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Remedies for Sufficient Money

Naran S Balakumar

Take Bach Flower Remedies WILLOW, PINE, SWEET CHESTNUT, WILD ROSE, and CHESTNUT BUD – whenever there is insufficient money, this combination can be helpful.

ELM, OAK, GORSE, and LARCH – Sometimes, you will be earning enough but want to earn more.

HORNBEAM, OAK, and OLIVE – when you are working for more than 16 hours and don’t have time to sleep also, OAK, OLIVE, HORNBEAM can be helpful.

Take remedies VERVAIN, OAK, and OLIVE to reach more customers.


How to Change Your Procrastinating Nature

Naran S Balakumar

Take Bach Flower Remedies HORNBEAM and SCLERANTHUS.

Seek the help of ANIMAL SPIRIT Guide HORSE with you. Chant “HORSE” or keep picture of Horse with you.

To heal it using a Mantra, chant “VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM EKA DHANTHAM”.


How to transform sadness and reduce your weight too?

Naran S Balakumar

The animal spirit guide OWL transforms all sad thoughts into good thoughts. Look at the picture and chant, “OWL CRYSTAL TOGETHER DIVINE LIGHT”.

This helps in weight loss too.


MUST Remedies for Life

Do you know?

The “MUST” remedy combination when you sell or buy a house or land…

The “MUST” remedy during negotiation…

The “MUST” remedy combination in old age – for old people who live alone…

The “MUST” remedy combination for Retail sales…

Attend 25th Feb 2017 Chennai Workshop by Naran S Balakumar: Naran’s All New Bach Flowers Therapy Basic Level Workshop

This is a completely NEW WORKSHOP with tips on various Life problems. Those who attended earlier classes and those who are new to Bach flowers can attend.

Workshop Details:

DATE:  February 25th 2017, Saturday

VENUE: AMS Raj Palace Sundar

#12, DR Durgabai Deshmukh Road,

R. A.  PURAM, CHENNAI – 600028

(Opp to Satya Studio, near Andhra Mahila Sabha)

Timings: 10 AM to 4 PM (Registration by 9:30 AM)

For registration contact:

Shobana:  9884301634

Lakshmi: 9566290099

(For Lakshmi – WATSAPP personal message only with Name and Phone Number)


How to cut unwanted relationships?

Naran S Balakumar

If somebody approaches you wrongly, keep Crow with you so that he will not come near you.

To cut the unwanted, unhealthy relationship, the animals spirit guide Crow (RAVEN) can be used.

How to develop compassion and concern for others

Naran S Balakumar

Look at the picture of PIGEON and chant “CALM BEAR GLORY DIVINE LOVE”.

Pigeon increases your mother aspect. Mother means giving who always thinks about the welfare of the other persons and children. That’s why GLORY.

Compassion is developed. Consideration for always for others can be developed by the animal spirit guide Pigeon.


Story of Real Love

Naran S Balakumar

Real love allows the other person to function. What we have is attachment. Attachment has got nothing to do with the love. We show our love only out of attachment.

When you cry for your deceased ones…

If the person is not there, we think that by grieving we love them. It is not like that. You are only exhibiting your attachment. In addition, you are not allowing the departed person to move to the next plane.

Story of Lord Krishna

Real love means Detachment. Lord Krishna was the only one who practised it.

Krishna was a loving person. He is the embodiment of love. He extended love to all the people. At the same time, he didn’t have any attachment.

All the human beings do not have real love at all. What we say Love is a misnomer. It is only attachment.

Last day of Krishna

Krishna when he decided to die, on the last day he called his friend Udhav. He told him that he’s going to leave the body.  “I will sit in meditation and leave the body”

Krishna is the man who said that there’s no death for the soul.

When Udhav heard that Krishna is going to die, he could not bear the word. He replied, “Krishna, I cannot say good bye to you. I can never leave you. I cannot take that you are going to be no more on this earth.

“Be here. I just pray to you. I prostrate to you. I understand my pangs of love on you. You are in the hearts of millions. The world is happy because of your presence. How can we say good bye to you. I cannot and I will not.”

Crying like this, he fell at his feet and said, “I can never imagine the world without you.”

Did Krishna console him? No! Why? One day every person born in this world has to lose and leave everything.

Udhav was just looking at Krishna.

Lord Krishna said, “Udhav, I also love everything in this world. I have given absolute love to one and all. When the moment comes, one should be ready to say good bye to all he loved.

“Detachment is the real love. Real love or Absolute love never holds anyone. Leave me alone. I have to say good bye to all plants, trees, rivers and oceans.  I will thank the whole nature and leave this body.”

Saying this, he took out his peacock feather and gave it to him. Udhav took and held on to his heart. Tears rolled on his cheeks. Unable to speak a word against Krishna.

