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Children Not Afraid of Darkness Anymore


Within two days of giving (Bach Flower Remedy) ASPEN and MIMULUS, my son started sleeping on his own bed.

Now, he can walk into a dark room and not run in panic due to darkness or being alone.

The remedies have worked miraculously! Thank you so much Naran!!

Free from Emotional Trauma


I recently broke up with my boyfriend. And, I have been feeling hurt terribly. I would like us to come back together.

Casually, I came across your website, have tried some of the mantras and even the forgiveness exercise.

I still wake up with a heavy feeling and with a lot of emotional pain. Please guide me in this difficult period.


  2. While going to bed, be in the SAFETY MUDRA posture (Thumb touching the tips of little and ring fingers on both the hands).

You will be free from emotional trauma.


For grief and hurt feelings because of broken love: (gem) IGNATIA

Come out of love pangs: CHICORY

Come out of shock and to recoup: STAR OF BETHLEHEM

The Safety Mudra otherwise called as Safe and Secure/Pran Mudra will keep you in peace.

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Sleeping under the Reiki Net

R Mohan

One day, on a call with Naran, he said I could draw a big Reiki symbol Sei Hey Ki over my bed and visualize myself going under it (something like sleeping inside a mosquito net) and go to sleep.

I could sleep then very deeply and satisfied.

After a week, a friend of mine was admitted for a nose surgery. I saw her the day after the operation was over. She looked tired and unhealthy.

From my home, I visualized a big Sei Hey Ki over her bed. When I met her again after a few days, she looked to be 70% recovered which was totally unexpected.

I got confirmed from Naran that this NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) based Reiki technique that can be used to resolve serious problems in life.

By visualizing a BIG symbol, we are making our brains believe that the symbol is big and powerful (a NLP technique). Therefore, it tends to be very effective.

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We are not excited about each other


It has been 2 years & 6 months since I got married.  Problem is conceiving a baby.  We are trying from past 1 year but we are not able to have. 

One more thing we are becoming a bit lazy in sexual matters.  We have noticed that in a month of 30 days we involve in sex for only 2 or 3 times, which is really bad on our part.

We actually realize this thing. And want to improve.  Please help us out.  I just want to conceive & deliver a baby.


If you are having two or three times, have it ten days after menstruation is over.

Hang a picture of RABBIT in the bedroom. Hang a picture of PIGEON in the dining hall.

You can chant “SWEETCHESTNUT, WALNUT, HORNBEAM” any number of time while retiring to bed.

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Lazy Eye

V. Ramakrishnan

Last Friday, we took my son to an eye hospital to verify for squint. Upon verification the doctor found that he is suffering from Lazy eye (on his right eye) since birth.

His right eye has got -6 and left eye has got -1; after verification and the entire family is totally down on hearing this.

My Son is turning 5 today (May 14) and I humbly request you suggest some mantras to improve my son’s eye power.


Play the VISION IMPROVEMENT CD while he is in the bed.

Rule the Chakras to Rule Your Life



The lower three chakras rule us

We have seven chakras. However, we are acting from the first three chakras, namely BASIC/ROOT CHAKRA, SWADHISTANA CHAKRA and SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA.

“I am seeking myself to maintain myself, seeking pleasure, seeking to possess, stick to confirmed events” would be our ruling behavior as long we live out of these three chakras.

However we should live out of Anahata chakra

Then what I need will never end.

Why my needs are never ending? Because what I get never satisfies me.

ANAHATA CHAKRA (Heart Chakra) is the one that changes these chakras. Only through Anahata chakra we learn to give.

Who will win eventually – all the three lower chakras or one Anahata chakra?

Sadly, success of Anahata chakra is short-lived

Obviously the three chakras will win. But even if Anahata wins how it comes down again? Let us see.

Giving and sharing are the qualities of Anahata. But now and then Solar Plexus calls Anahata, and tells that ‘You are giving liberally. That’s very good’.

The moment it tells like that, ego sets in. When “ego” predominates, giving is denied.

You are not the doer, but the divine is

The quarrel of these four chakras is watched by VISUDHI that is THROAT CHAKRA.

Visudhi means purification. The Visudhi tells the other chakras, you are not the doer, and if you let go the thinking that I am the doer, you will become very good.

When ‘I am not the doer’ thinking comes to you, there will be surrender mentality. All your thoughts will be purified; your love will be refined; then you will accept whatever happens in your life.

Purification of Chakras

Which mantra purifies all these chakras? That is the mantra:





Eight times we are chanting HARE, every time you chant the mantra. When you chant HARE, your selfishness will go, and self-centeredness is removed.

When you chant RAMA, arrogance is removed, and the “I” goes off. As long as you are healthy we will not let go the “I”.

“KRU” means adaptability. We can go up and down in life, but wherever we go we have to be happy. For that “KRU” will help.

SHNA means let go of everything daily. Only when you let go you will be adaptable/flexible. If you are flexible means there is no arrogance.

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Bed-time Ritual


R Mohan

In one of the EFT class workshop, Naran asked the students to do an exercise daily using tapping.

Before going to bed, while doing tapping on ourselves, we need to remember all the incidents that happened during the day, and our reactions to it.

I found a similar exercise using Reiki-Past-Life-Healing Meditation CD is quite handy. The reason being, while we release memories of today, we could additionally release memories from incidents related to today’s incidents.

In one shot, all the related incidents could be turned to light and love.

The single most important advantage of this approach I found is all the new relationships formed doesn’t have the trace of the past. In case, if it does, it is easier to heal and form a new harmonious relationship.

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Letting go the unwanted thoughts


Wisdom Within

Chin Mudra is a good Mudra for meditation.

When your mind is not relaxed, start with this Mudra and automatically all the unwanted thoughts that is clogging the mind will go off. That is why this Mudra is called as Chin Mudra or Gyan Mudra.

There is nothing Gyan or wisdom as it is. There is no wisdom available (outside). The Mudra will remove the Agyanam (ignorance) in us. Then wisdom will come automatically.

Whenever unwanted thoughts come to you, be in this Mudra and they will get released.

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