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Will I get my money back

If someone owes money to us how to get it back?

Naran S Balakumar

Somebody owes us money.

How do we know that he is going to return the money to you? To start with, don’t expect the money from him.

Ask the question to yourself, ‘Why you need that money now? For what expenses you need that money?’

Just to put it in the bank?

If you want to save the money as Fixed Deposit, take it from me, you will never get that money from him.

On the other hand, if you have any expenditure then you get the required money from the (Divine) source.

Once the money is lost, it means it is lost forever. Don’t think about it. However, you can ask him. Asking is a form of action.

But, don’t think that money has to come from him. If you think that it should come from that source – one source, then all the other sources of money would be closed. Your sources of income will get closed.

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How to conduct a difficult interview


I am supposed to interview a person tomorrow but the problem is I am ignorant about the subject to be covered in the interview.

Naran S Balakumar

Take the Bach Flower Remedies LARCH and HORNBEAM.

Larch as the subject is new; Hornbeam as this is a new start to the subject. You will select the right candidate.


The interviews went well and we have picked three candidates. Now, we need to pick the one who will be the right fit for my client.

Naran S Balakumar


To critically evaluate the candidates: BEECH (you may add WALNUT to develop a rapport with the candidates)

Not to regret your decision: HONEY SUCKLE

Whether to choose this person or that person: SCLERANTHUS

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Help to manage a Root Canal Treatment

Naran S Balakumar

Let us say you have wanted to do a root canal treatment.

To find the right dentist: (Bach Flower Remedy) CERATO

Remove the fear of surgery: MIMULUS (the expenses will be within your budget)

Just before and immediately after surgery: RESCUE REMEDY

To find the source of money: (Animal Spirit Guide) SQUIRREL

To make sure you get the right treatment: SLOW CARE

Proper co-ordination in the hospital: TOGETHER DIVINE

For any dental treatment: BLUE SAPPHIRE

Case History

A famous doctor in 1970s was doing a surgery after opening up his belly. He found an abscess whose size was as big as 50% of a football.

Without any modern day surgery kit, he was able to do the surgery successfully. That is the example of the switch words “SLOW CARE”.

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Preparing oneself for a busy day

Naran S Balakumar

Do the following Mudras to get a clear head and prepare oneself for a busy day:

  • CHIN MUDRA brings down the stress level. Do it until tension comes down to zero.
  • MUSTI MUDRA (Aadhi/ Adi Mudra) gives rest and relaxation for the brain.  You have to keep your free fingers facing downwards. while the thumb is under them on both the hands.  Do the Mudra until you feel completely relaxed.

The above can be done as morning pep-up routine for those who are not morning people.

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Chin Mudra                          Musti Mudra


adi mudra

Feeling unwanted and getting angry with others


I live in Australia, while my mother lives alone in Chennai.

Even though she is taken care of well by my sisters and friends, she feels unloved and gets upset with others, which forces people to stay away from her.

Naran S Balakumar

Give her Gem Remedies – PEARL and CORAL pills that are available in the center, two pills each three times a day.

Naran S Balakumar

If anyone feels unloved

Or if anyone feels abandoned, forsaken, neglected, rejected, or unwanted, he has to take PEARL, which will stimulate loving qualities in a person.

CORAL will keep the anger in check.

If one cannot control the angry bursts then one has to take the Bach Flower Remedy CHERRY PLUM.


Her anger has come down a lot.

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How to get your talents recognized?

Naran S Balakumar

There is yet another mantra to clear our auric field apart from the mantra mentioned in the post:

Chant “RAA MA” – say ‘RAA’ on a higher note and ‘MA’ while coming down.

If you want your talents to be utilized and want to do something to this world, chant “RAA MA” for 63 times, while you are in LINGA MUDRA.  It will help you to unfold your talents with Linga Mudra.

If you chant it one more or one less, the whole effect is gone.

Without doing Mudra, if you chant “RAA MA” 63 times, you will sleep well.

But, how you can count the mantra for a certain no of times?

Write the mantra 63 times, in 6 columns. Look at it and chant.

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How do pictures of gems work

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Naran S Balakumar

Where do I get them?

Pictures of gems are available on the internet. You may download them and look at the picture whenever you can.

You can get pictures of gems from the centre too.

Look at the picture of the gem whenever you can. When your eyes see the picture, the energy of the gem observed goes to your aura and then to your mind, influencing both.

We have made some pills that have the energy of the gem stones. Alternatively, you can use them.

Using the picture of a gem stone, a case history

Lalitha a CEO in a MNC company and a single woman had a problem of getting servants for managing her big bungalow in Bangalore.

She affixed a photograph of Blue Sapphire (it’s good for having servants), in the door of her kitchen.

Within a week she got access to a group of servants from Orissa. She found no lack of help from then.

How to find stability while working abroad


This case history is regarding the Power Life Symbol STABILITY 48.

One of my ex-colleagues was facing challenges to have stability to continue at onsite.

He wrote stability symbol (as he knows Japanese) and kept stability symbol at his work place. His stay at onsite got extended thanks to the divine Symbols.

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Bach Flower Remedies for Suicidal Tendencies in Software Persons

Naran S Balakumar

Reasons are…

  • Lack of sleep
  • Inability to adjust to the environmental stress
  • Mental incompatibility in relationships

Remedies Suggested

Persons who are not interested in the family affairs; not interested in talking with family members: WILD ROSE

Persons who are irritated and annoyed always, when talked to: IMPATIENS

Persons who take insurance policy without telling anyone: ASPEN and RED CHESTNUT

Persons who go inside the room after coming from office and avoids talking with anyone in the family; even when asked, they would say “nothing”: AGRIMONY

Persons who start drinking alcohol; some will resort to drugs: AGRIMONY

According to their behavior select the remedy; along with that give WALNUT, which handles environment stress.

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Any side effects from taking gem remedies?

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Naran S Balakumar

In general, there is no side effect.

However, please do understand that Gem Remedies – especially precious stones works for specific situations only.

DIAMOND and EMERALD can be worn by all.

Especially, RUBY should not be worn when you have a family as ‘break’ is the keyword of Ruby. Wear PEARL instead.

Once in a way you can wear a stone. It is ok, as they are ornamental in nature. Don’t wear it permanently, though.

Can I take gem remedy pills when I am taking some other medication?

Yes, you can and without any worries.

Just give a gap of one hour before or after taking the medication. At least give a 15 minutes gap between other medication (including other gem remedies) and the gem remedies.

Can I combine remedies from different healing methods,

Yes, especially you chant remedies from different healing methods.

A case history

R Mohan

Vasu, a manager in my friend’s hotel asked me a question, whether I wrote the circles in a piece of paper, and written with some names on it, which was kept it inside the cash draw. I said yes.

I asked him why he is asking that question. He replied that these days there is a significant improvement in their business, about 15 to 20%.

A week back, I had taken a piece of paper and wrote the words, “TOGETHER COUNT DIVINE CITRINE”, each of them in one circle and in the innermost circle, the name of the hotel (using the circle technique).

I gave this paper to my friend to keep it in the cash draw to generate more business for him. Even though, my friend was reluctant, he agreed to do so.

Citrine is a gem stone, while Together, Count and Divine are switch words.

Both gem remedy and Switch words can be combined during chanting and for that matter, different types of remedies can be combined.

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