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Husband is angry, while I am smiling


I am chanting “OM HREEM TAHA” and also giving it to my family members. I feel good.

I am even chanting it holding my husband’s photo and my daughters too, as ours is a short-tempered family. I am feeling a difference in the way we are handling things.

When my husband is angry I am smiling and answering. Sometimes, he is ignoring my comments.

However, I see good results. How many days shall I continue doing this?



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Avoid cancer


Chant the mantras “OM YUM NAMAHA, OM RUM NAMAHA”.

These are bija mantras. They work on our chakras and make oxygen available. Lack of oxygen is the problem behind diseases like cancer. Our body cells need oxygen.

If a cell is not able to receive oxygen for 36 hrs they will turn cancerous.

Why a cell is not receiving its oxygen content?

When there is stress the cells get closed. Therefore, there is no inflow of oxygen into body cells.

Stress constricts our cells. On the other hand, oxygen will expand them.

These are the mantras for increasing the availability of oxygen to the cells.

Om Yum Namaha will remove unwanted thoughts too, which might be cycling in a constant manner.

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Getting Successful


Wherever I go, I chant “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM”.

I am getting successful.

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Want to be loved and respected


I have separated from my husband but we are now friends with benefits now and it hurt me. What can I do? Shall I go on?

He says we can have a good relationship in the future but I am not sure. I think I am making things easier for him. I don’t know how to proceed. I admire him a lot!


What do you want?

Karinapach I want to be loved and respected


Give love and love and respect all

From ‘I Love Myself’ Workbook

I am Loved                                         

  • What will I do today towards (gaining) this aspect of my life?

I am Worthy of Love

  • Think about your positive qualities that you have used so far.
  • How will you use them today?

In addition, check the link, to know how to gain respect:

I am the victim! I am the villain!!

R Mohan

Five years back you told me that we invite people who mirror us. Specifically you said the people around me are in PINE state (low self-esteem, guilty), because I am in the same state.

Recently I observed, I create a scare in the people around me (MIMULUS). So I chanted MIMULUS and the opposite states (the opposite person who will create Mimulus) of it – HOLLY and VINE.

Immediately, I felt very happy. My question to you is, how did MIMULUS make me happy?


The positive aspect of Mimulus is sympathy. That’s why I suggested Mimulus. The Holly and Vine persons will kindle fear in others. By taking Mimulus, you turn the Holly, loving and sympathetic.

In the same way, when you chanted Mimulus, you become sympathetic to the different parts inside yourself namely, the part of HOLLY and the part of VINE. So, in turn you felt relieved and happy.

Several years back, I suggested you to take Mimulus when you were fearful to buy a property. The same fear is still inside you, which is normal.

Just take MIMULUS for the next few days, to be sympathetic, which comes from higher state of love that believes in co-existence.

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I am not getting my promotion


One person joined a new company.

He worked in the company for one year. He was due for a promotion but he did not get it.

So he thought that this company is not the right company for him. He was contemplating to resign and started searching for a new job.

At that time he developed a back pain. There is no problem in the office, but he is thinking that he is not given promotion.

I asked him the nature of his back pain.

He said that while sitting there is no pain. But while walking or climbing the stairs, he gets a back pain.

Here the body conveys to him, “The place you are sitting is already secured. Why you need to go elsewhere. Why do you want another job? You are already secured”.

I told him that this company is by all means secured.

Now, he has to make a commitment, ‘I will stop searching for a new job’.

If the pain reduces then the diagnosis is correct and he has to continue in this company.

He took the commitment. The pain got healed and he stopped searching for a new job. Till to-day he has been in the same job, for the last 7 years.

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Without Reiki I am nowhere


On 14th February 2014 I and my husband successfully celebrated our 20 yrs. of married life.  We need your blessings. 

I am very happy to mention here that because of Reiki and flower remedies only my life had a meaning now. 

Only after I become your student, lot of changes has happened in my life as well as with my family members. 

Even though it was slow, it is good. I experienced lot of good things. 

Every time, I attend your class, good things happen to me and I am able to propagate the power of divine flowers to my friends and relatives who had faith in it. 

I should thank my sister for introducing you as my guru.  I can feel myself that my confidence level is grown and health also. Though I look lean, I am strong. 

According to my wish, my husband got job at Chennai and my daughter got admission in the group she wished for. 

My mother-in-law is not well now but all these years she was taking care of my daughter and me and she is a great moral support to me. 

Her breast cancer also got cured without spending lot of money and now she comes to Chennai for few days and goes to her daughter’s house in Mysore.

My husband is also feeling more responsibilities towards his daughter and takes care of her.

 All these are due to your blessings and being your student.  More than 15 yrs of wonderful spiritual journey I am undergoing. Even though I had ups and downs, they didn’t affect me. 

Without Reiki I am nowhere.  Daily like eating, bathing, I am practicing Reiki and I thank Reiki energy and to flowers and to you.

Whatever problems come to me, I am able to solve them, and even negative people or situation is not touching me and my family. 

I have no words to express my gratitude to you but with my tears I bow to you and respect your spiritual path and I follow you.  You have lot of divinity in you.

I wish you good luck and long healthy life.

Thank you once again. 

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Want to forget everything now

Jayati Banerjee

I got married in 2006. I loved my husband but he had extra marital. The marriage lasted only two months. I want to forget everything now but cannot.

Please help me. I am going into depression.


Take the flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY, WHITE CHESTNUT, HOLLY, WILLOW, and WALNUT – put 6 pills of each in a bottle of water (200 ml is enough). Have about 5 to 6 sips from that water daily for about a month


Manage this unbearable situation: RESCUE REMEDY

By coming out of the thoughts: WHITE CHESTNUT

Anger: HOLLY

And resentment: WILLOW

Once for all: WALNUT

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Our future is not determined


Let me give an example to make you understand that our future is not determined

In a typical office there is a conflict and arguments between office manager and the staff.

A staff member will have two options.

Either he can straightaway throw his job by getting angry and argumentative.

Many a time we succumb to our emotions and they guide your actions. We all know that. If you are able to be only like this, then the result is determined as what we expect to happen.

Or you can do the following, based on NLP:

Step One: Identify the emotion.

Let us say, we get angry. 

It’s ok. If we say then, “This is my anger”, it will be automatically gets reduced. This is one way of handling your emotions.

Step Two: Create the outcome you want.

Now ask the question, “What do I want from this situation”.

Analyze, “What’s my present state”. 

Then ask the question, “What do I want” or “What is the desired outcome I want here”.

Now we are forming a strategy here.

For example, if the strategy to create a situation is formed by the staff member then he won’t resign.

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Fresh and Positive



Yesterday, I bought three CDs (TOGETHER DIVINE, I LOVE MY SELF and MANTRA’S).

I was so depressed and cried full day. These CDs relaxed my mind like anything. Morning when I got up, I was so fresh and started thinking things in positive ways.

Thanks a lot for those wonderfulness CDs. I am planning to buy some more of them by next month.

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