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Remedies for Addiction Part I

Naran S Balakumar

There are so many remedies for addiction. Depending on the nature of the person, remedies have to be selected.

Most of the people will say “To forget my worries and office tension, I drink.” Same is the case with Smoking.

AGRIMONY is common for these two addictions.

For any addiction, WALNUT is the base remedy.

Addiction means habit forming pattern. Based on the expressions, you can select the remedies.

Some people want to leave the drinking. But they can’t. ‘Tomorrow I won’t drink”. But they will start drinking the next day. WALNUT, SCLERANTHUS and AGRIMONY is useful in this situation.

If a person feels guilty after drinking, give him PINE.

If a person steals money to drink, give him CHESTNUT BUD.

If a person borrows money, CHICORY has to be given.

To stop taking loans – CHICORY and BLUE SAPPHIRE.

To develop will power to discontinue drinking, add ROCK WATER.

Some people will blame other person for his own drinking. WILLOW is the remedy.

‘Life is to enjoy’ – WILD ROSE.

Some people will spend all their money on drinking. When they don’t have money, they will not drink –WILD ROSE.

I become bold when I drink’ – MIMULUS and CENTAURY.

When a person becomes abusive, give WALNUT, HOLLY, VINE, and CHERRY PLUM.

Why we should not wear slippers while chanting Lalitham Sridharam Mantra

Naran S Balakumar

The wealth is created by Asuras who doesn’t want to distribute it, while the Devas cannot produce wealth but were willing to distribute it. The Asuras stay in the bottom of the earth.

We need connection to the earth to get wealth. By removing slippers we connect ourselves to earth.


For other mantras, we can wear slippers and chant the mantra.


Whatever I cook, nobody in the family appreciates it

Naran S Balakumar

To improve the taste of food, chant “OM VAM NAMAHA”.

If you chant “CHICORY, GENTIAN”, people will appreciate your cooking. Cooking is the one place where you expect others to appreciate it.


Don’t Have Blind Faith in Astrology

Naran S Balakumar

There are some who are into deep debts but can’t come out of share trading or somebody who has a deep faith in astrology, and always carrying a book on astrology.

Now, I want to share with you a story about a so called expert in astrology.

I have a client who is a reporter in one of the popular magazines. He wanted to become a writer. After lots of struggles, he got a job in a magazine as a writer of astrological matters.

In that magazine, whoever joins the organization first has to write articles on astrology for one year. Then he can go into other interesting stuff.

As he didn’t have much of a choice, he picked articles written in the last three years. With help of his imagination, he picked up stuff here and there, and made up some articles on astrology.

I am narrating this story to explain to you that we are getting cheated.

Anything can be achieved provided….we have the support of god

Secondly, there is no such thing as ultimate but there are things beyond your imagination – no big stuff or small stuff.

Whenever some task is finished by us, we go into an ego trip thinking that we have achieved something greater. We need to stop getting that feeling.

Some come and ask me, you talk about an ego-less state, but you accept people falling at your feet. I accept it on behalf of the god. He will be blessed by god as it goes to him.

On the other hand, if I don’t accept it then it means that I don’t believe in god isn’t it?

He soon became popular

In a matter of six months, my client has become popular and was considered an expert in astrology.

One fine day a person came to see him. He gave him a packet of fruits and told him, “I follow your astrology articles for last few months. And whatever you have said has happened to me”.

Which is true and which is a lie? What was written about astrology is a lie. But, the faith of the person who believed our reporter, it shows that the world is run by faith alone.

So chant with faith on Sun God, “AADITYAYA BANU MURTHAYE NAMO NAMAHA”.


Whenever somebody mentions to me about blogs, I think about this story. Only when we think it is ours, then it becomes ours.

Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa Kancheepuram 2016

Naran S Balakumar

People often wonder which god is greater – is it Siva, Narayanan or Brahma and so on?

This is the attitude prevailing among human beings, due to our own ignorance about gods. However, we should not get into our minds who is bigger and who is smaller. Among gods there is no such differentiation.

The leader of our life

In this mundane world, which one leads our lives? How so many things happen automatically?

Only she – the divine mother, has created this universe. She has created such a huge universe and yet she stands behind it quietly.

The Universal Supreme Mother – the Universal Divine Force resides in us, as a Prana Sakthi. In all these forms, she is present.

You are in our bodies as well as outside us; yet you do such great things – the Universal Mother Ambika!

When I consider myself in comparison with such a great Universe, where do I stand? I am not even a miniscule. Even then I create such a fuss and I react negatively even when there is a small problem.

Nothing can move without her. Who is running the show?

As soon as the sun rises, we start our activities. We are born, we live, and we die and start over once again.

But, Anaadhi Nithanaa – you are ever-living – with no birth or death and yet continuously creating.

Ashwaroodaa – you are in the minds of everybody, but not to be seen. Yet, you run the minds of everybody. Everybody is under you.

Aparaajithaa – everybody is under you.

If we need to bring our mind into our control then it means we need to surrender to somebody – Ambal. Samarpanam is more important here than surrender.

Need to grow spiritually

The common question I get in the blog is, “He is not good. She is not good’. I meditate everyday and I need to grow spiritually’.

We forget that we need to live our life spiritually. We think living is one thing and meditation is another.

The irony is that I meditate for one hour, but I fight with others for 9 hours. Yet, I want to grow spiritually. How this is possible?

What do we ask from gods – nothing but business isn’t it?

If you want to grow spiritually then you need this mantra.

