R Mohan

Balaji called me around 10 PM.

He told me that he has admitted his wife Bhuvana in the hospital, who was expecting her baby in a month’s time. The umbilical cord has been torn slightly is the reason. The blood has flown out and filled the mother’s womb. She was kept in observation.

I can’t reach Naran S Balakumar at that time. So I picked up the mantra which will help in safe delivery and gave it to the family: http://www.reachnaran.com/how-to-avoid-delivering-a-breech-baby/.

I am single and I had to no clue in such matters.

I also told Balaji, to project the animal spirit guide FOX in the brain of the doctor so that he will make the right decisions regarding surgery and treatment.

Within two hours of chanting by Balaji, Bhuvana and her mother, somehow the cord got healed and the blood flow stopped. The doctor was surprised on the healing done.

Just to make sure the blood in the womb doesn’t affect the baby the operation was done on Bhuvana, who gave birth to a baby-boy.

Other doctors told the surgeon that he did the right decision by doing the cesarean in advance.


If you chant the “PURUSHOTHAMA, BHOOTHA BHAVANA, BHOOTHESHA NAMO NAMAHA” mantra, Lord Krishna himself will come to the delivery room and will take care of the delivery.

The mantra didn’t heal the torn cord, but Lord Krishna himself has cured it, such is the grace of the child. The trust placed in the healing mantra by the family also has played a part.

This is the reason, I tell people to look into the blogs and seek your answer. Don’t worry whether it is right or wrong as The Mother is doing the healing and she will take care of you.