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How I overcame the serious problem in my life


Dear Naran Sir,

Hope you are doing good!

This is one miracle happened to me and I would like to share it with you.

My husband was hospitalized in Continental international Hospital, Hyderabad and the bill amount was 1,20,000.

For that particular treatment there is no guarantee that we get the insurance. I was scared to settle that amount.

Then I asked (Animal Spirit Guide) Wolf to help to get the insurance. I also did PRAN MUDRA and chanted the switch words “FIND COUNT DIVINE”.

With surprise, I received 1,02,000 rupees as insurance and I just paid the remaining amount.

In addition, the test is negative and my husband is not having any serious problem.

He just used 2 months medicines for the double typhoid.

Now after seeking the help of Wolf again and again we are getting a very good doctor.

Now my husband is alright and from yesterday onwards doctor asked him to stop all the medications.

Naran sir thank you very much for all your help!! With the help of Switch words and the animal spirit god wolf given by you, I overcame the serious problem in my life.

Thank you very much dear Naran sir!!!


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Unemployed for a long period

Naran S Balakumar

“For a long time, I have been applying but not getting any job”

Chant the following Switch Word combinations separately and as many times as possible:





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How to avoid miscarriage

Naran S Balakumar


Chant the mantra to avoid miscarriage during pregnancy.

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How to regularise periods

Naran S Balakumar

Chant “HARI OM”

Hari Om mantra can be chanted during periods. It regularises it.

If there is a pre-menstrual tension, menses pain, continuous chanting will reduce the pain and regulate the periods.

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Received MONEY without borrowing

Kiran Shinde

Dear Sir,

Few months ago I was surfing the internet for MONEY affirmations.  Accidentally, I came across something called SWITCH WORDS through your site-blogs.

I gave a try at “TOGETHER FIND DIVINE COUNT <<amount>> NOW DONE”

It was a MIRACLE.

Within a month, I received the much needed MONEY without borrowing or even asking anyone for it.

A good friend who came to know of my problem paid me cheque of the much needed amount. He also assured me not to hurry to pay him back.

Sir, I am so impressed with this SWITCH WORDS, I wish to purchase your ABUNDANCE CD.

Can you please guide.

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Sir I have given money to my friends to the extent of more than 7 lakhs. But, I need it now. Pls help me with switch words to get it.

When I chant with more than one switch word then it’s not working.

Naran S Balakumar

Chant “3 9 18 36” as many times as possible.

Write it in a paper and keep it with you always. You can keep the paper under the pillow while on bed.

The number given above is the healing number for the switch words, “FIND COUNT DIVINE”.

Write “FIND COUNT DIVINE” 28 times daily

Do the forgiving exercise for all who got money from you.

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How can we deviate from the past

Naran S Balakumar

Chant “HARI OM”

There are number of mantras which can nullify or neutralise the Karma. It does not mean that you will not repeat the Karma.

All of us seek so many methods to nullify our Karma. Karma is a magic word. People say that they suffer because of their Karma.

Karma can be nullified but….

There are mantras that help you to come out Karma. But what is the guarantee that you will not repeat the same action in this Janma?

When you look back at your life, you repeat so many things. We know very well that we have to shed our ego for harmony. But we never do that.

We want to shed out so many negative qualities which we are not able to do. We repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Assess yourself well. When you assess, you will find that you have repeated the same actions number of times. It happens because of the Karma Vasana.

Memory of the Karma will make you do them again.

We act only by memory. The memory bank in all of us is so enormous that it contains the history of your own past and entire past lives of yours. You still carry it.

Even the brain and neurons are very small; they have the capacity to carry this life’s past and past life events; not only your past lives but also your parent’s and ancestors past lives.

How can we deviate from the past?

We always repeat the same things and we do not know how to come out of it.

How our brain operates? Suddenly you get angry. The brain within a split of second has got the data of all your histories of anger. It immediately flashes in your brain. So many data are available.

An event happens. You involuntarily react. After the reaction, you feel that you shouldn’t have reacted in that manner.

What is the split second? Within the split second, it brings forth all the data of your anger, fear etc. This particular event resembles that event in the past. At that you got angry and you get angry now.

You are a Robot

It means that you are nothing but a robot, acting only from a memory.

Hari Om is the only mantra which can erase the Karma Vasana or memory.  Till your death, you must chant this mantra. At least a part of the memory will be erased.

How to chant the mantra?

You must say this mantra till you are not able to breathe. Continuously chant and increase the breathing.

When you are not able to breathe, wait for some time, regain your breath and then chant again.

Merge with mantra and become the mantra. Then the unconscious or the inner conscious mind will start chanting.

It is not you who chant. When you lose the breath or chant along with your breath, it is your inner self or inner self which gets activated, takes up the chanting and starts chanting.

Do the chanting and forget yourself totally. Merge with the mantra. Become the mantra. (i.e.) there is no duality. Who is chanting & who is chanted – there is no duality.

Finally, the inner soul gets awakened and starts chanting. At that time, all your memories will get nullified.

How to find money to repay your loans

Naran S Balakumar

Mantra Healing


“OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA” –it’s a prosperity mantra and can be used by all. If you do not know the source of money, then you can write this mantra for many times.


Listen to all the five abundance CD’s in the following sequence:


Abundance mantra is the mantra of Indra. It should be played in the house.

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Don’t understand anything


Sir I’m studying after a long break. I’m 29 years old. My diploma in the country has no equivalence here in France. I’ve started from zero here.

During the courses, when the teacher explains the lessons (economics, law and management) then I really don’t understand anything.

You have suggested me to take the Bach flowers MUSTARD, OAK and HORNBEAM.

Among the remedies you had mentioned about memory, which one I can take along with MUSTARD, OAK and HORNBEAM in order to understand fluently the subjects that I have difficulty with.


Understanding the subject is different from memorising. Take MUSTARD to understand.


Sir, for my revision, to memorize my lessons, should I take DIAMOND or KUNZITE pills?

I want to have a good memory, been able to memorize everything.




Please explain little more as to what should be the combination of these pills and how many times I should take it?


Put 5 pills of each in a glass of water. Sip that water in small quantity every two hours.


I don’t have these remedies as pills but as liquid. Is that ok? Can I take 5 drops of each in a glass of water?


Isha, you can have them in the form of liquid.

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Resolving difference of opinions between two persons

Naran S Balakumar

Variation Method

There is another method where you can do FORGIVENESS EXERCISE.

All of us think that whatever we do is right.

When there is a conflict or quarrel, Keep yourself (your thoughts, feelings and judgment) in the right hand – it doesn’t matter whether is left or right hand. Keep the other person on the other hand.

You put your points and arguments in the right palm.

Think from his angle and put the other person’s view point in the left palm.

He is also right. You’re also right.

Keep the hands facing each other two feet away and bring them together- do this very slowly – chanting ‘I AM SORRY FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE LIGHT CHANGE’ as many times as possible.

After this do the forgiveness exercise for the individual(s):

Draw the infinity symbol on the palm before putting the concerned points and close it with another infinity symbol.

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