Through the blogs, I am learning lot of things. Recent one was Solar healing (which was provided in the blog some 9 years ago).

Someone asked for finding right partner- Found 70 days programme to find right partner (provided in blog 9 years ago) is an encyclopedia for life.

Any life situation has a solution not only in single modality but multi-dimensional healing techniques for each situation.

How can I thank enough Master and Shobana for providing us with this divine guidance, knowledge and help at every moment?

Anything said or done is not sufficient.  Every time I search the blog I am awestruck, the right answer shows up and thanks for the divine grace you have bestowed upon us.

Thanks to Divine for bestowing us with such a loving Master and Shobana. I thank Dr. Kalyani for introducing me to Naran Master and Bach flowers.

Though I am miles apart physically, filling this space with learning Master’s teaching through blog, class audios and appreciating the blessings of Divine Mother in each aspect of life.

I thank Mr. R. Mohan for maintaining Naran’s blog. He has compiled so much of matter in beautiful order- a yeoman service to humanity.