Thank you Wolf for making me a Winner


My cousin called me from New York one morning.

He has one boss in his current location US and one at India.

The boss from India had asked him to complete some assignment. He could not do so because of the work and informed him also.

But this person was not happy and so gave him a poor appraisal. His consolidated appraisal involved both the bosses.

The boss from US gave him a very high rating. However, his overall appraisal was bad and would affect his promotions and growth.

He spoke to the boss at US who said that he knew that my cousin was very genuine and hard-working. He said he can request for an amendment in the appraisal.

The process was a difficult one as it involved his dept, HR dept and the boss’s boss as well. The US boss had applied for the same and it was already over a month.

My cousin called Wolf and asked him to resolve the issue by the following Evening. To his surprise the appraisal got reversed and he got a good rating as well.

His boss at the US was also extremely surprised as the process of change is cumbersome.

My cousin is still amazed by the power of the Animal Spirit Guide Wolf!

Wanted to stay for more time in USA

Balaji S

Initially, my project implementation is planned only two-week in US. But I wanted to stay more time in US.

When I was in US, I went through the document “Mudra Workshop” by Naran S. Balakumar on 20th Feb. In that document I saw the practice of Money Mudra.

Thumb (both hands) touching the tips of Ring Finger and Little finger. The mental state Worry is linked with the scarcity situation. Lack of money = Worry.

Enough money on hand creates a mental state of relaxation and calmness. When you do this Mudra, you activate your calmness. This calmness in turn brings money.

I blindly followed this practice. The result of this practice was that my contract was extended for four more weeks in US.

Thanks to Balakumar and the Mudra.

Settling down in a foreign country

Naran S Balakumar

If you are about to work in a foreign country, where you had never been and whose customs you are not used to, then take the Bach Flower Remedy WATER VIOLET with you.

It will help you to form relationships as well as get the help you require.

Not able to stomach transition to USA

Balaji K S    

Today morning my wife Bhuvana took Walnut and Chestnut Bud. She got very good response within 2 minutes for her “Motion Sickness” issue.

But she is still feeling the Gastric issue in stomach. As you said, I am giving her Walnut and Chestnut Bud 4 pills every morning.

Naran S Balakumar

As you had just shifted to USA, she needs WALNUT. Continue with that.

Balaji K S   (after a week)

Her stomach ache is completely gone without any medication.


For any type of transition, the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT is required. As she got stomach ache only after reaching USA, she was suggested to take WALNUT.

CHESTNUT BUD is suggested to learn her life lessons comfortably and is not required for stomach ache.

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Out of the bad phase


My sister shifted Brampton Canada with his husband and two years old daughter about 4 months back.

They are continuously going through the bad phase, facing bad luck and not able to earn his livelihood although my brother-in-law is well educated and very hard working.

He needs a permanent job immediately and desperately.



Write “WALNUT” in a paper and keep it under the pillow.


Three days back they got a call from previous job (temporary) and said that they will try to give him permanent job this time.

Later yesterday, my brother-in-law got a call that company doesn’t need any employee now. He is still jobless.


Continue the chanting.

Write “WALNUT, SCLERANTHUS” daily in a notebook for 51 times.

Ask him to do the forgiving exercise to the parents.


Hardly few days passed. My brother-in-law in Canada started following your advice and calling Wolf for help during interview. Miraculously, he got permanent job joining from tomorrow.

No words to express our gratitude for your help. Keep showering your unconditional love for everyone.

Long pending wish came true


What is switch word to get US green card?


Call Wolf and request it


Wolf actually worked for me.

I got opportunity to go to London on a Business Visa. Thanks a lot! It was my long pending wish.

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No Support to Buy a House


I am living outside India. I planned to buy a house in my hometown or anywhere.

But, I am not getting any support from my parents or relations, as they all are ignoring my requests.

So please help me with switch words so that I can buy a good house without any problems.




Get/acquire something immediately: FIND DIVINE NOW

Come out of the hopeless situation of finding no support: GORSE (Bach Flower Remedy)

Clear Medical Exam for Permanent Residency


One of my parents has to clear the medical exam to get permanent residence (PR) in Canada.


Write “WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE, MIMULUS” in a paper and ask them to keep it.

You can chant for them too.


The standard Bach Flower combination for any type of interview is WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN and WILD ROSE, to face the interview members and reply confidently.

The remedy MIMULUS is included to handle the fear associated with getting the permanent residency.

Aussies Beware!

Dare 2 Do IT! June 5th 2009

Balaji S

I like to share my US experience here. Before going on site, I was worried of my communication with new people and how I am going to manage the new situation.

I took the following Bach Flower combinations in US:

Rock Water + Water Violet: Gaining respect. Rock Water + Water Violet: before going to office and during lunch time

Walnut: for handling new situations in USA. Carry Walnut in my pocket: Take it now and then

Gentian, Hornbeam: be happy in any situation (in the eve), it will take care of my tiredness too

It helped me a lot. I was able to handle new situations easily without any fear and performed well. I got good response and respect from the onsite team.  

My onsite manager appreciated my work and he wrote separate appreciation mail to my offshore manager. Finally, I got best performer in this project for both India and USA.

 I like to thank you and Batch Flower.

Naran S. Balakumar

The flower remedy combination used by Balaji is apt and wonderful combination that can be followed by all who go to foreign countries with apprehension.

To be at ease in a foreign country – with this combination, even Australia-like assault also will not take place.

Water Violet will help you to mingle with the foreigners and make you feel part of them. Rock Water will protect against any violence and assault.

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