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Getting the Right Deal


You want to sell something. You always come across people who bargain with you.

If you take AGRIMONY, whatever price you ask for, they will pay it.

You expect a quarrel during property distribution in the family. You do not want any quarrel or face conflicts.

If you don’t want any fights, then take AGRIMONY with you as Agrimony is a peacemaker.

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Found a Prospective Buyer


We had purchased an independent house for the purpose of investment but unfortunately we didn’t get much rent/returns as we expected.

We have been trying to sell this residential independent house for quite a long time. People come and finalize the deal. After some time, they drop the offer and go away. This has happened two times.

Also, we are finding it difficult to get buyers and to sell off the property.




We have received amazing results after chanting the switch words. Thanks a lot.

We will be meeting a prospective buyer tomorrow. We want to sell the house for 50 lakhs. Pls give us switch words to sell the property in the amount we desire.




Thanks, we have finalized the deal. 


Morning happy, evening unhappy, for such mood swings: SCLERANTHUS, GENTIAN (Bach Flower Remedies)

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Basic Thing to Improve a Relationship

Is forgiving the concerned person(s)…


My problem is my love relationship.

I am in a relationship for the past 3 years. From the beginning only we use to fight a lot but there is immense love and care also for each other.

But, few months ago he said that his family is not accepting our relationship due to inter-caste issues.

He is also fed up of my suspicious and fighting nature. In addition, he is not ready for commitment.

We tried to end up this relationship, yet still we are in talking terms.

Taking help from your blog, I started writing the affirmation, “TOGETHER I thank the divine for getting me <his name> as a life partner NOW DONE” for 21 times daily along with writing 58 for 58 times.

Also, I’m continuously chanting, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE <his name> PARTNER HOLE”.

I have also kept the power symbol 47 and 66 with me.

But nothing is helping. Neither things are improving nor are they ending completely.

At times, I feel like its divine wish that we should stay together that’s why in spite of deciding to part our ways, somehow we are still in terms.

Pls help me out of this situation – either things should improve or end up completely by divine grace.


Do the forgiving exercise for him.

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Solving mathematical problems


What should a student do who gets disturbed if he is not able to solve one sum out of 10 sums in practical papers? He also gets one step wrong in each sum.

Do you have some solutions to deal with practical exam papers?


What for you want remedies? Not to get disturbed? Or for putting sums rightly?


In practical exams like Maths, if 10 sums are asked, the student solves 9 sums but at least one step he does wrong in each sum and then one sum he lefts totally.

Finally, he gets depressed or disturbed by that thinking he has not given 100% in paper.


If one does not understand the basics of Maths MUSTARD flower remedy will help him understand the subject well.

Unable to learn from the mistakes is CHESTNUTBUD.

The combination of Mustard and Chestnut bud will make any one understand and learn the subject well.

Any student will regret the mistakes he committed in the exam. Not to regret, is HONEY SUCKLE.

Things Improve in Life


As describing a flower is never the flower itself, some of the most subtle blessings and experiences lie beyond the reach of expression.

All the good that has come into my life since discovering the various methods offered in this blog are one of those. At a broad level many things have improved.

  • I smoothly did my Lasik and took off my glasses after 27 years
  • Broke my fear of driving and started moving on the roads
  • Joined a fitness regimen
  • Finished a novel
  • My business is picking up
  • Conflicts have reduced
  • Most importantly I have stumbled on many more sources of spiritual knowledge and got into a meditation routine

Of course, I have had my share of deep angst through the year, but I have been able to deal with it much better.

Every time I have been in pain, I either read his blog or have confided in Naran and have found much relief.

Almost every life situation has been dealt with in the blog.  They are practical and can even be done on behalf of others.

What moves me the most is the non-judgmental generosity, devoid of greed in the responses to those who seek help.

Life is so infinitely complex, so limitless is our sadness and there really is so little we can do. When we really, really need help, how comforting it is to know there is an individual and a great wave of compassion that we can turn to.  

There is no way one can come upon spiritual knowledge except by an act of generosity. Therefore with the deepest gratitude not just for myself as a beneficiary but on behalf of all the million views on the blog I will sign off.

Please, please give these methods a chance. Some work, some don’t but keep at it, things will improve. What do we actually have to lose except our disbelief?

Thank you dear Naran!! LOVE THANKS DIVINE!!!

Find the right plot of land


We are now living at my in-laws place with 2 children in one bedroom. My husband wants to buy a plot of land to build our own house.

I shall be grateful that you please give mantra and other remedy that I can do, so that we quickly find a plot of land at a good price with no blockages for financing (partly by us) and no obstacle to get a loan at bank to acquire same.




