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No control over drinking habit


I have an issue with drinking too much and was wondering if you would suggest a mantra and Bach flower remedy to get rid of this habit.


Take the flower remedy CHERRY PLUM.

Put 5 pills in a bottle of water. Every time you want to drink, drink the water from the bottle.

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Breathing Stops Not the Life

R Mohan

I was listening to the “Circulation Breathing” CD for at least 30 minutes. It runs for 48 minutes.

I wanted to share the experience I felt while listening to the CD.

I was listening to the CD immediately after I woke up in the morning.

As I breathe in and breathe out as per the chanting of the Bija Mantras in the CD, after some time my physical breathing stopped and felt no need to breathe at all.

Of course, I feel like to breathe again.


No need to fear as after a few minutes you will feel the need to breathe and you can start to breathe again as per the rhythm of the chanting.

Whenever our physical breathing stops, while doing circular breathing our pranic body starts breathing in full.

This will do for us. It will improve our energy level as well.

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How to Get Benefits Out of Meditation?


I want to get the benefits out of the meditation. And at the same time my mind gets distracted.

Will there be any possibility? Or will there be any chance of getting the benefits of meditation, even though there are distractions?

Yes definitely there is a possibility.

All the CDs in the Bach Flower Study Centre are tuned in certain brainwaves.

Whenever a person goes into a deep meditation, or deep meditative level, the brain produces certain waves called Brainwaves.

When you are in deep meditation you go to Alpha, then Theta and then Delta. Normally our distractive mind is in Beta State.

When you listen to the Meditation CD with a headphone, whatever Alpha waves generated will be imposed on your brain.

When those waves are imposed, you will be forced to come out of Beta level and you will be in the silence mode.

In that way, you can silence the rebellious or the resisting mind. That is the only way by which you can do meditation.

 The other way is really cumbersome for every time you have to be careful about the mind, because the mind is a great trickster.

You think that you will be able to manage it, for when you just say ‘release’, the thought goes off.

You feel happy then. But the happy state itself is another thought – whether it is happiness, sadness, calmness, worry, anger or love, all of them is a thought. 

Every such thought has to be released.

Burn Excess Calories


I have gained weight day-by-day – mostly on upper part of the body and shoulders. I regularly do workout on treadmill and burn 200-400 calories per day, but of no use.

What should I do for losing weight?


Take gem remedies CORAL and RUBY regularly three pills each, three times a day.


Ruby and Coral belong to fire element and together they will break and disintegrate the fat cells.

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SOHAM Meditation


Say ‘SO’ during inhale internally and ‘HAM’ for exhale. A mild or soft breath will do.

Use only one speed while doing this rapid breathing, without holding the breath during inhale and exhale.

After 45 minutes of rapid breathing, we don’t need to breathe at all. In that state of no breathing, we merge with the cosmic breath. Then the latter will take over our breathing and take care of it.

Whenever we have a diarrhea or dysentery SOHAM breathing can do the necessary healing. Our pulse rate changes from 74 to 60.

If the breathing is fast, then our focus will be on our breath, mind becomes quiet, and throws away toxins from our system.

Instead of SOHAM (I am that), you may chant NAGAM (I am not) or KOHAM (who am I).

It is better to use a CD that chants SOHAM as then it will be easier for us to maintain the speed of breathing.

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Want to be loved and respected


I have separated from my husband but we are now friends with benefits now and it hurt me. What can I do? Shall I go on?

He says we can have a good relationship in the future but I am not sure. I think I am making things easier for him. I don’t know how to proceed. I admire him a lot!


What do you want?

Karinapach I want to be loved and respected


Give love and love and respect all

From ‘I Love Myself’ Workbook

I am Loved                                         

  • What will I do today towards (gaining) this aspect of my life?

I am Worthy of Love

  • Think about your positive qualities that you have used so far.
  • How will you use them today?

In addition, check the link, to know how to gain respect:

Benefits of Healing Throat Chakra


This is the fifth chakra. It is also called as the Communication Chakra.

This chakra is connected with our lungs, larynx and throat. It is our communication channel. It takes care of our communication and determines how we relate to this world.

If I speak with love, then others will speak with love

When we hear good things, it will expand. That’s why Satsang (group of good thinkers) is important.Speak well and hear good things are the messages of this chakra.