“Udhav, now it is time to detach everything in this world. The peacock was all along with me and now it is with you. My detachment is your attachment. From me, it has disappeared. From you it has appeared. My loss is your gain.

“One day, you will lose our peacock feather also. Release all your attachments. Nothing is either mine or yours in this world. Everything belongs to Supreme Divine.”

Saying this, Krishna became silent and his absolute silence drove Udhav away. Udhav understood that Krishna will not speak anymore and he silently went away in tears.

Krishna is the embodiment of Real love. What all we do is attachment. Leave that. It’s the message of Lord Krishna and the animal spirit guide Pigeon.

Why finding harmony is difficult in a family?

Naran S Balakumar

Harmony is a must in the family.

If you don’t receive anything from any friendship or relationship, we will leave that. That is the nature of man.

Even disharmony (i.e.) fighting and quarrelling will happen in the family. But he will maintain the family because you are getting something.

That’s why we want fighting also and we want to be in the family also. Outwardly, we will say that there is no peace but only disharmony. This desire deletes so many things from our mind.

Why all the desires are not happening to us?

Desire to receive is to be balanced by desire to give. It is not there with all of us.

There’s one millionaire. He made one announcement that he want to distribute all his money to thousands of people. Each will get one lakh rupees.

People will be called in an open space and ask the people to stand in a queue. The queue’s a huge one. All the people kept silent.

Standing in the queue, he made an announcement that the first person will get one rupee, second person will get two rupees and so on. After the tenth person, it will get doubled. The eleventh person will get 1000 rupees and so on.

So the last person will get 1 lakh or 10 lakhs. Every one tried to go back. Nobody came forward to get the money. That is how we run the life.

Always wanting to receive something and always wanting to change the life. It cannot happen. We have to change in our mind.

When the mind changes, everything will change outside. But we always want to change everything from outside.

Think from this angle. When your mind quietens, all techniques will be helpful to you.

For some people, one problem may remain unsolved. The rest of the problems may get solved. All the techniques were working for other problems except one. It means that in that area, the person’s not changing.

The words, animal spirits and the Bach flowers are divine tools. Allow the (particular) divine tool to work for you by surrendering your desire.

There is nothing wrong in desiring anything. But don’t go after the result. Do all the methods. Whatever results come, accept it and say, “There is nothing as last moment”

You feel that it has not worked means that you have put an end to it. When something is not working, you put an end to it.

Whatever techniques you use and you get frustrated since it does not work, that is the time to surrender. You should not conclude that it will not happen.

Meditation to Thank and Love Your Body

Naran S Balakumar

Relax yourself.

Relax your shoulders.

Look within yourself to see the body – the product of food (you eat).

Say to yourself silently, “I bow to all my organs. I thank all my organs. I go beyond the physical body entering the layer of Prana. The life force pulls me up.”

Going further above, a new World of Prana opens up.

Say “All my insecurities, my fears are nowhere. I feel safe and secure. I feel secured inwardly and outwardly.”

Going deeper into your SWADHISTANA CHAKRA say “Swadhistana, open up. Rotate clock wise. All my desires, likes and dislikes disappear. They leave me one by one.”

Going up; moving around the sun god. Travelling beyond the sun, planets and entering the field of stars.

Going higher and also deeper into your SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, say ““Solar Plexus Chakra opens up to receive the light. My thought, my questions, my earnings, my views, everything appears and disappears.”

Going deeper into HEART CHAKRA – ANAHATA, say “Anahata is rotating clock wise. What is behind the Thought field? Silence. Silent awareness is there. Is it me? I am aware of my Prana, sensations in the body. I am totally seeing and clearing.”

Going higher, say “There is no time. But I am there. No perception of right and wrong. What appears as light; what appears as wrong; everything looks right. There is no polarity. Standing up to the higher levels. Thinking is God. My identity, my thoughts disappears. “

Becoming lighter and lighter; brighter and brighter; expanding like a light.

Going above and reaching the third eye. The awareness is around the third eye. Say “The third eye is silent. I am peaceful beyond the words. I become all”.

Going higher and higher in the midst of light; becoming smaller and smaller; becoming one of the golden rays of light. Merging in the golden light. Resting in the golden light. Looking from far above my body.

“My body has also become golden light. Every organ is shining and vibrating like a golden light. Golden light around me and above me; below me. A feeling of gratitude fills up me.”

“LOVE THANKS DIVINE. There is only love. There is only joy. There is only light.”

Open your eyes now.

Quick Remedies for Physical Problems

Naran S Balakumar


Buy Epsom salt and put it in the water. Keep your foot in the water for 15 mins. You will sleep well.

The Bach Flower Remedies ELM, OAK, OLIVE can be taken if you get tired on a daily basis.

Eye pressure



Take the Bach Flower Remedy MIMULUS


Be in CHIN MUDRA and chant ‘EEJO’.


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