To achieve something in life what do we need?

Thanks to the impact of the western world, we think we need to focus, be goal oriented, and constantly move towards our goal.

To achieve anything we need her blessings. You may put in lot of efforts. But she needs to okay your goal and then only you will achieve it.

However, we cannot simply sit quiet and wait for her to ok it. Therefore, we have to do Samarpanam – offer ourselves fully.

From morning whatever I do, I will offer fully every act of mine to you. Sometimes, I fight due to ignorance and even that I will give it to you. My words are yours. That is the meaning of this mantra.

How to remove hurdles in front of you

Ambika! Help me to win over a mind – which is wavering, even if it is a little.

Sometimes you will get hurdles. That will be removed by Anaadhi Nithanaa. This will remove any type of hurdles.

For children, it is a great mantra. For teenagers to be successful in their studies, this mantra is very helpful. Focus and Attention – they will get it though this mantra.

I don’t know what Samarpanam is. This mantra will help us to learn it.

The mind is travelling in eight different directions with tens of thousands of thoughts. Bring that mind together and make it to die. Only then the soul will rise up and guide us.


Issues Discussed in Mudras Workshop Mumbai – Part I

Naran S Balakumar

Right shoulder pains – from shoulder to wrist, you have a deficiency of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Mouth Blisters or ulcers happen indicate that our Liver is not functioning well.

There is a deficiency of Vitamin B2. Riboflavin 10 mg tablet will take care of it. Normal B-complex has 2 mg of Riboflavin.

B-complex tablets are water soluble. We need to take them because they are not available in the foods.

When people are unhappy and discourage, you can add Bach Flower Remedy GENTIAN – to bring the energy of satisfaction, and WILLOW.

To get Vitamin D-3 energy, stand in the sun between 7 AM to 8 AM. You do not need to take the tablets.

For Indians we don’t need Vitamin D tablets. It’s a marketing lie. They say everybody has a deficiency in Vitamin D.

For getting the Vitamin-3, one has to do ACCEPTANCE MUDRA.

For strengthening the bones, do PRAN MUDRA.

Krishna came to the rescue

R Mohan

Balaji called me around 10 PM.

He told me that he has admitted his wife Bhuvana in the hospital, who was expecting her baby in a month’s time. The umbilical cord has been torn slightly is the reason. The blood has flown out and filled the mother’s womb. She was kept in observation.

I can’t reach Naran S Balakumar at that time. So I picked up the mantra which will help in safe delivery and gave it to the family:

I am single and I had to no clue in such matters.

I also told Balaji, to project the animal spirit guide FOX in the brain of the doctor so that he will make the right decisions regarding surgery and treatment.

Within two hours of chanting by Balaji, Bhuvana and her mother, somehow the cord got healed and the blood flow stopped. The doctor was surprised on the healing done.

Just to make sure the blood in the womb doesn’t affect the baby the operation was done on Bhuvana, who gave birth to a baby-boy.

Other doctors told the surgeon that he did the right decision by doing the cesarean in advance.


If you chant the “PURUSHOTHAMA, BHOOTHA BHAVANA, BHOOTHESHA NAMO NAMAHA” mantra, Lord Krishna himself will come to the delivery room and will take care of the delivery.

The mantra didn’t heal the torn cord, but Lord Krishna himself has cured it, such is the grace of the child. The trust placed in the healing mantra by the family also has played a part.

This is the reason, I tell people to look into the blogs and seek your answer. Don’t worry whether it is right or wrong as The Mother is doing the healing and she will take care of you.

Shunya Mudra Mumbai 2015

Naran S Balakumar

For any air problem the space has to be reduced.

If there is any ear pain then place your middle finger at the base of the thumb – Shunya Mudra. For low hearing also this Mudra is useful.

When you travel in the flight, when the plane takes off, you will have an ear problem. This Mudra is very effective at that time.

Wherever you don’t want to participate and be an observer then be in this Mudra and chant “TOGETHER BE DIVINE”, so that you will remain unaffected by outside events.


Encyclopedia for Life


Through the blogs, I am learning lot of things. Recent one was Solar healing (which was provided in the blog some 9 years ago).

Someone asked for finding right partner- Found 70 days programme to find right partner (provided in blog 9 years ago) is an encyclopedia for life.

Any life situation has a solution not only in single modality but multi-dimensional healing techniques for each situation.

How can I thank enough Master and Shobana for providing us with this divine guidance, knowledge and help at every moment?

Anything said or done is not sufficient.  Every time I search the blog I am awestruck, the right answer shows up and thanks for the divine grace you have bestowed upon us.

Thanks to Divine for bestowing us with such a loving Master and Shobana. I thank Dr. Kalyani for introducing me to Naran Master and Bach flowers.

Though I am miles apart physically, filling this space with learning Master’s teaching through blog, class audios and appreciating the blessings of Divine Mother in each aspect of life.

I thank Mr. R. Mohan for maintaining Naran’s blog. He has compiled so much of matter in beautiful order- a yeoman service to humanity.

Study Pack

Naran S Balakumar

Once the child sits to study, he/she may not able to focus. There may be distraction.

To have focus, attention and to learn the subject easily, give the Bach Flower Remedies WATER VIOLET, OAK, CHESTNUT BUD, and CLEMATIS.

This combination along with MUSTARD has to be given. MUSTARD can be taken to understand any subject.

For most of the children, Physics and Maths are the problem. To understand these, MUSTARD is the remedy.

PS: Study Pack Remedy is available in the center.

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