Always receive money when I chant this mantra

Nayana Tarange


I read this mantra on Naran’s website. And tried it…And it’s really works miracle every time…

Whenever I chant this mantra, on that day I always receive cash or cheque…! Thank you Naran for this mantra!!!

R Mohan

One day I tried this mantra. I had ordered for books worth Rs. 20,000 in Amazon.

After chanting for few minutes, on impulse I went to a local book stall. I found same books in the shop and along with that another two books I had wanted and all for 10,000.

Sonika Ahluwalia

Reading this post …I too tried it, chanted about a 108 times for two days and my tax refund which usually takes two weeks to come into the account came within a week!

Received a refund that I was having trouble getting from a company even though they had refused it, and suddenly it was applied to my account!!

Amazing this mantra is! Thank you Naran S Balakumar!!

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Ship stopped in mid ocean


My brother’s ship stopped due to leaks in the boiler pipes on Tuesday. This was mid ocean between Japan and Australia.

I messaged you with the problem saying: 

‘Good morning, Mr Balakumar! My brother’s ship is stuck mid ocean with engine problem and not able to move.

‘His engineers are working round the clock. And the company is getting upset with him for no fault of his. What can I chant please?’


So my sisters, my mother, and his wife chanted and we wrote them out too.

Even my brother, who was skeptical, wrote. The problem was still bad.

I then got to know the specific details of the problem. The boiler pipes had sprung leaks. The fitter was getting tired as he fixed 169 pipes.

That’s when I called you again.

You asked me to add ROCK ROSE and SWEET CHESTNUT to the switch words. We all chanted and wrote them 21 times. The ship is moving. So, fingers crossed!

Thank you very much.


Anything with regard to FIRE – boiler is mentioned – points to the Bach Flower Remedy ROCK ROSE.

SWEET CHESTNUT for divine intervention.


Encyclopedia for Life


Through the blogs, I am learning lot of things. Recent one was Solar healing (which was provided in the blog some 9 years ago).

Someone asked for finding right partner- Found 70 days programme to find right partner (provided in blog 9 years ago)

www.REACHNARAN.com is an encyclopedia for life.

Any life situation has a solution not only in single modality but multi-dimensional healing techniques for each situation.

How can I thank enough Master and Shobana for providing us with this divine guidance, knowledge and help at every moment?

Anything said or done is not sufficient.  Every time I search the blog I am awestruck, the right answer shows up and thanks for the divine grace you have bestowed upon us.

Thanks to Divine for bestowing us with such a loving Master and Shobana. I thank Dr. Kalyani for introducing me to Naran Master and Bach flowers.

Though I am miles apart physically, filling this space with learning Master’s teaching through blog, class audios and appreciating the blessings of Divine Mother in each aspect of life.

I thank Mr. R. Mohan for maintaining Naran’s blog. He has compiled so much of matter in beautiful order- a yeoman service to humanity.

Saved somebody from cancer


I read about “SREE RAM JAYA JAYA RAM” mantra from one of your blogs. I gave it to my friend when she was diagnosed with cancer in the month of March.

Today morning she called me and thanked me for the mantra. She told me that 90% of her cancer is gone.

Be Peacefully Happy

R Mohan

Everybody has a life mantra

Naran discussed how each one of us holds onto one mantra in the workshop that he recently conducted in Kancheepuram on March 6th, 2016.

He said that we think countless thoughts during a single day. However, one thought keeps coming in our head.

That is our life mantra – which does more harm, as it is primarily a negative thought.

I observed myself and I found that one thought that keeps coming up inside me is ‘Ennakku Illa’ (not for me in Tamil).

Based on one of his techniques which he mentioned in a blog post, I kept repeating that expression many times. The expression became ‘Enakku Santhosam illa’ (no happiness for me in Tamil).

Then, I repeated this particular expression several times. It became ‘Enakkulle Santhosam’ – means the happiness is inside me in Tamil.

I repeated that word and found myself peacefully happy.

As Naran said I found out today that darkness has light inside it and a problem has solution inside it.

Cleaning house will clear financial problems


Suresh a builder came to me and said even though he is doing a great business, he always has financial issues.

While narrating his problem, he mentioned that his house is never clean as his wife is not taking care of the house properly.

I asked him why not he cleans the house himself instead of complaining about his wife and criticizing her.

I told him to clean his bedroom first. If he manages to clean the house, definitely he will find the money to tide over things.

So to start with he cleaned his personal draw. The same day, he called upon the land-owner for whom he is working on a joint-venture project.

He made him aware of the time and money involved in sorting out those problems.The land-owner graciously agreed to pay Suresh for the problems he went through.

Interestingly, now the money will help Suresh to move forward as it can be used as seed money for getting things done, which in turn will bring more funds to his company.

Now he is the in the process of cleaning other stuff. Interestingly, now his wife is also co-operating with him.

My observation suggests that criticizing others for the problems brings no salvation.

Rather do something positive in action. You will find a difference in the situation as well as in the opposite person.

Temperature reduced


As suggested by you, I chanted the mantras, “OM KREEM NAMAHA, OM HREEM NAMAHA” and in addition I took the Drawing Pills that I got from center, for my fever and infection.

Now, I feel better. Thanks!

Naran S Balakumar

Om Kreem Namaha is the cleanser; Om Hreem Namaha brings down temperature or heat.

Drawing pills contain Hepar Sulph Silicea and Gunpowder each in 6x potency. They are ideal for any infection either viral or bacterial or fungal.

Got back my mobile


I gave my mobile to my brother’s son for repair. It is a costlier one. Now, my mobile is working well. However, he is not returning it back.

I don’t want any quarrel between us. That’s why I am asking you. Most of the time, I am losing my patience.




At the same time, I want my mobile back.


Have the mentality to do what is given.

Add CHICORY also to the above combination.

After a day of chanting he got back his mobile.


To avoid quarrel: Agrimony

To be listened: Heather

Not to lose control: Cherry Plum and to overcome impatience: Impatiens

For being possessive about one’s mobile: Chicory

Chestnut Bud: Not to be cheated.


Appreciating work situation will get you an increment

Naran S Balakumar

Kiran is working for two years in an IT company.

His salary is not paid on time. Even though he felt irritated about this, he is not able to move forward.

The excuse given to him by his boss is that whatever Kiran is currently learning in this company, he will not be able to learn it from anywhere without paying a huge sum of money for it.

In addition, he was told that he won’t be able to apply that knowledge in a practical environment, which he gets to do so in the company.

I told Kiran, “Your boss knows that you are learning so much stuff without paying a single penny. That’s why he doesn’t want to pay you more. So, thank him daily”.

When Kiran realized it and showed his appreciation of this fact, his boss started paying him more.

Varun Mudra

Anti-Pollution Mudra


Every day I go through heavy traffic to reach my office. At the end of the day I feel I have a stuffy nose and tend to get cold and dry cough very often.

Naran S Balakumar

Do the VARUN Mudra for 15 minutes as shown in the picture.

Then do the MOVEMENT Mudra with PRAN Mudra down (Index and Middle fingers touching the tip of the thumb, while placing the ring and little fingers at the base of the thumb, on both the hands).

The Varuna Mudra will discharge the polluted stuff from the lungs.

The Pran Mudra down will act as a Fire Mudra converting the thick mucus to water.


I find my nose gets clearly and breathing gets improved. It also removes my sleepy feeling after having my lunch.

Naran S Balakumar

The Varun Mudra is an Anti-Allergy Mudra.

The PRAN Mudra stands for earth and water – when it is more it will increase lethargy, the opposite is Fire Mudra which reduces lethargy.

Varun Mudra small

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