he didn’t even make me feel any stress over the missing bag. And before I knew of the loss, it was restored! What a divine grace! Else it would have been a great problem.

Every day, when I have some problems, and am not able to reach you or find a solution, I somehow get an answer.  I feel it may be just my fanciful imagination, but I am always smiling with my thoughts.

The other thing is that I was very disturbed by a couple of counselling cases. It seemed like a mirror to me and what I saw disturbed me greatly. But I took the learning and told myself, if you learn the lesson then you will be free. 

And I am trying to be LOVE as much as possible. I always try and give Reiki to college, students, exams, food etc.

Last but not the least, your trip to Mumbai. It is as if the last unfulfilled wish, God decided to put me out of misery. 


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A lifetime of seeking is over


Feedback on workshop held at Mumbai:


“When the student is ready the teacher comes”

Dear Naran,

This saying has been resonating in my mind since day one, when I wrote you the first mail seeking healing and you replied. Seeing you in person has just made it a happier occasion – TY TY TY.

If I had the time and opportunity to say it in person, I would tell you how I am feeling today – “Enveloped in a ball of bliss”.

I am so delighted that my smile is just refusing to go away. Though, all the participants have got your equal grace, I feel you have come to Mumbai only for me. Today, it felt all so easy. Finally, I got confidence that I can learn any healing modalities/techniques – so, multiple bonanzas for me.

The joy of meeting you in person, doing the workshop – it is ALL PERFECT.

Your presence is such that at end of day, the hotel waiter was asking me about you. Really, he is blessed for wanting to know.

 A lifetime of seeking is over! Deepest love!! Thanks Love Divine!!!

Varsha Patil 

A big thank to YOU Naran! And welcome back to Mumbai in this year-end. That was the most amazing and wonderful time. Really felt so blessed in your divine presence. A big thanks to Shobanaji, Haripriya, and all other participants who made this workshop happen.

Dear Participants, am opening a Facebook group for Mumbai Participants, as per request by many. As many of them wanted to be in touch with each other, for Success stories, and more future events in Mumbai. Will post here.

Kalpana Vasudevan Iyer

An unforgettable and much awaited day for me! Thank you Naran!! Thank you Varsha, Nagalakshmi and others for organizing this meet. It was so long on my wish list. Please organize another one soon!! Blessed to listen to NARAN and his simple explanations and suggestions!!!

Barathi Raghav

Yesterday workshop was excellent – Purnima

Usha Raghunathan

Well organized. Thanks to all. Did a good job. Workshop was excellent.

Dr. Rashmi Menon

I was fortunate to attend the first one. It was a lovely experience. Thank you! Thank you organizers!! May the love and light spread through you all over the Universe!!! And so it is!!!!


We were truly blessed! Love and Light always!!

Vrushali Vilas

We love you Naran…great to meet you and well organized beautiful experience.

Shilpa Deshmukh

Excellent is the word!!

Sumegha Shanbhag

Love you Naran and waiting for next workshop to happen soon…. love to meet all you friends!

Lupe Soto

Hi Naran, please remember your foreign students. Many of us would benefit from Skype or your wonderful audio recordings. Please let us know. This class would mean a lot to me. Thank you Naranji!

Irene D’Souza

Thank you Guruji for visiting Mumbai! It was wonderful sessions.

Deepa Prabhu

There was so much love in the room. By end of day two, people who were strangers and tense on day one morning were by end of day two relaxed smiling and sharing hugs!


Yes people were tensed on the first day. They expected a buttoned-up, taciturn Naran!!!

Bed-time Ritual


R Mohan

In one of the EFT class workshop, Naran asked the students to do an exercise daily using tapping.

Before going to bed, while doing tapping on ourselves, we need to remember all the incidents that happened during the day, and our reactions to it.

I found a similar exercise using Reiki-Past-Life-Healing Meditation CD is quite handy. The reason being, while we release memories of today, we could additionally release memories from incidents related to today’s incidents.

In one shot, all the related incidents could be turned to light and love.

The single most important advantage of this approach I found is all the new relationships formed doesn’t have the trace of the past. In case, if it does, it is easier to heal and form a new harmonious relationship.

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Sales Exam



I received a call from my manager to give a presentation to a group of clients. I was asked to do it because I was the project manager who developed a core module of our Trading Software.

But, the problem is, we developed it three years back. How I am going to remember the features of the product!

Add to the misery is the fact, being a technical guy, how I am going to explain the business functions of the product!!

Of course, I can’t say no.

So, I called my 24/7 guiding angel Naran. On the way to office, he asked me to pick something from him, which will help me to do the presentation well.

He gave me the symbol 2 and asked me to keep it with me, while I gave the presentation. I did and I can’t believe the way I did. It went on well. Our clients as well as my manager were quite impressed.

In fact, when I later learned from Naran, that symbol can be given to students, to remember during their exam, I couldn’t stop laughing it myself.

Please refer the link to know more about the symbol:

“2 Recall-During-Exam”:

Benefits of Using Power Life Symbols

Heal Your Life Situations

Manual and Colour Symbol Pack of 114 cards, help us to handle various life situations

  • To turn children/ spouse on the right path
  • Prosperity – to attract clients, To make profit, To get money, To repay all the debts, Luck, prosperity happiness longevity
  • Harmony in family
  • Career success
  • To drive out evil black magic
  • For court cases
  • To heal addiction
  • To get married
  • Solve the property disputes
  • To regain the lost love
  • To unite broken relationship
  • Job stability
  • Examination :  to do your best, and find success in examination
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