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Stop losing money in business


Following your advice on preparing and chanting a round of numbers “124857124857” arranged clock-wise for profits in stock market, there is a complete upswing now. Thank you.

However, two days later after I made profits, I seem to lose it all. Please guide me further.

Naran S Balakumar

At that time, when you start losing after making profit, chant “GENTIAN, OAK, SCLERANTHUS, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER, COUNT NOW”


Gentian, Oak and Scleranthus are Bach Flower Remedies.

Feeling low after a setback: Gentian

To make better efforts: Oak

Avoid inconsistent money flow: Scleranthus

To change to what is in store for us: Change Divine Order (switch words)

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Heal Your Heart Chakra


Our life is ruled by three chakras – Basic, Hara and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Yet, beyond them, we manage to express our love. We get close to people. We offer our thanks to all. All that because of one chakra and that is the Heart Chakra.

Heart Chakra is the fourth in line. It’s closer to Solar Plexus Chakra. On the chest, from breast draw a line. That’s the point where Heart Chakra is situated.

It is responsible for creation of heart and blood circulation.

It’s the reservoir of love. This chakra is reflected when we experience joy and enthusiasm with our friends and relatives.

If love is there, hate will be there too. If hate is filled in a place, then it’s a hell. Love is heaven and it increases our prana.

Heart chakra is mentally connected with love.

When you desire to make profits out of relationships (or anything for that matter with selfish intentions), we lose energy in this chakra.

If there is a relationship without a love, then it’s of no use, says the Heart Chakra.

We love our children and parents. We love somebody and hate somebody.

Hatred and sadness decreases energy and then we feel we can’t love anybody. We fight at office. When we come home, we should show love. Instead we fight.

If there is less energy in heart, we feel there is no love in life. We feel sad and think that nobody is there for us. With Heart Chakra, we need to love. Otherwise, we will deplete it!

Even if nobody loves you, love god, yourself, others and the world is the message from Reiki. If we GO for love, then the energy level of Heart Chakra expands and balances it.

When we get imbalanced due to Basic, Hara and Solar Plexus Chakras, then the energy level in those chakras shrink. But in the case of Heart Chakra, it’s never gets overfull. It can expand to any level.

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Happy Circulation



Move Around à Circulate and Rotate

When a person is always on tour, the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT will keep him in one place.

Publicize means you will get better circulation. For selling house and land – spray WALNUT water on them. It will get publicized by word of mouth.

How Walnut can help in getting married? Firstly, others have to know. Therefore, to circulate the news, WALNUT will help.

Business flow and movement means circulation.

If anyone expresses “I want to pump in more money as there is not enough cash circulation”: WALNUT.

“I don’t have money for rotation”: WALNUT will improve your money position.

If the expression is “I want to attract more money; there is no profit”: WALNUT can do that for you.

Circulate means to attract. To attract a partner: WALNUT

Circulate also means going around in circles, without achieving anything concrete. When you do something, but see no growth then WALNUT is the remedy.

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Breast feeding


Breast feeding after child-birth


Any remedy for breast feeding problem after birth of child?




Inadequate milk to feed the child: ELM

Transition to the role of mother: WALNUT

Good milk circulation: ROCK WATER

To get good flow of milk: FIND DIVINE milk

After Delivery

1st or 2nd day, breast feeding will be difficult – ELM and CHESTNUT BUD (to learn to feed the child).

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