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Mantra for a Happy Married Life


I heard a lot about you from my friends.

I’m facing a lot of problems as I’m in love with a guy since past 8 years. He also loves me a lot.

My family has agreed regarding our marriage issues but his family is totally against it as our horoscopes are not matching as I have KAL SARP YOG in my horoscope.

What should I chant in order to remove all these obstacles and his family agrees?


As suggested by you, I am chanting (switching words) “CLIMB ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE” daily 200 times, for removing little fighting in between me and my would-be husband.

Just 25 days are left for our marriage but there is daily fight between us on phone. I want a loveable and harmonious relation between us.

We get normal after 2 days. I want that nobody can put finger on our fighting as ours is a love marriage.

I want these fights to far away from my both families so that there should be peace and love between us.


(For both Minee and Anu…the following answer)

Whether the horoscope matches or not, all the couples should understand each other, trust that both live to love each other, shed the ego which is the cause of all conflict, reach harmony somehow, praising each other instead of finding fault, and understanding to communicate after listening.

Chant “BOW PRAISE TOGETHER REACH DIVINE LOVE LISTEN BETWEEN” is the mantra for your happy married life.


I am really feeling glad for your response. Every answer and solution suggested by you really gives us message and lesson!

Thank you Naran!!

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License to Fly High


My son did his engg in Chennai and did his pilot course in USA.

He is back in Chennai and finished his exam for converting his US license to Indian one and waiting to get the license in hand. Meantime, he got an offer from Cathay Pacific in July 2012.

He should have started training by Jan 2013. But they delayed the process by almost one year. This year June when he met them they assured that training will start in Jan 2014.

He called them last week and he was shocked to hear from them that they are not going to recruit now. It is very upsetting.

Can you please guide him? Hope he will be able to get a pilot job.




I have been chanting your mantra religiously and am glad to inform you that my son got his Indian Pilot license 4 days back.

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40-Day Program to Develop Prosperity Consciousness


Re-produced from the Abundance Manual

The instructions to do the program can be found here:


Mother’s message on prosperity

Prosperity remains only with him who offers it to the Divine. Unselfish Prosperity: He who receives it abundantly gives all that he has as he receives it.

Switch words to develop prosperity consciousness


40-day Programme to Develop ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ New Beliefs

  1. Money is abundant, universal, ever flowing from the infinite divine source.
  2. TOGETHER, I understand that Divine is the only provider of money and BE OPEN.
  3. TOGETHER, all my parts change OPEN to ALIGN with this universal Divine flow of abundance.
  4. Awakened to this Divine Truth, I BOW and RELEASE all my desires to possess money and CLIMB to be OPEN.
  5. Since the Divine within me is the source of money flow, my income is unlimited… infinite.
  6. My inner source adjusts the flow of money as per my needs and wishes and all my needs are fulfilled with this constant instant flow of the Divine order.
  7. My needs are the responsibility of my inner Divine source and I FORGIVE and let go all parts of my mind which resist understanding the abundant flow.
  8. All my worries are over; I ELATE to find the Divine taking on the high ways of abundant prosperity. END – a new life has begun.
  9. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR and I am aware of the radiation of inner being. The rays of prosperity are continuously pouring in.
  10. I HELP all the expenses with the OPEN HEART, relaxing in the belief that I channel the receiving and giving of the Divine flow of prosperity.
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