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Help to manage a Root Canal Treatment

Naran S Balakumar

Let us say you have wanted to do a root canal treatment.

To find the right dentist: (Bach Flower Remedy) CERATO

Remove the fear of surgery: MIMULUS (the expenses will be within your budget)

Just before and immediately after surgery: RESCUE REMEDY

To find the source of money: (Animal Spirit Guide) SQUIRREL

To make sure you get the right treatment: SLOW CARE

Proper co-ordination in the hospital: TOGETHER DIVINE

For any dental treatment: BLUE SAPPHIRE

Case History

A famous doctor in 1970s was doing a surgery after opening up his belly. He found an abscess whose size was as big as 50% of a football.

Without any modern day surgery kit, he was able to do the surgery successfully. That is the example of the switch words “SLOW CARE”.

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Mantra for body pains

Naran S Balakumar

Chant “HARI OM”

It can be chanted for body pains. This is the one mantra which evolves the body.

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How I overcame the serious problem in my life


Dear Naran Sir,

Hope you are doing good!

This is one miracle happened to me and I would like to share it with you.

My husband was hospitalized in Continental international Hospital, Hyderabad and the bill amount was 1,20,000.

For that particular treatment there is no guarantee that we get the insurance. I was scared to settle that amount.

Then I asked (Animal Spirit Guide) Wolf to help to get the insurance. I also did PRAN MUDRA and chanted the switch words “FIND COUNT DIVINE”.

With surprise, I received 1,02,000 rupees as insurance and I just paid the remaining amount.

In addition, the test is negative and my husband is not having any serious problem.

He just used 2 months medicines for the double typhoid.

Now after seeking the help of Wolf again and again we are getting a very good doctor.

Now my husband is alright and from yesterday onwards doctor asked him to stop all the medications.

Naran sir thank you very much for all your help!! With the help of Switch words and the animal spirit god wolf given by you, I overcame the serious problem in my life.

Thank you very much dear Naran sir!!!


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Remedy to remove boils


There is a boil in my face; it is big and sometimes oozing.


Something is stagnant in your life. It is coming to boil out. It indicates the unexpressed anger.

AGRIMONY for the seething anger

Anger: Since it is boiling, HOLLY should be taken

Oozing out – CHERRY PLUM

To cleanse and clear – CRAB APPLE

Switch Word for chanting, “BE OPEN RESTORE FLOW GO CLEAR”


Breathlessness will come down


Sir, Namaste!

My father has heart problem and asthma. So he had angioplasty done to his heart recently. Since then there is no improvement. He has asthma as well as weakness.

Also, he seems to have some water-retention in his lungs and legs, and this water in the lungs makes breathing hard for him.

Please suggest switch words and anything else that may be of use to him.

Naran S Balakumar

Give him the homeopathy remedy “STROPHANTHUS q”.

It will heal the kidney; his urine output will become sufficient and breathlessness will come down.

Put 10 drops in 200 ml water and ask him take it. Do this for three times in a day.


How to handle pain – emotional or body

Naran S Balakumar

Whenever there is pain in the body, chant “CALM BEAR GLORY DIVINE”.

It can also heal the emotional pain.


Cure Malignancy

Naran S Balakumar

When one is diagnosed of malignancy, the chanting of the following SAVITRI MANTRAS (page No508) will heal one totally.


The above can also heal the heart of one too.

Shanti Narayanan

Only these 2 lines will do or we have to refer the book? How many times we have to chant it?


Only these two lines are needed. Chant it as many times as possible.

Issues Discussed in Mudras Workshop Mumbai – Part I

Naran S Balakumar

Right shoulder pains – from shoulder to wrist, you have a deficiency of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Mouth Blisters or ulcers happen indicate that our Liver is not functioning well.

There is a deficiency of Vitamin B2. Riboflavin 10 mg tablet will take care of it. Normal B-complex has 2 mg of Riboflavin.

B-complex tablets are water soluble. We need to take them because they are not available in the foods.

When people are unhappy and discourage, you can add Bach Flower Remedy GENTIAN – to bring the energy of satisfaction, and WILLOW.

To get Vitamin D-3 energy, stand in the sun between 7 AM to 8 AM. You do not need to take the tablets.

For Indians we don’t need Vitamin D tablets. It’s a marketing lie. They say everybody has a deficiency in Vitamin D.

For getting the Vitamin-3, one has to do ACCEPTANCE MUDRA.

For strengthening the bones, do PRAN MUDRA.

Mudra and Mantras for Cervical Spondylosis and Frozen Shoulders

Naran S Balakumar

Udharvam Merudanda Mudra

Make a fist by curling all four fingers tightly and extend thumb up, keeping the thumb as straight as possible.

Rest hands on middle of thighs with thumbs pointing away from each other. Right thumb turned towards right side; left thumb turned towards left side.

Do this Mudra to send the prana to the shoulders and chant “HARI OM”. You can keep the hands on the lap while doing the Mudra.

This Udharvam Merudanda Mudra works especially on shoulders as well as cervical. It opens up the back heart chakra.

The organs are formed out of sound

When KAM is chanted, immediately the right shoulder is formed. And likewise when CHAM is chanted, the left shoulder is formed.

Thus, Kam is the basic material for the right shoulder, while Cham is the basic material for the left shoulder.


Good Mudra for Diabetes

Naran S Balakumar

Right thumb touching the index and middle fingers, left thumb touching middle and ring fingers – I call this as Acceptance Mudra. Generally, it is called as Pushan Mudra.

Pushan Mudra activates our Solar Plexus Chakra. It is a good Mudra for digestion.

This is also good for diabetes. Chant “RAM BAM LAM DHAM” while you are in Acceptance Mudra.

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