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Remedies to stop worrying and get married

Naran S Balakumar

Take the Bach Flower Remedies SWEET CHESTNUT, WILLOW, PINE, WALNUT, and HORNBEAM – to get married.

SWEET CHESTNUT – to get Divine Grace

WILLOW, PINE – to overcome the WHY ‘I am not married’ feeling

WALNUT – transition remedy

HORNBEAM – resolves the puzzle


Helpful Bach Flower Remedies for Attending Interviews

Naran S Balakumar

For Interview

To have self-confidence: WATER VIOLET, LARCH

Answer any unexpected question; to fill up the requirement for a particular job: ELM

Mental turbulence repressed behind a cheerful smiling face: AGRIMONY

If you think about previous failure or pessimistic, then to heal expectation of failure: GENTIAN

To feel enthusiastic: WILD ROSE

After Interview

Not to think about what happened in the interview: HONEY SUCKLE

If you are expecting a call: ASPEN + GENTIAN + WILD ROSE


Find solution without others help

Naran S Balakumar

Whenever we are in confusion about multiple choices, we will have a tendency to go and ask multiple persons for a solution.

Instead, take the Bach Flower Remedy CERATO and wait for an answer to come from within. Sometimes, people around might talk something, which would lead you to the right solution for the problem.

For example, let us say somebody wants to conceive they will consult multiple doctors, seeking one after another. If they take CERATO then they will find the course of action.


How to keep unwanted persons away

Naran S Balakumar

Keep Index and Middle finger on both the hands forms the Vyan Mudra.

The Space or Akash Mudra will create a space between you and the opposite person.

The Vyan Mudra on the other hand while creating space between you and the opposite person, you can also move away if you don’t want or he will move away.

This is a very good for traffic jam. Chant “MOVE ON HALFWAY DONE” while doing this Mudra.

How to sleep well in the night with Switch Words, Mudra and Mantra

Chris Veerabadran

I chanted, “WHY I sleep very well in the night” while doing the SAFE and SECURE MUDRA (Thumb touches the ring and little fingers, on both the hands).

I also listen to ‘FLOWER MEDITATION’ CD from Naran, for a good night’s sleep.

For any type of infection

Naran S Balakumar


For any type of infection or fever – viral, bacterial, and fungal, this mantra is helpful.

JOOM is the mantra which has the power of Vishnu. HOWM destroys the infection. SAHA cleanses the space around.

This mantra is a space clearing energy.

How to Combine Bija Mantras for Various Life Situations

Naran S Balakumar

How can you combine two or more Bija Mantras to handle various life situations?

Have self-confidence

Chant the Bija Mantras, “LAM YAM, YAM LAM”.

Constant Worry

You have a deep worry – a constant worry. Chant the Bija Mantras to come out of it, “YAM HAM, HAM YAM”.

YAM is for worry. It will give you instant peace.


When you have a get-together, you want a full lively atmosphere. Chant “VAM RAM, RAM VAM”.

Need for a remedy when there is a delay

Using Scleranthus, the Bach Flower Remedy…

Naran S Balakumar

Laziness:  – Scleranthus will get up late and will postpone

Laziness and procrastination – Hornbeam and Scleranthus

Will get up at 6 am but will need a coffee or any other stimulant to get up from bed: Hornbeam

Have no enthusiasm in life: Hornbeam and Wild Rose (lazy approach to life as there is no internal motivation to live)

While Taking Decisions

Asking others’ opinion to take a decision: Cerato

I have to satisfy all: Centaury.

Between Two options:  Scleranthus. Say for example, while choosing a bride, say between Vanaja and Girija.


Heartburn: Beech, Willow, Impatiens and Scleranthus

Fever:soemtimes low temperature; sometimes high temperature: Scleranthus, Walnut, Crab Apple

Study Pack: Scleranthus + Chestnut bud + walnut + Gentian + Hornbeam

Stammering: Cerato and Scleranthus

Suffering from knee stiffness

Ganga Eswaran

One of my students, aged 59 years, is suffering from severe knee stiffness on her right knee. Sometimes it shifts to left knee too.

She has already learnt Reiki in Bombay. She has also learnt pranic healing. Which mantra or which Bach Flower Remedy can be given to her?

She is already taking allopathic medicine. Can you please suggest?


There is an Ayurvedic product Danvantri Kulambu, sold in Ayurvedic shops. Ask her to apply it, daily on the knees and wash it with hot water after half an hour.

In addition, she needs to do the following:

Knees: (ask her to question within herself) in which areas of life she is inflexible?

Love is more important than any principles.

Let her chant, “Let divine love manifest within and around me”.

Let her take Bach flower remedies ROCK WATER, WALNUT and HORNBEAM.

Ask her to extend her thanks to her parents.

If she does not have good relationship with her parents, ask her to do the forgiving exercise.


Rock Water: to reduce stubbornness and be flexible. Instead of living by principles alone, lead the life with Love

Walnut: move on with life, instead of getting stuck up with something or some emotion

Knees: will get affected if we have issues with parents. Issue with Mother will affect left knee and issue with father will affect right knee.

Forgiveness Exercise: if you (Raju) have to forgive your mother then affirm, “I Raju forgive you my mother. Please forgive me and release me”.

Please note that this will release the anger about the concerned person and not the relationship itself.


Discussion on Bach Flowers with Naran Balakumar

Signs of a Clematis person

Clematis persons have trouble progressing beyond simply dreaming.

He is also a procrastinator, but of a different kind. They are averse to real-world demands – “I want to do this work, but I hate the details.”

He always whiles away his time. His lifestyle may include some singing, occasionally surfing the internet, doing frequent astrological readings, buying weekly lottery tickets, and does aimless loitering as well.

Any work is hard work for him. Everything about life should be easy and pleasant. Therefore he will shirk off from any responsibility and so will refuse to have a career.

He lacks attention in routine matters, pays little attention to facts and details, and hence finds it is difficult to focus.

Clematis Person in (no) Action!!!

He is passive and lazy. His life is dormant, lifeless, unfulfilling. He won’t be able to convert from conception – even if it is good enough, into action.

The Clematis person is a failure in following up his words with his actions. He will talk tall about his programs and plans, but will not carry out whatever he had projected to others.

Some examples:

  • “Don’t bother if this customer leaves us, somebody else will come.”
  • She will write letters but not post them.
  • She will make grandiose plans but won’t carry them out.
  • The clematis avoids doing a job which he thinks is difficult, for as long as he can.
  • He may not live within his means and will not bother about getting loans.
  • He will live in a dream world. Though, he is good at conception level.
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