Methods for Bach Flowers

Taking Pills Directly

An easy method and practiced all over the world, is to take the pills directly.

Please make sure that:

  • You do not touch the pills by your hand.
  • Hold the pills in your mouth for as much time as possible.
  • Take the most important remedy in an empty stomach during the early hours of the morning.

Carry the remedies in your pocket

Carry the remedies in your pocket. This puts you inside the energy field of the concerned Bach flowers. To get additional effect, affirm that you are inside the energy field of the remedies.


You need a remedy, but don’t have them with you. What to do? Chanting is the answer. Yes, chant the name of the flower or flower combinations and it will bring similar results – especially in emergency situations. Interestingly, chanting Impatiens will help you to show patience in your actions.

Interestingly, even if you don’t understand anything about Bach flowers, chanting works. We can chant for others too by visualizing them while chanting the Bach Flower.

Water Chanting 

Chant (100 times)holding a glass of water and drink it or give it to some one.


This is same as the chanting method, except instead of chanting the names, you write them. This is quite effective when you want to break your thought pattern that goes on and on, and you want to get out of the feeling fast.

For Distance Healing – write the name in a piece of paper and kept the paper in the left hand and the name of the remedies on another piece of paper in the right hand. Close the hands and chanted the remedies, visualizing other person’s face.

Audio CD

This is an expensive and a very efficient method for those who are looking for a quick fix, as well as for mentally challenged persons – for whom this is the only way out.

Play the music whenever you wanted the healing to happen in the background. You don’t have to focus on the music.

For getting CDs, contact Naran Balakumar

Distant Healing – two circle method

This is another effective method of using Bach flowers, suggested by Naran Balakumar. In fact this method is used by many. Once you use it, you will be definitely using this method throughout your lifetime. This method is good for people who are too sick to take any remedies or too sorrowful after the death of a close relative – showing no interest to healing.

Take a paper. Draw two circles. Take a glass and fill it with water. Drop the required pills in the water. Place the glass of water in one circle. In another circle, write the name of the person who is supposed to receive the healing. Draw an arrow from the first circle to the second circle. Arrow is important here as it indicates that the remedies flow into the concerned person.

Instructions to be followed:

  • Change the water and the remedies after every 2 or 3 days.
  • Preferably, use mineral water as cleaner the water the solution is effective.
  • Continue to do this for as much duration the healing is required.

Concentric Circle Method

  1. Draw a circle and within the circle, write inside the circle, “name of person or intention”
  2. Draw another circle over the first circle. Between the circles, write the Bach Flower remedies If there are additional flowers, have a concentric circle for each of them. This distance healing method is very effective.
  3. Look at the paper once or twice a day.
  4. You may also keep the paper below your pillow.

Bath with Batch Flowers

Water element is a good medium for healing.

When you are physically and mentally tired, put four pills of Olive and Hornbeam each, in a vessel of water (bath tub is ideal). Allow a few minutes to let the pills be mixed with water. Pour the water over the body. The remedies will enter the body through the skin pores. Additionally if you have an intense fatigue, also take the pills orally.

In fact, you could use any combination of remedies in water, for healing to happen through the skin.

Drinking Water

You can put in common drinking water or cooking water for remedies like Harmony.


Put the Bach flower combination – say four pills each in a bottle of water. Add the pills after every 3 to 4 hrs. Sip the water throughout the day. This will give you a continuous effect. The feeling that you get out of it will give you lots of encouragement in the healing process. Or alternatively take two pills of the same remedy every one-hour to get that effect.

Activate Bach by Projecting:

My friend had to get something done in a government office and was facing some problems. After consultation with Balakumar, I visualized the government office and started chanting Rock water and Water Violet for 5 minutes. I prayed to the flowers that they be active and be sustained in my friend’s energy field for the next 8 hours. The work was done as intended.

The same can be done, whenever you are organizing a meeting in the office. If you feel there is a need for rapport among the attendees, you may chant Beech and Walnut for a few minutes and then say ‘Beech and Walnut please be activated in the room for next 4 hours’ few times. You can be sure you will witness wonderful results.

Flower it with Bach Flowers

These days, it is normal to keep a small flower pot in our office and our homes. You can use this option as a tool to create a Bach flower atmosphere around you.

Flower the animals

You could either spray water filled up with Bach Flower remedies on the animal or make it to drink the water.

Washing the floor

Whenever you have a function at home, you could put few pills of Walnut in a bucket of water and clean the floor with it. Alternatively, you could take a glass of water, put the pills in it, and then spray it all over the house.

Where do I buy Pills?

You can buy the remedies from a Homeopathic medicine shop. You can buy them either in the liquid form or in the form of pills.

The advantage in buying liquid form is that you can prepare pills-easy way of dispensing.

How do I prepare the pills for individual remedies?

Fill the empty plastic bottles with sugar pills around 3/4th of the bottle. Pour a minimum of 15 drops of the remedy into the bottle. Shake the bottle a little and within an hour or so, all the pills in the bottle will absorb the drops.

How do I prepare the pills for a combination of remedies?

If you wanted to make a bottle of a combination of remedies, say for example a combination of Olive and Hornbeam to handle the fatigue that comes after playing some sports. Pour 7 to 8 drops of Olive and then another 7 to 8 drops of Hornbeam separately into the bottle.

What is the shelf life of the pills?

There is no end-date as such. It proves to be ok, even after one year of life, though the alcohol smell and taste fades away as time goes by. Anyway, this is good enough for non-alcoholic people anyway.

Bach Flower Combinations

Don’t take more than four or five remedies at a time. If you want to take more than that, then you have to split them into more than one combination, and give a time gap of at least one day between.  In order to decide which combination is better, prioritize your problems and take remedies for the most important one.

How many pills I should take?

There are different ways:

  • If you are taking pills as a type remedy – like for example Chicory, or for a serious issue that will need a long time to heal, then even one pill three times a day. is good enough. Probably you will be taking the remedies for 3 to 6 months or more.
  • If you are leaving 3 to 4 hrs for a remedy, then you may take 4 to 6 pills at a time.
  • If you are taking two different (combination of) remedies in an alternative fashion, then take two pills of the remedy alternatively every one-hour.  For example you may take type remedy Crab Apple and as a situational remedy – Larch + Gentian.
  • Does it affect if the duration is shorter? According to Naran Balakumar, the answer is no. Though, he prefers to give a gap of 3 to 4 hrs, so that you will have the awareness of the healing that is happening to you. Awareness of the healing process is as important as the healing itself.
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