Keep silent as when you open your mouth only bad stuff come out. Though, when there is love – thanks to good functioning of Heart Chakra, only good and kind words will come out.

When we talk, more energy is lost. The best way to get energy for the Throat Chakra is to do listening.

Only when we listen, we will know which is divine and which is not. While listening we will know the power of divine. Therefore, ‘listen properly’ is the message from Throat Chakra.

More silence more energy

There is a saying, ‘Mounam Sarvartha Sadhagam’, which means silence is a big tool. In silence, we get more energy. Guru is silent. Through silence we communicate so many things.

To know divinity and to know what to do we have to remain silent. It also means silence in thoughts. There is no point in having continuous thoughts in your head and say “we are practicing silence”.

When I need to communicate then?

While remaining silent if it still creates problems, then if we open our mouth there will be more problems. Communicate appropriately is the message from Throat Chakra.

You told your son one hundred times to study well. Yet he did not listen.

Therefore, your communication has failed to serve its objective, which is to make him understand. If he hasn’t, then why should we keep advising?

Right communication should be preceded by silence. Therefore, practice it!

Your talents will be known to the world

Throat and Hara Chakras are connected.

When our talents are not known to the world then it shows the Throat Chakra is not functioning well.

When you want the world to know about it, give Reiki to the Throat Chakra as well as Hara Chakra (keep one hand in Hara and another in Throat).

Then your talent will be exposed, recognition in office (in outside world) will improve.

To get the right appreciation, give Reiki to your Throat Chakra.

Thanks to throat we will communicate better. Our lives also get better, for all our relationships get spoiled because of miscommunication – in all misunderstandings, we need to balance the Throat Chakra.

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Addiction to drink


Treatment through Bach Flower remedies

No will power to discontinue drinking: ROCK WATER

Gives the reason for drinking by blaming his parents/ spouse: WILLOW

Says to get release from business worries, and other such problems:      AGRIMONY

Drinks if somebody offers a drink: CHICORY

Morning he promises he will give up drinking, evening he takes it: SCLERANTHUS

Can’t refuse to drink if somebody offers it: Centaury, WALNUT

To break from drinking habit – base remedy: WALNUT

Feels ashamed next day morning to face his people: ROCK WATER

Steals money to fund his drinking habit: CHESTNUT BUD

Feels guilty after he drinks: PINE

Abusive – physical and shouts at others after drinking: VINE, CHERRY PLUM

Note: One or more remedies have to be given based on the reasons cited above.

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Lalitham Sridharam


LA and LI in Lalitham activates the Basic chakra, while RUM in Sridharam activates the Solar Plexus chakra.

Meaning of Lalitham

LA and LI are Bija mantras. Lalitham means energy. It will remove karma.

As chanted in Lalitha Sahsaranamam, Lalithambigai can burn away all the previous karmas. Only a person who is the most compassionate of all (mother) can burn the karmas.

What is required inside us to burn our karmas?

We need compassion to burn our karmas. Lalitham means most compassionate mother and the compassion has made her as the most beautiful mother.

If we chant Lalitham, our capacity to love others will increase. When the heart is bubbling with love by chanting Lalitham, we can also become as beautiful as Lalitham.

Meaning of Sridharam

Sridharam means Vishnu and Vishnu is sought by Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth. It will fetch us abundance of money, happiness and comforts.

It’s not enough to chant only Sridharam. Lalitham is required to burn away all our karmas first. Sridharam then opens our eyes to abundance.

Dham will get comforts

For any Basic Chakra related problems – like back pain for example, chanting Lalitham Sridharam helps.

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Benefits of Lalitham Bhaskaram


It’s a good coinage of mantra. If you chant them, you will get the following benefits:

There will not be any turning back life situations. Always you will move forward in life.

Like Bach Flower Remedy GENTIAN, there won’t be any regression or setbacks, whether it’s your life or your career.

Demotion and degradation affects the basic chakra. Then you become fearful. This mantra works on (balances) the BASIC CHAKRA.

Lalitham Baskaram works on the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra as well. Therefore, confidence will be built.

When a person is promoted, confidence will be built up in them. In turn, when you have confidence you will get promoted.

We will get clarity.

You can get out of any confusion.

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