Reconciliation between people who are separated

Naran S Balakumar

Use the Animal Spirit Guide Stork:

  • To reconcile – wherever people are separated, Stork can be used for reconciliation
  • Stork helped in no of divorce cases uniting husband and wife

You can do the following:

  • “STORK” can be chanted.
  • You can also the paste of photograph of Stork on the pictures of both husband and wife or on their names written on a paper.
  • You can also look at the picture of Stork or visualise the Stork is in front of you, flies away from you to the sky, getting smaller and smaller and becoming a star. From the star, visualise Green energy descending towards you and enters through your top of the head and heart centre.
  • Extend your hands and rotate your auric hands rotating clock wise, make as many green circles as possible and chant “BOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE”.

Break-up with husband

Naran S Balakumar


I gave this combination to Vijay, a resident of Australia. Vijay’s neighbor is from Singapore. Her cousin was about to have a break-up with her husband.

When Vijay heard about this, on a whim without knowing why, he asked his neighbor to chant this combination.

His neighbor’s cousin did the chanting for a week and surprisingly patched up with her husband.

I am pregnant but he backed off


I am in love with someone, and pregnant with his baby. We both are divorced. I have two kids from my past marriage.

We were together for one year. Now, he backed off since last four weeks. We had some fights, arguments etc. Things are not the same.

What can I do to have him back in my life as my man, so I can have a complete family and a father to my unborn?


Do the forgiving exercise for him.

Chant “TOGETHER DIVINE” till the delivery.

Write “I thank the divine for his coming back into my life”.

Cancel your worries about divorce

Need Help

I have registered a complaint against my husband. Is there any useful mantra that can avoid divorce and reunite both of us?




Be ego-less (TINY BOW) and communicative (WITH) to REVERSE the decision about divorce.

Parents got back together


My relative’s daughter is separated from her husband. Later the husband fell sick.

Her 2nd son wanted his mother and father to get back together. He felt that his father’s health will become better if his parents get back together.

He expressed this desire many times to his grandmother. The eldest son was mentally prepared for parent’s separation. So, only the 2nd son was hoping to see his parents get back together.

My relative talked with me about her daughter’s problem.

I gave her a print out of the power life symbol “47-Broken-Relationship” to my relative and told her to chant the switch words “TOGETHER DIVINE” also.

She wrote her daughter’s and son-in-law’s name and chanted, “TOGETHER DIVINE”

Finally, both her daughter and son-in-law met and wanted to stay together for the sake of their 2nd son.

Divorce with Mutual Consent


I am in a relationship with a guy who is getting divorced with his wife due to her extra marital affairs.

We both want to marry as soon as possible. Earlier, she agreed for a mutual divorce. But, now she says she needs time and gives some excuses or other.

Help me with a switch word that I can chant for him to make his divorce to be mutual and easy.




Take (or chant) Ruby to facilitate divorce proceedings.

The one, who chants, is a third person here and therefore she has to wait till the event changes to divine order.

Affair with another man


My husband is having an affair with another man.

We live in same house but separate room since 7 yrs. He’s not interested in me.

We have two children. I want him to leave the house and go far from us as I’m only 33 yrs old and I want to start a fresh life.

Pls help me as I’m so lonely and feel rejected. Help me brother! I want a way out!!


  1. Chant “RUBY, HOLLY, VINE”.
  2. Write these names also in a notebook daily 51 times.


To break the relationship with the husband: (Gem) Ruby.it gives the needed courage to start life independently.

To heal the rejected feeling and to re-align with the energy of love, HOLY and VINE will help, because the new life is to start with love in the heart.

Get amicable divorce settlement


I would be very grateful if you could guide me in two crucial situations which we are facing to get amicable divorce settlement for my daughter with her reputation and dignity intact.

And for her to get a well settled with a caring and stable person soon in her life.


One thing at a time…to get divorce is the first thing to happen. Chant “RUBY, WALNUT”


Break the marriage: RUBY

Move to the next stage of life: WALNUT

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Good Life Partner for Re-marriage


I have been divorced and single for the last 6 years. I want a good life partner.

Please suggest a chant for me to bring someone who I will love, respect and admire.


Listen to the “I LOVE MYSELF CD”.

There is a 70 days programme in one of the pages of this site. Do that.

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Not ready to go for a divorce


I am really tired of waiting to get initiation/news, words from my husband as he is not at all in contact with me or my family for last 2 months. We all tried very much but failed.

I am doing forgiving exercise for husband and my MIL more than 25 days now, but still no result or reply from his end.

Everybody in my family is asking me to take decision and to divorce him and start new life. But I am really not ready to do so.

Sometimes, I wonder why this person marries me, if he really doesn’t have any regards or interest in family life.


Chant “BEECH, WILLOW, PINE, WALNUT” for a month


See events from different angle: BEECH

Stop blaming anybody for what happened: WILLOW

Come out of the thought of “One’s bad karma”: PINE

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