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Help from Animal Spirit Guides to Find Money

Naran S Balakumar

KANGAROO – Keep the picture of Kangaroo and you will come out of the past failures.

CAMEL – fear of not getting the money as even in challenging times, one should remain positive.

TORTOISE– whether I can approach A or B? Whom should I approach money? Tortoise is the solution provider. Keep it under the pillow or look at the picture. Looking at the picture of Tortoise, one can chant, “SLOW CARE LISTEN ON”

DRAGON – it will remove all the obstacles in every aspect of business.

OCTOPUS – when you have heavy loss, use octopus to recover. It can be used to treat the cancer; to recover the patients from cancer and regenerate the cells.

DEER – when you feel weaker and think, ‘I cannot endure anymore’, ‘ my struggle is endless’, or ‘how long this will continue?”, keep the picture of Deer. By keeping the deer picture, you can have a 360 degree view.

Then keep a picture of Tortoise which will provide the solution to you.

PYTHON – when you are squeezed by debtors, python will give you some space.

WHALE – when there is an inconsistency in learning, whale can be helpful.

WOOD PECKER – when your earnings are inadequate, wood pecker can be helpful. It denotes perseverance, persistence.

Connecting People with Harmony

Naran S Balakumar

The animal spirit guides PELICAN and JELLY FISH can bring harmony in the family.

  1. Stick the picture of JELLY FISH on the heart of all the people.
  2. Mentally make a circle of all the people in the family.
  3. Chant Jelly Fish. The energy is extended to the next person. A garland is formed around them.

Chanting works well for Pelican and Jelly fish.

How to make effective changes in your life?

Naran S Balakumar

Change the attitude.

Express your true love from the heart.

Think about any of your habit or behaviour that you don’t want or you don’t like.

Look at the picture of BUTTERFLY and chant “ADJUST CHANGE DIVINE”.

When you have a problem, the mind constantly worries about it and become anxious.

When another problem comes, the previous problem disappears.

When you notice life, everywhere there is a change going on – days into weeks; weeks into months; months into years; years into seasons.

When everything ends why the mind keeps worrying?

It’s the message of Butterfly. It says “Transform your thinking process”.

When your life is in danger

Case History

There was a terrorist attack in Mumbai. One person was there. Suddenly all the lights went off. He could hear only the sound of bullets.

Fortunately, he had the time to message Naran who suggested (the animal spirit guide) SHARK.

The next minute after chanting Shark, one taxi came; he was taken inside the taxi and left somewhere. In the light, he found out that it was his friend.

Shark is like WOLF.

Whenever your life is in danger, call Shark.

Clinging to Mother

Multi-Dimensional Healing Workshop Chennai Mar 28 2015

Naran S Balakumar

You can use the animal spirit guide HUMMING BIRD for your children – especially for those who have a tendency to cling to their mothers.

They will refuse to go to school clinging to their mothers or refuse to go away from their mother. The mother should be in the vicinity of the child.

For such children, if you use Humming bird in the form of picture or circle technique then they will find happiness in something else.

For love pangs also, Humming Bird can be used, especially after love failures.

Humming Bird is also useful for senior citizens, who are left alone.

Messages from Chimpanzee

Naran S Balakumar

When you come across Chimpanzee

  • Take care of your diet patterns
  • Take nutritious food
  • Ignore people who gossip
  • Time for self-assessment (no point in being the same person as you had been in the past)

Remove Last Traces of Unforgiveness

R Mohan

However, much I do forgiveness exercises, or listen to ‘Forgiveness” CD or “Be Generous” CD there is always some sort of Unforgiveness present in my mind.


Keep the picture of Pelican with you.

Or write the name of it in a piece of paper and keep it with you.

Meditate on it.

You can also keep it as your screen saver or a watch a video on pelicans.

This will remove any traces of anger inside you.

R Mohan

What I noticed after doing the chanting ‘Pelican’ and meditating upon it, it clears the mental space of any anger within me.

What is the meaning of this?

Also, this helps me not to pretend with the concerned person, as one way or another it comes out of me and makes the situation worse.


Continue doing so…and share what else you experience.

Someone needs food from you

Message from Animal Spirit Guide Pigeon

If one hears only sound of pigeons and not see the pigeons it is the call of the ancestors and he has to think of his ancestors and feed somebody.


The pigeon came again. This time it was the very first thing I saw when I woke up. It was very dark and did not move for a while. Made no sound. Is it the same meaning?


Yes. There is someone who needs food from your hand.


You have told me before and I prepared food for my family. I am not sure who to give to now as I live far. I want to do the right thing.


Then invite a friend (who has not visited you) for lunch or dinner.

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Help me control my negative thinking


I am a regular follower of your blogs.

I used animal spirit HORSE in office as I had no proper support from my senior.

I kept the HORSE as my desktop saver too – not one but three horses.

I daily request horse to help me control my negative thinking about others as I do not get proper support from the required seniors.

After 10 days, the person with whom I had problem called me and said sorry.

He also promised me that he would be supporting me from here afterwards and that we will help the company for better prospects.

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Divinity takes care of you


Messages from the Animal Spirit Guides, when you come across them…

Indian Cuckoo

Stop worrying. Trust in divinity. Be at peace. Everything will get resolved.

Take care of hand/minor joints. Reduce salt. Uric crystals may be there.

Be cautious about what you say. You are likely to be misunderstood.


Time to connect to Divinity – Chant Slokas and Mantras or do meditation

You can easily overcome any challenge (Yanai Balam – strength of an elephant in Tamil)

Do some social work

Don’t find fault with others – thinking you are better, that you are right, while others are wrong


Form a group of like-minded people

Plan for a pilgrimage

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