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An introvert can be made to talk


My son who is a 6-year-old is an introvert. He doesn’t talk with anyone other than us (parents and his elder brother).

Because of this, he has trouble making friends even in school. His voice is also very feeble. Most of the times, you can hear him whispering only.

He takes around an hour or so for eating.

He is very intelligent and smart but because of his introvert nature he is always lonely and I feel bad for him.


Give him the flower remedies MIMULUS and LARCH in the day time, and give ASPEN in the night.


I started giving him Mimulus and Larch.

Within two days I see a big change in him. He has started to talk more and his voice is also loud. I will add Aspen also to it.

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Diagnosed With Dengue


My husband is diagnosed with dengue.

Today is the 6th day and platelets have dropped below normal. His temperature is varying between 100 to 103.  Tomorrow we are going to the hospital again, he may be hospitalized.

Please suggest me something for his speedy recovery. I’m very worried. It shouldn’t become very serious for him.


Chant “TOGETHER ADD platelets NOW” over a glass of water and give him. Chant as many times as possible. 

Write his name in a paper and circle it. Draw one more concentric circle. In the gap between two circles, write “DENGUINUM 200”.


Thank you so much for your guidance.

Rajeev is recovering. His platelets are increasing. Doctor said he can resume to his normal work within 2 days. I’m very grateful to you.


DENGUINUM 200 is a homeopathic remedy. Here, it’s healing energy is invoked using circle technique.

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Suicidal Thoughts


(Bach Flowers) AGRIMONY, CHERRY PLUM, WALNUT, and LARCH is the base remedy.

Only those in CHERRY PLUM and AGRIMONY will have suicidal thoughts

As the patient what are the pre-dominant thoughts?

Impulsive – CHERRY PLUM

They will close the door – AGRIMONY

We have to study the individual thoughts that were mentioned during counselling session and add appropriate remedies.

Healing and Happiness Comes to Me in Many Forms


Dear Naran,

Hope you are doing well. I am following your healing techniques, switch words, Lalitham mantras, and bija mantras diligently.

I just wish you to know, that I have a temporary job in Singapore now.

The pay is not so good but “FIND COUNT DIVINE” and “SRINIVASA ARAVINDALOCHANA” has helped me to live in abundance and small amounts of money have trickled through, when I had chanted “FIND COUNT DIVINE”.

For example, one day, I had to shell out on taxi fare, which is too much for my budget. Since, I had no choice, but to spend I started chanting “TOGETHER DIVINE FIND COUNT”.

Immediately, I got a call from a person, who said that he is doing a health-related survey for Singapore government and he will pay me if I allow him to conduct a survey!

It all took about 40 minutes of my time and I was paid for it! I spent for the taxi fare, and the divine heard my pleas through “FIND COUNT…” and compensated for my expenses.

In one of your own blogs, you had mentioned about switch words for job “QUIET CLEAR GO ADD END BRING GIVE TAKE job COUNT NOW DONE” and after chanting, I got this contract job.

I am doing well in my job. FORGIVENESS exercise has mellowed my Boss.

OAK, WALNUT and ELM has helped me to learn new things and also to complete my tasks on time.

Help is pouring from colleagues, because I am totally new to this field and no mistakes are allowed here.

By Divine’s grace, my mental and physical health too has improved.

The mantra “VALLABAM GAJANANAM” has helped me to time manage.

The Bach Flower remedy HORNBEAM has cleared my Monday morning blues.

“RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER DIVINE” has become a family saga! Looks like everyone in the family are aligned with one another and harmonious.

Platelet Count Improved

Kalpana Vasudevan

I wanted to report success with Switch Words.

A person was down with dengue and platelet count dropped badly.

I requested her to chant “ADD ADJUST platelet count” and within two days his count had improved.

Thank you for your guidance!! 

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BP Reduced

Kalpana Vasudevan

I wanted to report success with your Switch Words.

My friend’s daughter’s hemoglobin has gone up and so has her BP.

She has been chanting “RUBY TOGETHER ADD ADJUST BP”. I asked her to continue.

Thank you for your guidance!! 


Ruby is for increasing hemoglobin and therefore low BP. In addition, it tones up heart.

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Winning Switch Words Part III


Switch Word(s) Description
On Not getting stuck up in a situation

No interruptions

Get creative ideas

Stay alert and awake when you work during late nights

Off Sleep well
Reach Find the lost article
Reach Divine Order To come out of long-held negative beliefs
Release Resistance If healing doesn’t happen even after several attempts add these switch words to the healing combination of remedies (during chanting)/ switch words
Release Resistance Find Buyer Count Now Done To find a buyer for your property hasn’t yielded any results even after many efforts.

Buyer is not a switch word.

