Our anxiety during traffic jams

Naran S Balakumar

The point is that we are more concerned about time. Divine is concerned about the safety. Who will win?

If something doesn’t happen it is only for our good. Everything happens for our good only. Unfortunately, we don’t understand that and became anxious.

Anything that happens due to my efforts is also divine grace; anything that happens without my effort is also divine grace.

All of us are puppets in the hands of the divine.

Thank him if something doesn’t happen. Thank him if something happens.

That is the only thing we can do.


Child run over by a passing vehicle

Naran S Balakumar

Vijay was the only child of his parents.  Every day his mother will put him on the van and bring him back when he comes back from the school.

On that fateful day, the mother was few minutes late as she had some urgent work to be done.

When she reached the stop, the van just arrived and before she could cross the road and go, Vijay came running across the road without seeing.

The tragedy took place; Vijay was run over by a passing vehicle.  The mother stood there shocked beyond words.

After that she could not come back to her normal self.  She always stayed in a dark room, refusing to drink, eat or even to bathe.  She was not talking to anybody.

At that stage the husband could not give the remedy as she did not drink anything.  He was advised to splash STAR OF BETHLEHEM and ROCK WATER on her face.

Soon after this she slowly came out of the shock and got back to her life.


To come out of the trauma: Star of Bethlehem

Self denial by not taking food and not drinking water: Rock Water

Drive like a VIP

Naran S Balakumar

You are afraid about heavy traffic and you are not free to drive comfortably then chant ‘HARE RAMA HARA KRISHNA’, then your road will be traffic-free, and you can drive like a governor car.

You will reach the place very easily.

Driving through a heavy traffic

Naran S Balakumar

When you drive, chant ‘ELM, BEECH, IMPATIENS’.

Elm – to manage the traffic very easily

Beech – not to have a head-on collision

Impatiens – so that the opposite person will not drive rashly and hit your, and you will also become patient

Say “Elm, Beech, Impatiens be active around my car till I go to my office and come back home’

You can inovoke names of the flower remedies by using any of the expressions ‘form a flower path on the road I travel’, ‘around me until I finish the travel’ and so on.

Doing a prayer to the flowers itself is sufficient.

Learnt car driving easily

Case History

Govind was about to learn car driving and he was scared.

He affirmed, ‘Even though I am afraid of learning car driving, I choose to learn it in the same way I learnt scooter riding’.

In fact, he successfully learnt car driving without anybody’s help.

Wolf is an all-rounder

Naran S Balakumar

Wolf equals help. You can call it anytime and for anything.

Chitra went for eye treatment to Kerala. It’s a new place to her. She had no accommodation reserved in her name.

So she prayed to Wolf, “Get me the accommodation”. Within few hours she got an excellent accommodation that she didn’t dream of.

If you call upon Wolf, even when you travel by plane you could take more luggage than allowed.

Good success while travelling in traffic


I have had good success with “FIND DIVINE ORDER” when travelling.

Slipped from the train but fell into the hands of Wolf

Aaditya Shah

I would surely like to chalk out an incident that happened to me.

Staying in Mumbai comes with its share of challenges. Boarding local trains are often a nightmare. I happen to board a packed train one morning.

I was at the edge of the train on the footboard. I had boarded the train hoping that I would make some place for myself as stations would pass by. But it was a poor judgment.

Suddenly, the pressure from inside became too much to handle and started losing my grip on the handle I was holding. Fortunately, I had only lost the grip completely but not my presence of mind.

I called out “Wolf, Please help”. I still can’t believe how I fell on soft grass and got away with only minor injuries with train running with speed of at least more than 50 km.

I don’t have an iota of doubt as to who helped me save my life. Wolf has now become a way of life to me.

I whole heartedly thank you Naran for sharing this wonderful gift with us.

Queue to Move Faster

Naran S Balakumar

For the queue to move on, one can be in MOVEMENT MUDRA (thumb touching index and middle fingers on both the hands) and chant “HORN BEAM, HALFWAY DIVINE”.

VIP Treatment in Tirupati Temple

Sumathy went to Tirupati temple. Initially she could get tickets for normal Dharshan only.

She chanted the flower remedies “Gorse, Clematis” when she was going up the mountains. She eventually got VIP Darshan.

The combination Gorse and Clematis is an excellent Dharshan Pack.

A friend of Naran S. Balakumar visited Sholingur Temple. One has to take the steps on the mountain, which is very steep and a pretty good distance to cover.

By the time they reached the temple, it was 5.30 PM. The temple doors were getting closed. She chanted Gorse and Clematis. The priest volunteered to open the doors for them.

Manimaran went to Sabarimala temple last September. It was raining heavily and therefore he found it difficult to climb the mountains.

He chanted Gorse and Clematis as per the SMS message sent by his wife. He got a good Dharshan.

On top of it, he got 4 more Dharshans, using the back door entrance.

Please note here, that nowadays they don’t allow anybody to do the Dharshan from the back door. It was an unofficial gesture by the Temple authorities on that day.

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