Using Scleranthus, the Bach Flower Remedy…

Naran S Balakumar

Laziness:  – Scleranthus will get up late and will postpone

Laziness and procrastination – Hornbeam and Scleranthus

Will get up at 6 am but will need a coffee or any other stimulant to get up from bed: Hornbeam

Have no enthusiasm in life: Hornbeam and Wild Rose (lazy approach to life as there is no internal motivation to live)

While Taking Decisions

Asking others’ opinion to take a decision: Cerato

I have to satisfy all: Centaury.

Between Two options:  Scleranthus. Say for example, while choosing a bride, say between Vanaja and Girija.


Heartburn: Beech, Willow, Impatiens and Scleranthus

Fever:soemtimes low temperature; sometimes high temperature: Scleranthus, Walnut, Crab Apple

Study Pack: Scleranthus + Chestnut bud + walnut + Gentian + Hornbeam

Stammering: Cerato and Scleranthus