CDs Available For what it is used
1.    Abundance –speaker For abundance, prosperity, constant inflow of money and Be Free from Financial worries. Switch words recorded subliminally.
2.      All Chakra Petal Mantras- speakerhp Chanting of petal mantras of all chakras.
3.      All Planets Mantra- speakerspeaker For appeasement of all planets.
4.      Anti- Depressant- hp To feel great and get over depression.
5.      Attention and Focus – speakerspeaker It will increase the focus and attention for students or at work.
6.      Back Pain (Vallabam) – speakerhp For alleviating Back Pain.
7.      Be Free from debt – hp Frequency – 144.72, associated with freedom; activity associated with the energy of Mars, supports ability for achievement.

Forgiving your falsehood. Releasing affirmation statements, releasing memories of debt. Switch words in tones.


8.      Be Generous – hp 183.58 frequency associated with Jupiter success; growth generosity, magnanimity

I am sorry, please forgive me.


9.      Calm and Relaxation-speakerhp Calms and relaxes
10. Chakra balancing-hp All the seven chakras are activated and balanced
11. CHINTAMANI – HARMONY MANTRA – speaker To be harmonious in relationship like ideal pair Shiva-Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are always in harmony. This mantra will help get the love of spouse and retain the love of the spouse. To be harmonious in one’s mind. For love to flow from the heart.
12. Circular Breathing – speaker Chakra Cleansing, Activation, balancing and Harmonizing through Rhythmic breathing

 hp – Only to be listened with headphones              speaker – Can be listened over speakers


CDs Available For what it is used
13. Durga Durgama Dosha
Varjitha – speaker
The mantra will keep all the unwanted energies away from anyone who is chanting this mantra.

Durgama: Any dark energy can never be near Durga, because she is doshavarjitha -the one who is without any blemish (darkness) vibrating with light and love that can annihilate any unwanted energy or anything dark, turning it into light and love. A good protection mantra to keep away dark forces.

14. Energy Motivation – speaker For re-energizing after feeling physically or mentally tired. For fatigue.
15. GuruguhanKodiKodiLavanyam – speaker A good anti-depressant, healing the love pangs – loss of love


16. Harmony –speaker


For establishing harmony. This cd has two tracks. The first one is letting go those which prevent harmony. The second track is thanking statements with “English mantras” subliminally recorded. The English mantras have direct access to subconscious mind.
17. Hypothyroidism – hp Set of 2 CDs for hypothyroidism and for balancing T3 and T4.
18. Hyperthyroidism – hp Set of 2 CDs for hyperthyroidism and for balancing T3 and T4.
19. Humming Bird – Be Joyful –speakerhp To be joyful
20. I love Myself: Manifest Divine Love – hp For Positive attitude. Hope, Self-acceptance, improving Self-worth and Connecting to Universal or Divine Love. For Improving Self-Confidence, Acceptance, and Success in Money Career and Relationships, opening up and take control of life.
21. Inner Smile-divine light change – hp For establishing inner (for body organs) & outer harmony and living a full life.
22. Leap Forward and Progress – hp To move forward and progress in life
23. Let go pain – hp Any Body Pain including emotional
LIFE DIVINE – hp CD is designed to lead a worry-free life. Contains why statements switch words masked under alpha theta delta brain-wave entertainment.
25. Love Thanks Divine Forgiveness- hp To Forgive; Tones of Flowers

 hp – Only to be listened with headphones              speaker – Can be listened over speakers


CDs Available For what it is used
26. Mantra For Diabetes- hp For activating the digestive system, facilitating glucose-glycogen balance. A supportive therapy for Diabetes.
Mantra for High BP Mantra – hp Hypertension, BP
28. Mooladhara and Crown (Stable Mooladhara) – hp Chakra Healing – Root and Crown Chakras. For stability; for getting a job for physical rejuvenation
29. NamahShivayam – speaker Chanting To remove dead cells (e.g.: Cancerous) any tumors etc. To resolve land and house disputes
30. Neo Abundance – OPEN COUNT – speakerhp Frequency: 120. Changing and transmutation. Guided mediation with Bija mantras.
31. New Beej Mantras – speakerhp Chanting of beeja mantras of all chakras
32. New Prosperity Consciousness – speakerhp Frequency – 136.1

Switch words – OPEN COUNT, New prosperity statements, releasing fear, desire to save, giving thanks, releasing poverty beliefs.