I am very grateful for the mantra given to me. Now, we have found the right plot of land which is bigger than what we were looking for, yet the price is very good.

Part payment is being done and we’ll have only one month to complete payment. However my husband needs to go abroad for 2 weeks for work starting next week.

Kindly give mantra and remedy for me to do, so that our loan request at the bank be accepted without delay before end of May 2014.


The same is to be continued.

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Adjust to Improve


Adjust and Change means improvement. If there is no development or improvement: WALNUT

Want to improve handwriting of children: WALNUT

For total communication with the body and to enable child bearing: WALNUT from the first day of marriage. As giving birth is a transition and a change. If there is no physical problem, then Walnut is the remedy for two bodies to unite and give birth to a baby, with help of Divinity.

To adapt or Adjust, one has to be flexible to difficult circumstances, free from rigidity (unable to change), and adamancy. For rigidity and adamancy WALNUT is the remedy.

In an exam you want easy question paper (I don’t want a difficult question paper): WALNUT

When there is a hard person too difficult to deal with – a hard nut to crack: WALNUT.

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How to deal with negative energy?



My neighbour is a very good friend of my father. He claims to be very good astrologer with accurate predictions.

Whenever he comes at our home he says that I won’t get married for next one more year, no matter how much efforts we put or good proposals come coz I have debilitated mars and Saturn.

My parents do not believe much in astrology but that uncle always says something negative regarding my marriage and now whenever any proposal turn down. My parents have also started saying that may be that uncle is right and this in turn affects my thoughts and positivity.

As we have familiar relations with their family, we can’t say directly anything to them. How to deal with this negative energy (thoughts) that he brought as he always discourages me and my parents.


Do the forgiving exercise for 100 times daily: “I Kittu forgive you … (name of the uncle). You please forgive me and release me”.

Everyday morning when you wake up, say three times, “I thank Mars and Saturn for keeping this person away from influencing me”.


I am glad to inform you that after doing that forgiving exercise for a week, that uncle have said nothing negative. In fact, he came only twice in this month and both the time I was not at home.

He sent me some sweets and a gift also telling that he treats me like a daughter, so things are at peace.

Should I continue this or anything else?



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Got a good house for rent



Thanks for all the good things we are able to get through your blogs.

We are in Dubai. Suddenly the rents became very high. This month our tenancy contract will end, we have to shift. So please guide us to find a positive home in our budget and in a safe place.




We have got a good house, though slightly high on budget.


Desperate situation needing divine intervention: SWEET CHESTNUT

Searching for a house: CERATO

To get a house within your budget: MIMULUS (will get a fair deal for both the parties concerned)

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How and why we need to forgive others


For more detailed explanation on Why we need to forgive others and How to forgive others, please refer the book: “Forgiveness How and Why”, written by Naran S. Balakumar.


I have a problem letting go or forgiving people. Is there any switch word for it?


If you don’t do the forgiving exercise, you will undergo same emotions, even though situations may be different.

If you do not want to meet or interact with same people in future, Forgiving is the only way.

There is no shortcut for letting go the resentment and anger.

Do not act from ego; have higher perception and think that every event in our life is happening as per our desire. Before taking the birth, I want this life with these people to mend my life. But unfortunately after taking birth, we forget our commitment.  When the situation is created as per our desire, instead of learning lessons and moving forward, we get stuck and we refuse to forget or forgive.

What is the one that prevents you from forgiving? Release that and do it.

I Jay forgive you —–(name of the person). You please forgive me and release me. This can be done mechanically without the involvement of the heart.


Do I just have to fill the name or action that upsets me?


 “I Jay forgive you —–(name of the person). You please forgive me and release me”.

Take a person with whom you are angry. Insert his or her name in the space given above. Chant the same for 200 times a day.

Forgiving Exercise

Affirm, “I (your name) Robert forgive you Ashok (replace with name of the person to be forgiven). You please forgive me and release me”.

Questions regarding Forgiveness Exercise


I have two queries related to Forgiving exercise.

I have too many people to forgive in my life, so please guide me how to forgive them with once for all.

I see my husband is having so much resentment in his life with so many people but he doesn’t try to do any of the exercise to forgive and forget. So is there anything I can do on behalf of him, as it’s affecting my life all the time.


Take a list of all of them. Do the forgiving for all. Take one at a time. Chant 200 times for each.

You cannot do anything for somebody’s sake. What is your predominant thought or emotion when you deal with him? Release that one by one. If one goes, another will come. Release that also.

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