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No one listens to me at work


I am 36 years old and I work as a civil engineer.

My problem is that I am not able to control the laborers and supervisors which I must do to finish all the work on time. No one takes me seriously and no one listens to me.


Chant “CENTAURY, RUBY, WILLOW” 100 times over a glass of water and drink before going to the site.

Download a picture of PELICAN and keep it in your pocket.


To get strong-willed: (Bach Flower) Centaury

Develop leadership qualities: (Gem Remedy) Ruby

To come out of victim mentality: Willow

(Animal Spirit Guide) Pelican to get co-operation from others


Anxious about your children

Naran S Balakumar


Chant this mantra to overcome any complications in the pregnancy.

This mantra is taken from Bhagwat Gita.

When Krishna’s Vishwaroopa (true divine image) was shown to Arjuna, he praised Krishna as Purushothama Bhootha Bhavana Bhoothesha Namo Namaha.

Even mothers who are concerned about their children can chant this.

Every mother is anxious, nowadays, till the children come back from the school.

If one becomes anxious about the safety of the child, or when the child goes on tour, this mantra will keep the child safe.

Mantra to Remove Vaastu Defects

Naran S Balakumar

A picture to remove any Vaastu related issues is available in the center. The picture can be laminated and pasted in the North-East corner of the house. You can also hang the picture on the Eastern wall.

Daily in the morning, look at the picture and chant the following mantras:






If you chant these mantras one or thrice, then all the Vaastu Dosha will be rectified. This will take care of the dysfunctional energy corners too.

When a problem comes…

The first problem always falls on the horoscope.

The second thing is “Somebody has done the black magic”.

The third thing is the Vaastu. We say “The corners are not good” and “This house is not good”.

To rectify all the defects in the house, these mantras can be helpful.

On waking up, you say the mantras once or thrice in the morning.

About the picture to remove Vaastu

This is a picture of a unique temple. Normally, a temple has got only four doors/ openings. In the ancient days, it was on the southern side, northern side, eastern and western side.

This is the only temple where there are five doors/openings. The picture of this temple will be used to rectify the Vaastu defects.

This is one way of thanking and prostrating to the house where you live. Glorifying the energy that occupies the house.

The five elements make up the house. You energise those five corners by chanting the above mantra.

Do it daily.


When you feel depressed or sad

Naran S Balakumar

We always expect something good to happen and then we feel happy.

When exam results are coming tomorrow, one feels very anxious.

If one has a visa interview tomorrow, he will feel tensed. Once he gets the visa, he will feel happy.

In the energy world, it is different.

You feel happy and then something (to be happy about) will happen.

Before achieving anything, be in the state of happiness. You don’t need anything to be happy.

Don’t wait for something outside to happen so that you feel happy.

Fill up your heart with happiness always.

One can listen to ‘HUMMING BIRD’ CD when they feel depressed or sad.

Play the CD for 5-6 hours at home.

‘To feel happy’ is the main theme of the animal spirit guide Humming Bird.

Weekly Chant – 15th June 2017

“Thy will is my law”

Weekly Chant – 8th June 2017

“Endless Time Secret powers”

Weekly Chant – 1st June 2017

“Endless peace, shadowless light, perfect harmony”

How to attract a good partner

Naran S Balakumar

Take Gem Remedies

CORAL – for delay in Marriage

EMERALD – to attract a good person

GARNET – to be decisive

PEARL, YELLOW SAPPHIRE – to handle any dowry problems

CORAL, DIAMOND – to prevent divorce

Take Bach Flower Remedies


Seek Animal Spirit Guide

SWAN – helps you to attract good partner


Some aspects of disharmony

Naran S Balakumar

With a desire to be loved is taken care, everyone enters the family. Is it not?

Whenever there is any expectation, there will be disappointment also.

When the spouse says something or does something you dislike or disagree, you start resisting him inwardly. It’s the first step.

After the marriage, somewhere the dislike starts and you don’t discuss it openly. You keep the disagreement or disappointment within yourself. So the likes changes into dislike.

In the initial stages, it could have been expressed. But, normally nobody express it properly, keeps it in the mind and suppressing it. This continues till it changes into resentment and anger.

Who started the anger and resentment first?

Nobody knows. Till it develops into anger and resentment, it’s a silent cold war only.

Anger always separates. Love binds.

Initially, on the first day, you may have loved. Because of the disagreement, distance develops and anger separates you.

The wall is formed between two. It may be a husband and wife; boss or employer.

You find ways to blame, criticise the opposite person or you talk behind him.

You always have a tendency to think that the other person is always wrong. We never say that ‘I am wrong’. So that we try to correct others at the starting point itself.

You feel rejected. This rejection makes somebody suspicious also. The male persons seek extra marital solace.

Sometimes, the same relationship makes you feel numb.

How to develop optimism over pessimism

Naran S Balakumar

Take the Bach Flower Remedies GENTIAN and MUSTARD.

GENTIAN makes you optimistic

MUSTARD helps in times of gloom and sudden depression


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