Brings in calm relaxation, activates heart center. The frequency of Om.

33. Om Namo Narayanaya – speaker For Spiritual growth
34. OM YAHA RAHA LAHA – speaker Protection and removal of all black magic effects, spell casting effects
35. Organ Mantras – speaker Organ Mantras – For healing different organs in the body
36. PARIPOORANAN – speaker Ravi Kiran, Ruchi Karan Paripooranan

Mantra heals laziness, lethargy and procrastination

37. PRANA SUDDHI- speakerhp Prana Suddhi is for clearing and cleansing one’s Prana / Aura. It increases the vital force/prana in the body and increases the capacity to take in Prana.  Also used for intention fulfillment. Daily chanting increases one’s receiving capacity of money.
38. Prayer to Bach Flowers/ Flower Meditation – speakerhp Meditation on Bach Flowers for bringing inner Harmony, connecting with evolving self- higher self.
39. Psychic Ties Cut – hp Cleansing and clearing of solar plexus chakra – makes one assertive

speaker Can be heard over speakers hp Only to be heard with headphones 


CDs Available For what it is used
40. Reiki and Five elements – hp Drawing universal energy from five elements to all organs.
41. Release desires and cravings – hp It is part of rule your mind series, release desires and cravings.
42. Release Resistance Series – Debt Free – speakerhp Release Resistance Series – Affirmations for being debt free.
43. Release Resistance Series – Harmony between wife and husband – speakerhp Release Resistance Series – Affirmations for harmony between husband and wife.
44. Release Resistance Series – Equanimity and Calmness – speakerhp Release Resistance Series – Affirmations for attaining equanimity state – calmness state of mind.
45. RELEASING  MONEY BELIEFS- hp Chakra meditation CD, wherein you are guided to release the unwanted unrequired money beliefs, from each chakra, to COUNT easily. With a track of alpha theta delta brain-wave entertainment.
46. Rule your mind – Release Fear- hp Release fear by ruling the mind
47. Rule your mind – Release resistance- hp Release resistance by ruling the mind
48. Shankaraya – speaker Siva Mantra for Blessing of the ancestors. It also can be used for Pitru Dosh
49. Sleep Induction – hp For inducing sleep
50. Solar Energy – hp Meditation on Sun for improving health vitality,- color healing
51. Solution Finder -Crown and Third Eye hp Solution finder, for activating Ajna Chakra, improving creativity, higher understanding

 hp – Only to be listened with headphones              speaker– Can be listened over speakers


CDs Available For what it is used
52. Soul Love – hp Inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and The Divine Mother for establishing Divine / Buddha consciousness into oneself
53. Special Mantras – speaker For all life situations like –harmony, marriage, to get job, for success in examinations, for physical health etc.
54. Sriram Jairam – speaker Supportive therapeutic and is for cancer treatment
55. Supramental meditation – hp


Supramental meditation with instructions
56. THANKS SERIES – (DIVINE GRACE)- hp CD is meant to attract good loving people, making one to be generous and compassionate. Contains why statements switch words, SUBLIMINALLY.
57.  THANKS SERIES –( CLEAR OUT PROBLEMS) – speakerhp As the name suggests, helps one to be free from fear, making one to be calm and relaxed, equips one to face any challenge boldly.
58. THANKS SERIES- (FULFILLED IN LOVE –FAMILY)- speakerhp This CD is programmed to bring out your own love energy so that family members understand you and fulfillment in loving and being loved is resulted ultimately.
59. TOGETHER DIVINE – hp Helps to be in tune with Divine

To  integrate the aura, human and deva/angel qualities present in our mind/ consciousness

60. Towards Perfect Health – hp Contains The Mother’s affirmation
61. The Optimist – hp To keep one in high spirits, to persevere
62. Vision Improvement – speaker For Vision related problems – caused by Diabetes, old age etc
63. Weight Loss – hp For weight loss
64. Welcome Change Now – hp Embracing changes in life
65. You are no more alone – hp To come out of loneliness

Planets CD

When one thinks that a particular planet is in unfavorable position in the horoscope or in transit, listen to the concerned CD. Listening to the frequency of these CD is propitiation of planets afflicting one person.

