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Don’t worry if there is no help

Sudarsan got himself hurt inside his bathroom. He couldn’t move in anyway. Luckily, he was carrying his mobile with him.

He sent a SMS to Naran, who suggested him to chant “WILD ROSE, WOLF”.

His mobile charge got over. However, he couldn’t get up and charge it, which means he can’t call anybody for help.

So, desperately he chanted the switch words suggested by Naran.

Meanwhile, his uncle and aunty who lived in the same city was wondering why their nephew hasn’t turned up for having breakfast. Usually, he will stay with them during the weekend.

So they drove to his house, found him in dire straits and took him to hospital.


A situation develops which is undesirable but inevitable. In this situation, one resigns to the situation, submits oneself passively, without knowing what to do.

Here Sudarsan couldn’t do anything about his lack of movement. So, the Bach Flower Remedy WILD ROSE was suggested.

For getting help the animal spirit guide WOLF was sought.

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Crystal clear solutions


I’m writing this mail for my cousin.

I used to go through your blog and all those switch words and angel numbers explained in that blog used to work for me according to the situation till now. Your blog is very much helpful to public who are suffering from different problems. I really thank you for the support you have provided to the public through your blog.

But now, our family is in great trouble. We are having a warehouse rented for storing spices. Due to heavy rain all those spices are destroyed. The company is saying that they are having a loss of three and half crores and my cousin is responsible for that.

Our family can’t afford this huge money and we are very much desperate sir. We all are fully tensed.

Please find me some mantra or some switch words so that I can chant it for my cousin to help him get rid of this situation and my cousin not to be blamed by the company for the losses caused by natural calamity. We don’t have any other way.




I did the chanting.

The company itself called my cousin directly and said that it’s not our problem. Losses caused will be totally claimed from the insurance company and now there’s no problem for my cousin.

We all are really happy due to your grace. Once again thanks a lot. God bless you.


To find a crystal clear solution: CRYSTAL

Grieving and fearing over loss of money: CHICORY

For hopeless situation: GORSE

To REACH for HELP, the animal spirit guide WOLF is sought

Get me more clients


I have a clothes boutique. The income I get is just nice to cover most of the expenses. Sometimes it is not enough to cover all.

Can you pls advice on how to improve the earnings and income as well as attract more clients to the shop.

Also, please advise me on a way for me to repay my loans and debts. I am very disturbed at the moment because of these debts.


Call upon the Animal Spirit Guide WOLF by requesting it, “Wolf! Please get me more clients daily”.


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Reach destination on time


6 months before my family has shifted to new place near Bhubaneswar. Every day, my husband faces the problem of getting auto rickshaw due to poor road conditions.

The auto driver charge more than usual fare taking advantage of this condition and my husband have fight with them regarding auto fare.

Due to all these happenings, he reaches office lately.

Please suggest any remedy for my husband so that he will not face problem of getting auto and reach his destination on time.


Call WOLF for getting the auto.

While sitting in the auto ask him to chant MIMULUS.

The Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus chanting will help one get the right fare


Call the Animal Spirit Guide before getting out of the house and request the Wolf to help your husband get to the office on time….the WOLF will do miracles.


Hi Priya,

You are right. I too found the wolf very helpful while travelling many a times to new places. Thanks

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Someone needs food from you

Message from Animal Spirit Guide Pigeon

If one hears only sound of pigeons and not see the pigeons it is the call of the ancestors and he has to think of his ancestors and feed somebody.


The pigeon came again. This time it was the very first thing I saw when I woke up. It was very dark and did not move for a while. Made no sound. Is it the same meaning?


Yes. There is someone who needs food from your hand.


You have told me before and I prepared food for my family. I am not sure who to give to now as I live far. I want to do the right thing.


Then invite a friend (who has not visited you) for lunch or dinner.

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Doesn’t love me right from marriage


My husband does not love me from my marriage. I don’t know what his problem is. He didn’t talk to me. Behaving like a neighbor. I talked to him many times regarding this. Yet, no proper response from him. Plz save my life!!!


Take the flower remedies WILLOW, CHICORY, WALNUT, BEECH and AGRIMONY – one of the Harmony Packs available in the centre as a combination. Buy these remedies in any homeopathy shop. Mix 5 pills of each in water. Sip the water 6 to 7 times in a day.

Chant the mantras “OM HUM NAMAHA, OM YUM NAMAHA, OM RUM NAMAHA, OM VUM NAMAHA, OM LUM NAMAHA” for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Keep CHIMPANZEE picture with you.

Notes from Animal Spirit Guide Manual


You want to resolve a conflict; you want peace and harmony to prevail, but don’t have it. Whenever we want something then it means we lack that in our lives.

To make amends with someone, call upon CHIMPANZEE. Ask Chimpanzee, “Please solve this misunderstanding for me”. It will heal the situation for you.

We always have problems and quarrels – either with somebody in the family or on the road. To have no problems inside your family call upon BLUE WHALE and CHIMPANZEE.

BLUE WHALE, JELLY FISH, PIGEON and CHIMPANZEE combination is the best combination for harmony.

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Help accident victims


If there is an Accident, our nature is to watch it from distance. Let us accept our nature.

Chant “RESCUE REMEDY” for the people involved in the accident.

Maybe, call the animal spirit WOLF (means help). The concerned people will get help immediately. The ambulance will come on time.

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Life need not be taxing


Client, February 25, 2014

Good morning to you – whenever I face any problem I think Naran will help me.

I am facing some block – Salary team has rejected my proofs towards house rent. They are asking for PAN No of Land lord. I am not able to provide as my LL does not have.

As per IT Tax, where there is no PAN no, the LL can give a declaration that they are not assessed for tax. I have given them the same. They have raised an objection.  I have represented. Please let me know what I must chant to see that my representation get accepted or I will be losing about Rs.25, 000.



Client, April 4th, 2014

I join my hands in utmost gratitude and thank you for your valuable divine guidance – Salary team has accepted my proofs. And the problem is solved.

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