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Naran S Balakumar

Where do I get them?

Pictures of gems are available on the internet. You may download them and look at the picture whenever you can.

You can get pictures of gems from the centre too.

Look at the picture of the gem whenever you can. When your eyes see the picture, the energy of the gem observed goes to your aura and then to your mind, influencing both.

We have made some pills that have the energy of the gem stones. Alternatively, you can use them.

Using the picture of a gem stone, a case history

Lalitha a CEO in a MNC company and a single woman had a problem of getting servants for managing her big bungalow in Bangalore.

She affixed a photograph of Blue Sapphire (it’s good for having servants), in the door of her kitchen.

Within a week she got access to a group of servants from Orissa. She found no lack of help from then.