CDs Available For what it is used
1.      Jupiter Mantra – speakerhp 183.58 Hz frequency

Loss of child, Loss of position

Unable to progress

Obstacles for marriage

Problems in Marriage

Debt problems


Problems as Guarantor

2.      Ketu Mantra – speakerhp 7.83 Hz frequency

Bad habits and company, straying from good path, Getting insulted, bribery, Depression,

Addiction, unexpected failure, Loss in business, Cheated by Partners, Guarantor problem, Employed below qualification

Insults, blocks everywhere, Government cases against tax.

3.      Mars Mantra – speakerhp 144.72 Hz frequency

Brothers sisters conflict over ancestral property,

Court cases dragging,

Hormonal imbalance,

High B.P. [ not a treatment]

When one is cheated

4.      Mercury Mantra – speakerhp 141.27 Hz frequency  Forgetful,  Disruption in education,

Bad habits and company, straying from good path, frequent transfers ; Art music blocks

Lung problems,  Knee Joint problem

When one blames God


5.      Moon Mantra – speakerhp 210.42 Hz frequency

Confusion; Indecision

Depression, Hallucinations

Delusion, less attractive, fear, lung problems, illegal contacts

6.      Rahu Mantra – speakerhp 7.83 Hz frequency

Problem in Foreign travel;

Loss in exports

Jail in foreign land, Bed-ridden,  Cheated by bad company, cheated by partners, Guarantor problem,

Separation from parents,

Feeling unprotected.

Paternal ancestral property disputes.

Insults for no fault done by self

7.      Saturn Mantra – speakerhp 147.85 Hz frequency

Efforts not rewarded

Injury, Theft of cars/vehicles

Problems because of servants

Anti-law problems

Servitude, Fear of enemies, Depression, grumbling, blamed for no fault , cheated, Insomnia (sleeplessness)

8.      Sun Mantra – speakerhp 136.1 Hz frequency. Heals short temperedness

When one is not able to use talent

Court cases with government departments

9.      Venus Mantra- speakerhp 221.23 Hz frequency

Husband wife disputes

Bad company; Bad luck; Partner enmity , Loss of articles

Ignominy  (humiliation)

More and More expenses

Insults, Spend thrift

Family dispute going to court

Problem in foreign countries 




CDs Available For what it is used
1.     INNER AWAKENING -1(shivohum) Based on works of Mother and Sri Aurobindo hp Theme: There is a guardian power, There are hands that save.

When you want peace; if you want all your fears to fade away and to handle any situation calmly;

And if you want to build up your trust in the divine.

You will align and resonate with the divine force.

2.     INNER AWAKENING -2 hp


Listen to this cd

If you want to find inner purpose in life.

If you want to be cheerful.

When you are sad and depressed

When you want to regain enthusiasm and to be more energetic.

To renew your interest in life

3.     FORGET REGRETS hp Contains switch words:

Over Up Elate Move on Reach Light.

If you want to let go your past hurts and resentment,

To solve the problems easily and to achieve your goal easily.

To realize all your plans and to succeed in all your efforts.

To have a bright future

To be an achiever and a winner.



When one is sad at life events,

if one is losing interest in life and lethargic,

After any failure, or disappointment,

or physical mental exhaustion



Contains switch words:




One can listen

When the other  is angry or criticizing or blaming always;

To stop getting angry,

When one wants his environment to be peaceful

To speak kindly and to hear kind words from others.

 Disclaimer for CDs
Naran CDs present the ear with alternating frequencies to stimulate and activate the brain. While this treatment has had a wide variety of benefits for various individuals, we do not guarantee any particular result. When you undertake a CD, it is with this understanding, as each nervous system is unique and will respond differently to the program. It is highly likely, if you persist with the program that you will experience benefits, but we cannot predict nor guarantee what those will be.
WARNING- For medical advice or if symptoms persist, please see your doctor or health professional. CDs with headphones should not be heard by people suffering from epileptic seizures and nervous disorders. CD should not be listened while driving, working or standing.

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