Case History

Maran is doing his 10th standard. He was not able to cope with his school studies, especially in Math and Science. He neither did well in other subjects.

One of the reasons is that they had too many exams in his school.

Naran S Balakumar suggested him to take the Bach Flower Remedies ELM, MUSTARD, OAK and CHESTNUT BUD.

After a month, he became a topper in English and Tamil. In other subjects, he scored little better. He was asked to continue the remedies until his final exam.

Why Maran was not getting good results, even though he studied hard and did well in the exams according to his tuitions teacher?

The reason being that he does not write his answers legibly.

Naran suggested him to take IMPATIENS additionally.

Afterwards, he started scoring well in the exams.


Understand a subject well: MUSTARD, OAK and CHESTNUT BUD combination

When you have to make lot of effort and you feel overwhelmed: ELM

Not writing the answers properly (scribbles):   IMPATIENS

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