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Obsessed with rules and principles


Rock Water

A ROCK WATER person is too much disciplined, giving too much importance to physical exercise, and highly obsessed with rules and principles – like the king who killed his son crushing the latter with his chariot. 

A Rock Water’s son will be a CHESTNUT BUD. There is a saying that a cop’s son will be a thief and a teacher’s son will be an idiot.

A Rock Water person will get problems in knee joints – indicating inflexibility in his approach.

Cherry Plum

Suddenly you will lose control and get violent – for example, misplaced anger. Father upset about something at work, comes home and vents his anger on his family members.

Rock Water person can become a Cherry Plum and lose their control. The modern day sages, who follow extreme practices and suddenly going into bad ways, are one great example.

A Cherry Plum person is Impulsive. Those who have a suicidal tendency need Cherry Plum.

Chestnut Bud

He is evasive and has escaping tendencies. He is a good liar. The person lacks a good memory as well as concentration.

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White Hibiscus


Spirit is always free and in search of truth. When there is confusion, think about WHITE HIBISCUS, become that flower affirming, “LET ME ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE WILL”.

Then take any course of action. After taking the action, do not doubt that.

Doubt and Confusion happen when we deviate from surrender.

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Confused about going back


After six years of divorce, he suddenly contacted me, and said sorry for his behaviour, and asking me to come back.

Four to five days back his mother got heart attack. She is in hospital now. She is recovering (I too prayed for her recovery).

Now I’m very much confused. I am feared to go back to him.

Please suggest solution – a remedy for me, to take a firm decision, which will be good for both of us and our families.


Take the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS, SWEETCHESTNUT and WALNUT each 3 pills, one after the other for three times a day.



To know what the divine wills: SWEET CHESTNUT

To break the old pattern: WALNUT

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