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Connecting People with Harmony

Naran S Balakumar

The animal spirit guides PELICAN and JELLY FISH can bring harmony in the family.

  1. Stick the picture of JELLY FISH on the heart of all the people.
  2. Mentally make a circle of all the people in the family.
  3. Chant Jelly Fish. The energy is extended to the next person. A garland is formed around them.

Chanting works well for Pelican and Jelly fish.

How to make effective changes in your life?

Naran S Balakumar

Change the attitude.

Express your true love from the heart.

Think about any of your habit or behaviour that you don’t want or you don’t like.

Look at the picture of BUTTERFLY and chant “ADJUST CHANGE DIVINE”.

When you have a problem, the mind constantly worries about it and become anxious.

When another problem comes, the previous problem disappears.

When you notice life, everywhere there is a change going on – days into weeks; weeks into months; months into years; years into seasons.

When everything ends why the mind keeps worrying?

It’s the message of Butterfly. It says “Transform your thinking process”.

Switch Words for Repayment of Loan

Naran S Balakumar



Bach Flower Remedies to Get Loan

Naran S Balakumar

WATER VIOLET, HEATHER – to attract financiers

CHICORY – to speak convincingly


Combination of the above remedies for getting loans, land selling and getting good tenants; even people who don’t want to give will give the loan to you

Angel Numbers to Mange Debts

Naran S Balakumar

48 – To understand that lack is only an illusion and money will come in plenty

58 – To handle debts easily

65 – To move on to a new job

82 – To let go of the financial worry

Angel numbers can be chanted.

Bach Flower Remedies for Debt

Naran S Balakumar

ELM, PINE, OAK – when one is in debts, he may feel inadequate to clear the debts.

MUSTARD, PINE – deep depression in total darkness

AGRIMONY, PINE – unable to face people; silently planning to commit suicide

CHERRY PLUM, PINE – not to become impulsive

WHITE CHESTNUT, PINE – constant worry

GORSE, PINE – losing all hopes

MIMULUS, PINE – to come out of misfortune

Say No to Black Magic

Naran S Balakumar


If you play this CD then no black magic can enter the house.

Keep a glass of water in front of the speaker and play the CD. Sprinkle it in your house or drink the water.


Reiki during Surgery


Can Reiki be sent to person when he/she is having surgery or do we need to send it before and after surgery?


It can be sent.

Change the intention. During the surgery, fill the person with Reiki asking the body to open up and co-operate with surgery.

You can also fill the doctors in theatre and ask Reiki to enhance their surgical skills, assist, direct and guide them in the process.

R Mohan

I tried Reiki when my friend had a surgery inside her nose.

I cursed her for putting herself through knife. She was in such a pitiable state.

As per suggestion of Naran, I visualized her in bed, completely covered by a big CHO KU REY symbol. When I visited her next day, she looked completely transformed, with no hint of surgery.

That’s the healing power of Reiki.

How to Make Your Enemies into Friends

Naran S Balakumar

Lakshmi – goddesses of wealth, is Supreme Delight and Love. How to bring that in our lives?

There is a technique for that. Whenever you feel sad, worried and fearful about money then do the following exercise.

Exercise to change your life

There must be some period in your life where you would have been joyful and happier, and happiness born out of innocence. You would have enjoyed a joy of innocence.

Take that period as well as the current worrying period. Worry can be about anything. We need to interchange them.

There is a technique in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), by which you can immediately shift your emotions.

Visualize a white screen in front of you. That white screen is your brain.

Normally, how brain stores the images? All the worries in life will be in one compartment. Similarly, all the joys will be in another compartment. Likewise, all your anger will be in some other compartment.

Similarly, all persons you like will be in another compartment and those persons whom you dislike will be in another compartment.

Exchange your emotions

Like this, you can segregate all your emotions. Close your eyes. Visualize a white screen in front of you.

Think about the joyful period in the past. You have look in which part of the white screen – in which compartment, you have stored it. Feel the joy within yourself and identify the place it is stored.

Where is my present state of worry, anger, sadness or grief?

We found two compartments. Both of them are in different places.

Bring the worry compartment into joy compartment. You cannot bring it directly. Take a round-about route. Bring the worry into joy compartment and not the other way around.

Now, automatically your worry will be transferred into joy.

There is a period of abundance of money and a period of lack. Sometime you had money and now you don’t have much. Do it once.

By this way, you can turn your enemy into friend.

Bring back feeling of security

Healing Through Bhagavad Gita…

Naran S Balakumar

Survival fear is always there in our thinking.

To feel secured is the desire of every human being. Everyone is trying to live and live.

This attitude is the shadow thought of the Atman – the inner self-, which is aware of its permanence.

It is SAT- EXISTING ALWAYS. This aspect becomes the shadow (opposite) belief of impermanence in the mind.

And this is known as survival fear resulting in our expressions, “I feel unsafe” and “she is trying to eliminate me”. Thus, one becomes fearful of something or the other in life.

In life, relationships make us insecure; our working place makes us insecure.

How to bring in the state of security?

Listen to the Verse 24 of CHAPTER 2 OF SHRIMAD BAGAVAD GITA, or read it 11 times. Any audio version of this verse can be looped and listened continuously.

You can paste the verse in paper and keep it under the pillow. This brings back the feeling of security – the original SAT which is forgotten by the mind.

Who needs this healing?

People who are unstable in their profession,

One who has lower back pain

Who have fear of death for unknown reason

Who have unknown fear

People who are fearful of in-laws

People who feel unstable can listen or chant this verse.

Meaning of the verse

(Our soul is) uncleavable, incombustible

It is not liable to be drenched or dried up

Eternal, all-pervading, stable and unmoving

It is forever and forever

No pain (fire) can kill you

No sadness (water) can drown you

No worry (air) can dry you

No event (Space and earth) can break you

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