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Movement of Legs


When a person is not moving, he can be in CHIN Mudra and chant OM RUM NAMAHA, for movement of the legs.

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I was married for 16 yrs and got 3 girls. Ours is a middle-class family. Mine was a love marriage

Initially, everything was very well. He took good care of me and family but for the past 6 yrs there’s a lot of change in his attitude and behavior.

He yelled at me and kids in front of everyone, treating us very badly.

Last month, he brought one lady home and told us that he’s going to marry her.

My girls and parents launched a police complaint and with the help of a police officer that marriage was stopped.

He did not want to divorce but want to lead a new life with that lady. I told him that I will not agree for that.

After this he stopped coming home and eating from home. He will come as and when he wished but will not eat anything.

He gives money for the home expenses. I want to lead a happy married life with him. I want him to be genuine and truthful to our family.

Recently, he started hatred towards me. Pls help me to change this and lead me a happy life.


Take the flower remedies CHICORY, HOLLY, and ASPEN.

Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water, every one or two hours, from morning to evening.

In the night, take the flower remedies WHITE CHESTNUT and WALNUT before going to sleep, 5 pills each.



A CHICORY person turns easily into HOLLY. Husband is the shadow-self of wife and hence, and therefore, his remedies are given to her.

Every day, she has to lead her life with the constant fear of what will happen, for which ASPEN will help.

To come out of persistent, constant worry: WHITE CHESTNUT and WALNUT

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Water, trees and bird droppings

Mr. R

I need some mantra or remedy to cut a tree which is causing a lot of nuisance. Our neighbors are not allowing us to cut it. It is on the road somewhere in between our gate and neighbor’s gate.

The problem is that the dried leaves, branches and many bird droppings fall in our compound. First of all no water in our area and it becomes a problem to clean all these things.


Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, ROCK ROSE, WILD ROSE” for getting water.

By all means, clean your house of the birds’ excreta, by chanting “WILLOW, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”.

Don’t fell the tree.

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Driving test first time


I am going to write the test for taking a Philadelphia (USA) license and a Driving test which I heard was very tough and I feel a little bit scared to drive.


Take the flower remedies MIMULUS and LARCH.


To have self- confidence: LARCH

Not to be scared: MIMULUS

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Scared to ride my scooter again


My problem is that 12 years back, I had a scooter and sold it for my financial problems.

Now, one of my friends went to abroad and gave his Scooty to me. Till date, I did not use it.

While taking it I am getting shivering. I put sudden breaks on the middle of the road if I see anyone coming opposite to me.

Pls help me to take out my scare.


Take the flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY and MIMULUS before riding the scooter.


For removing the scare: Mimulus

When you shiver and panic: Rescue Remedy

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Written all over the sky

Paresh Bhatt

Referring the article:

One more success story I want to share here.

I read your post and then I went to the verandah. I chanted the Bach flowers’ looking over the sky.

At that time not a single cloud was to be seen and then I came inside. After fifteen minutes, I’m seeing that wind has started blowing and dark clouds have appeared from nowhere.

What I did was I chanted and imagined the sky is covered with Bach flowers names. And after a short-while there was a heavy shower followed by thunder and lightning. The rain was more than expected.

Thank you Naran for giving those Bach flowers name for bringing Rain!

The whole Kolkata received rain just after 15 minutes of just one time chanting the names of the Bach flowers.

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Want to forget everything now

Jayati Banerjee

I got married in 2006. I loved my husband but he had extra marital. The marriage lasted only two months. I want to forget everything now but cannot.

Please help me. I am going into depression.


Take the flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY, WHITE CHESTNUT, HOLLY, WILLOW, and WALNUT – put 6 pills of each in a bottle of water (200 ml is enough). Have about 5 to 6 sips from that water daily for about a month


Manage this unbearable situation: RESCUE REMEDY

By coming out of the thoughts: WHITE CHESTNUT

Anger: HOLLY

And resentment: WILLOW

Once for all: WALNUT

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Maha Saraswathi – Rondeletia Orange



The Mother’s Message

Rondeletia flowers represent MAHA SARASWATHI’S perfection in works.


Who can be benefited with these flowers?

For those people who are careless and negligent in their work.

For students who are careless and negligent in their studies.

For those, who are hasty and impatient in whatever they do – For TYPE ‘A’ personalities.

For those who change jobs frequently.

For those do everything incomplete or half-done.

For those who lack concentration.

How to use it?

Keep the picture of flower on HARA and THROAT centers – 3 minutes at each center.

Keep the picture under the pillow.

Meditate on the flower praying, “Let Supreme Divine order of MAHASARASWATHI fill up all my expressions and actions.”

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