Move Around à Circulate and Rotate

When a person is always on tour, the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT will keep him in one place.

Publicize means you will get better circulation. For selling house and land – spray WALNUT water on them. It will get publicized by word of mouth.

How Walnut can help in getting married? Firstly, others have to know. Therefore, to circulate the news, WALNUT will help.

Business flow and movement means circulation.

If anyone expresses “I want to pump in more money as there is not enough cash circulation”: WALNUT.

“I don’t have money for rotation”: WALNUT will improve your money position.

If the expression is “I want to attract more money; there is no profit”: WALNUT can do that for you.

Circulate means to attract. To attract a partner: WALNUT

Circulate also means going around in circles, without achieving anything concrete. When you do something, but see no growth then WALNUT is the remedy.

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