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You made my day with the process of RELEASING my OWN Attitude, which I noted as BAD in My wife. Now I trust that when my attitude changes, it impacts my wife and changes it similarly.

Please tell me HOW long one should chant on each attitude in the given day and how long we could see the Change both in me and my wife too.


Do it, till you find change in her.


I am having a relationship. He is nice though from other community. Now, his family is fixing his marriage and he is not having that guts to tell them no for that and accept me.I got angry.

But after reading this article, I realized that 5 months before I had done the same with him and asked him to leave me.

How can I follow this process now? And can two people of opposite religion live happy together with divine grace?


Making a relationship a happy one is in our hands. Finding a relationship is in divine hands.


Can I do anything to release what I had done?  I agree with you that happiness is in our hand. At least we can pray to divine to make us lovable n understanding?


Be lovable and understanding. Cultivate it. Giving love without expecting anything in return makes one lovable.


Can we do this for all situations, especially in social and in situations where we have issues communicating with people we work with?

This seems to be feeling-based. I am asking about communicating. Both are the same at one level. So, can we do this release chant?


Yes you can do.The Bach flower Remedy (here Chicory is used) will change the mental state.

If you can’t identify the name of the flower, just say, without theflower name. For example, “I release my possessive nature”.