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Animal Spirits for Property Management

Naran S Balakumar


When a house or property deal is not completed, then the animal spirit guide Chameleon can complete the deal for you. Last minute cancellation of the deal will not happen. This is both for selling and buying.


From starting till closing the deal, to speak smartly and tactfully and when there is negotiation, you can keep the picture of fox with you.


Will help you settle any dispute.


Helps in property disputes


To handle difficult situations

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Cleared all my debts with help of Abundance CDs

Kiran Shinde

Following the post “Received money without borrowing”:

Thanks for the 4 Abundance CDs I bought it from you. I was able to clear all my debts with help from the CD affirmations.

The mantra LALITHAM SRIDHARAM is wonderful. I chant it daily for 108 times. It has helped me a lot.

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Why forgiving your parents is very important

Naran S Balakumar

It doesn’t matter whether you have any conflict with your parents or not, forgiving your parents is important.

Some people might think, “I have a very good relationship with my parents, why should I forgive?”

Father and Mother Energies are inside you… Father and Mother outside represent your own inner energies of male and female.

How does the father’s energy inside you is represented outside you?

Parents represent your male and female energy. What’s the male energy or father energy (in you)?

  • It is the desire to judge or desire to disassociate.
  • It is an energy that creates conflicts, by picking up fights with others. It doesn’t mean that your father is a person who fights with others.
  • The father energy or male energy always has the desire to change or control the other person. We always want everything in our favor, which shows our ‘desire to change’.
  • Male energy is always unforgiving. It wants everything in its own terms.
  • ‘Resisting to change’ comes from father’s energy – male energy, which always wants to receive something and only after receiving it will give something.
  • ‘If only I receive’ is his expression. Everything is a mathematical calculation for him.

He says, “I have a debt of 5 lakhs of rupees. Somebody else has to give me 10 lakhs. Only on getting the 5 lakhs from him, I will return my dues”

He will not think about what he has to give. Only on getting his money he will return his dues – this is his way of thinking. This is the behavior of male energy.

How does the mother’s energy inside you is represented outside you?

  • Desire of approval or appreciation is an expression of mother energy or female energy.
  • The female energy doesn’t know how to thank.
  • Female energy is a giving energy, but always expecting to receive something in return.

Because of this imbalance in our male and female energies, both of them are drawing us outside in different ways.

How to forgive your parents

Specifically do the Forgiveness Exercise for your father and mother, ten times each.

“I Siva forgive you my father (or mother), please forgive me and release me”.

If you are not comfortable saying ‘father’ or ‘mother’ then say the name of your father (or mother).

“I Siva forgive you Venkat, please forgive me and release me”.

By doing the forgiving exercise for your parents, the negative points of your father and mother will be released from your memory. Then you will not repeat their mistakes.

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Life is a burden

Naran S Balakumar

When you feel so, chant the switch words “TOGETHER CHANGE ADJUST”

Burden means extra load. The feeling of extra load will go away if you chant the given switch word phrase.

One meaning of this switch word phrase given is “Accept Yourself Totally”. When you accept yourself totally, your extra burden will be off from your shoulders.

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Failing to return the money owed

Chaynika Vyas

Yesterday, I asked for help with switch words as someone was playing games with my husband by not giving money which he was supposed to.


Thank you, thank you, thank you sir, my heartfelt gratitude.

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Gem Remedies for Memory Improvement

Naran S Balakumar


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Why to detach yourself from your desires and goals

Naran S Balakumar

How to detach oneself from the intention?


Our human tendency is that we will not remain quiet.

We want the results immediately.

When you detach, good things will start happening.

After chanting the mantras, one has to put the effort.

Fulfilment part is done by the mantra. Effort has to be done by us and detach yourself from the result of the effort.

“SIDDHA SIDDHYO SAMO BOOTHVA KURU KARMAANI” – means that you do your work without expecting any result and keep your mind in the state of equanimity.

You can achieve this state (of equanimity) by the mantra, “OM JOOM SAHA SAHA JOOM OM”

If you are alone in the house, you can also dance and chant it.

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Expectation to get appreciated


How to not get hurt when not appreciated or praised for our hard work?

At work, home, everywhere, mystically my hard work over a project goes unnoticed and sometimes the whole praise goes to someone else!

Actually, appearance and outward behaviour makes people (even my own family members) think I am very forward, but I am very timid and shy from inside.

I face a lot of unnecessary jealousy also and do not get my well-deserved dues sometimes.

Recently, my work was partially presented by my company on an international forum and it won an award in SE Asia.

They had even made flyers out of it and I was not even told about it, let alone am appreciated for it! I felt extremely hurt and used.

What should I do to get my dues that I deserve? Or should I let go and forget about it? Should I take the Bach Flower Remedy Oak?

Naran S Balakumar

Expectation to get appreciation leads to disappointment.

When you do the work, pray, ‘I do this for the divine lord. Divine! My work is offered to you’.

Chant “Samo Bhoothva Kuru Karmani“, while doing the work.

After finishing the work thank the divine for the helping hand.

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Mantra for Self-Confidence

Naran S Balakumar


So many problems from all sides will make us feel depressed. This mantra can be helpful in that situation.

“I can’t do” – indicates a lack of Self-Confidence in us.

This mantra will instil confidence in oneself, mental strength and will power.

Children nowadays are apathetic to studies and indifferent to so many things. Wherever there is apathy or indifference, this mantra will help.

Chant over a glass of water and give it to them.

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How to conduct a happy function using Reiki

Naran S Balakumar

Visualise the function hall.

Draw the symbols in front of yourself with all the fingers cupped.

Then say, “Reiki flow through me, fill the wedding hall, the bride and the groom, the participants, the cook and his assistants, and others with LIGHT & LOVE, PEACE and JOY”.

Draw the Reiki Symbols Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki, Zonar, Rama and Shanthi – in the order mentioned, once.

Finally, draw Cho ku Rei symbol for three times.

Affirm, “Reiki please be active in the wedding hall for 24 hours from 5 PM, 4th Sep, 2016”

Affirm, “Thank you Reiki for doing the necessary healing”.

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