Slow Care Wise people act slowly and carefully, so to become wise these switch words
Stretch On To able to continue doing the task you are currently doing comfortably, especially when you are tired
Thanks To show attitude of gratitude
Together To work out a good relationship with others

Have a balanced mind

Get co-operation from colleagues

To find resolution and resolve conflict with others

Together Find Centre Divine Love To find love within and in-turn attract love in your life
Together Divine To improve relationship with your spouse

Bring peace into the family when there is on-going quarrel

Together Find Divine Love Attract love and people
Together Find Divine Order Count Now On To get a salary hike

To find money and order out of a situation

Together Reach Divine Love Centre Attain Soul Love
UP To manage your depression
With To become compatible with a person
Why It’s an afformation. You ask the brain why something you want has happened. It will find that out for you and make it happen.

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Goals Achievement through Reiki Part II

Read the first part of the article here:


How to create affirmations?

Affirm, “Reiki heal the intention for the highest good for everybody concerned”.

Why should we add this sentence to the affirmation? This is surrendering to Reiki, as only on a surrender things will happen. When we believe that Reiki can do it, it will start working.

We need a separate paper for everyone included in the healing. If one person is healed then we don’t have to give Reiki to them.

Though, you can give Reiki for all the affirmations put together.

Or use a Reiki box where you can have multiple papers inside the box and give Reiki to it.

The box will be charged permanently and therefore any papers (stuff) kept inside the box will be energised quickly.

Draw all the symbols.

Need not be in order, for example you can draw Zonar many times before drawing another symbol.

Have the hands over the box or the individual affirmation.

Instead of doing nothing while hands are placed, you may chant the “I am sorry” mantra, which goes like this, “I am sorry. Please forgive Me. Love Thanks Divine”.

Hot to form a (Reiki) Intention?

Write the Intention as though it has already happened and give it Reiki.

Within 10 minutes draw the symbols as many times as possible.

When you place the hands on the paper and affirm, “I am sorry! Please forgive me. Love, Thanks and Divine!”

Once the goal is realized, put the paper in water and tear it or thank it and throw it in the dustbin.

Writing your intentions

You will have multiple desires. What’s your immediate priority? Write that in the paper.

Add to the affirmation, “Reiki heal the intention for the highest good of all concerned”.

Visualize as though it has happened. This will reinforce the intention.

End with the symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and as this will take the intention to Reiki source. You may also affirm, “I am placing it at the source of Reiki”.

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Imaginary Fears

The fear group consists of four remedies – Aspen, Mimulus, Red Chestnut and Rock Rose.

Fear of imagination

I am giving this story so that you will learn how to use the flower remedy in a particular situation.

There is a newly married couple.

They went for the customary activity of honeymoon.  They went to Kodaikanal. The girl couldn’t sleep in the hotel room.

She was trying to put on the lights, while her husband was trying to put off them.

She told him that she can’t sleep without the lights on as it was her practice right from childhood.

And that too in the Kodaikanal, which was 6000 feet above the sea level, when she saw the darkness outside, she felt afraid and needed the lights to be on.

However, as her husband is tired, he slept off easily.

When she put off the lights, she heard a whisper in her ears. She got startled – especially by the darkness outside seen through the windows. 

Her fears got increased and her pulse rate became very high. The leaves of the plants grown outside the house looked like ghosts to her.

Again, when she put on the lights, she became normal. Any fear of darkness or fear and worry about ghosts or anything unspecified is ASPEN fear.

It is because in darkness, you always get imaginary fears. All sorts of imagination will happen. 

This combination is the standard one I give for ghost busting.

I give this combination also for any unnatural deaths – either by murder, suicide or accident. Then that place will be a haunted place. Definitely, their energy will be present there.

This combination will help them to evolve into the next stage (of life).

White Chestnut, Walnut, Aspen and Crab Apple combination is a good house cleanser also. Add Mustard also. This is the best combination to remove any spirit from any place.

Once in a week this can be sprayed in the house, as the energy of the house will be highly positive. It will wipe out all thoughts and emotions accumulated in the space.

Even when the business is not flourishing as per the plan, this combination of remedies (put inside a vessel of water) can be sprayed in the business center.

Whenever a healer visits a place, they comment about the positive or negative vibrations present in that place.  If anybody comments about negative vibration, then immediately start chanting Aspen.

If you feel not comfortable about the place or have a premonitory feeling that something bad is going to happen that day, then Aspen is the remedy to address those feelings.

Wherever you couldn’t specify the cause of the fear and say “I don’t know the reason for my fear” – Aspen is the remedy,

Excluded by others


Our 11-year old son faces bullying issues in school and students excluding him from activities.

He wants at least one good friend to make his school life bearable. Will chanting Water Violet help him?


Yes WATER VIOLET will definitely help.

Add HEATHER for not to be turned down by friends.

He wants school life to be bearable, that means the situation is unbearable for him. Add CHERRY PLUM.

And add MIMULUS since he will have fear of going to school. Mimulus will create a friendly atmosphere.

For being bullied add VINE.


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