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Dissolve cataract



This will reduce your cataract as well as improve your vision also.

Point is for better eye vision.

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual

POINT: Good eye vision; visible; Time; option; chance; choice occasion; opportunity; call.

CLEAR: Dispel anger / resentment; dissolve; eliminate, draws out

CHANGE: Get something out of the eye

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No Support to Buy a House


I am living outside India. I planned to buy a house in my hometown or anywhere.

But, I am not getting any support from my parents or relations, as they all are ignoring my requests.

So please help me with switch words so that I can buy a good house without any problems.




Get/acquire something immediately: FIND DIVINE NOW

Come out of the hopeless situation of finding no support: GORSE (Bach Flower Remedy)

Winning Switch Words Part II


Switch Word(s) Description
Find Find a solution, to gain or regain something
Find Count Divine Generate business, Find money
Find Count……. Divine (fill up the rupees you want) To find the required amount of money, for example, “FIND COUNT 10 Lakh Rupees DIVINE”
Find Divine Love Now On To find your life partner immediately
Find Divine Order Count Now Done Get a job/ business opportunities
Find Divine On To get on with your life, when you are stuck up in an unwanted situation
Find Divine Order To find normalcy in a conflict situation
Give Sell your property
Guard Get divine protection, achieve personal safety
Halfway Do things quicker, Achieve your goal in lesser time than usual
Halfway Divine Manage traffic, Reach your destination faster
Halfway Divine On Catch trains/bus on time
Help To get the required help
Ho To be happy and joyful
Love Thanks Divine Energise a situation/ relationship/ event/ person
Move Move from current situation to new situation
Move On Moving forward in life
Next To know what to do next
Now Do or get something immediately

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Doing Well in the Examination Hall


During the examination, a student makes silly and careless mistakes. Probably due to lack of time, he is writing answers without any thinking.

While going through the question paper, he may find a question, for which he doesn’t know the answer.

He will become restless suddenly and will start writing the exam hastily. So his answers will tend to be wrong.

He may also go into a negative HORNBEAM state. Starting problem leads to mental weariness.

Immediately a crisis of confidence may occur – ELM.

A sudden regression may lead to sudden loss of memory – state of GENTIAN, and nothing seems to be remembered.

To avoid all these possible negative states in the examination hall, one can take the following flower remedies:

  • Impatiens: not to do anything in a hurry
  • Hornbeam: overcome mental weariness
  • Elm: overcome any sudden crisis of confidence
  • Gentian: prevents any regression and
  • Wild Rose: when you try to speed up doing something, your mind has to be calm. Wild rose gives that to you and will liven up your enthusiasm throughout the examination. Also, you will have plenty of time to complete the exam!

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Delay in Marriage and Job

Dr. Preethi G

Thank you so much for services which you are rendering to the people. I have purchased many CDs from your center. Every day, I use to listen to them.

I am trying for abroad education and job. I want to qualify in my process.

I am a hard worker at my work place, but not getting proper appreciation.

Also, I am in love with a Muslim guy. Marriage is getting delayed. Even my parents know about my issues. There is no response from them. They are not replying.

I want to get married to him. My future-in-laws are good to this issue. They are fine with this matter.



For both the questions this will work.


Desperate situations needs divine intervention: SWEET CHESTNUT

Everything has to happen in unison: TOGETHER

To FIND what is in store for you: DIVINE ORDER

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Aspen, the Bach Flower Remedy

Key words

Fear of unknown origin, vague fears, all types of premonitions and superstitions


  • Fears of impending danger
  • Cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality
  • Fear of invisible, night mares, afraid of dark
  • Aspen imagination runs amuck
  • Aspen persons have nervous superstitious fears of occult concepts.  Belief in a fear of supernatural fears such as ghosts and unkind spirits.
  • Fear of approaching doom
  • Aspen fears are with anxiety attacks with terrible sweating
  • Fear of open places, dark, deep water


  • All superstitions: ASPEN + PINE
  • Fear of open places, dark deep water: ASPEN + MIMULUS + WALNUT + STAR OF BETHLEHEM
  • The child has nightmares: ASPEN, WHITE CHESTNUT              

Some of the statements from an Aspen person are…

  • I have superstitious fears and fears of premonition
  • I have feelings of apprehension uneasiness – but the cause is not known
  • I fear something bad will happen but I am not sure what it is.

No motive to do something

Commenting on:


I also have an issue, although the article is insightful, when we say that divine is the doer, I am not the doer. It does give a freedom from all the burdens.

But, in this case are we not being deprived of the motive to do something, which comes when we accept that we are totally responsible for the entire situation in which we are.

Would the human being not loose motive to move ahead in life, if he believes that divine is the doer.

I am not, then why should he care if he is doing something right or wrong because then also divine is responsible.

Can you please throw some light on this confusion?

I know I am sounding vague here, but I do loose motive to do something right and become lazy when I remember of this statement.


When one fully accepts the divine doer concept, one aligns with the higher mind – totally submitting oneself to the will of the divine.

When you do the work on hand as given by the divine, you will do reverentially. Your total concentration is on work. Extend this ownership and you will find others as divine.

Work is divine. Doer of the work is divine. Done for what / the result is divine. Done for whom?  That person is divine.

There is only love in the heart. There is only joy in the heart. There is only peace in the mind.

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Why something never happens in our lives



What’s the SECRET behind the fact that some things like “Buying My Own House” never happens?

These emotions, thoughts and desires are consciously operating. But, there’s one thing that unconsciously operates which is called as (internal) resistance.

For us, in our lives something never happens (whatever we might do). Who is responsible for that?

It’s we who are responsible for that.

I want to buy a house but I couldn’t buy it.

I want to get married but couldn’t get married. Why?

While there is some force behind “Wanting to get married”, then there is also an unconscious force that is equally operating that works towards “Not wanting to get married”. 

When two forces equally strong operate from opposite sides, then we would be stand-still.

It is like while you give a throttle to the car, you apply for brakes also. Then the car will not move from the current place.

For all matters of life, this concept can be applied.

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