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Death Ceremony Done Thanks to Divine

Case History

Ram was about to attend a wedding along with his wife. Naran gave him (Bach Flower remedy) SWEET CHESTNUT.

He was travelling by Train to Tirunelveli. The train was nearing Trichy.

He remembered his professor then, who was staying in a village close to Trichy. His professor, who has no children, sponsored Ram’s education as Ram couldn’t find money for his higher studies.

Ram then went to USA. Even though he wanted to return the money his professor vehemently refused to take the money.

Ram thought as there was some more time before attending the wedding he told his wife that they will pay a short visit to his teacher’s place.

When he reached his professor’s house, he found that he had died the day before.

As there was nobody to perform the funeral rites for the professor, Ram took over the ceremony and later attended the wedding too.


Divine in the form of SWEET CHESTNUT wanted Ram to do the funeral rites of his professor. 

Death Can Be Peaceful


My cousin was dying from cancer.

His sisters chanted the mantra “SHANKARAAYA MAYASKARAYA SHIVAYA SHIVATHARAYA NAMAHA” continuously.

He died peacefully and consciously the day before. His sisters say that they had never seen him looking as radiant as when he died.

Thank you so much.

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Can’t think of him as my husband



There was one lady, 25 years old, a widow, came to see me with her parents. She has a child of three-years old.

Her parents told me her story.

The lady loved a person and married him with the consent of her parents. When she was pregnant, her husband died in an accident.

Because, she was still young enough to get re-married, her parents wanted her to marry her own uncle.

Though, she was ready to re-marry, she found it difficult to marry him as she, from childhood was looking up to him as her own brother. Therefore, she was unable to marry him.

Her parents wanted her to marry her uncle, as he would look after her very well.

I gave her this technique, mentioned in this blog:

I asked her to locate the place in the screen, where her late husband is placed.

Then, I asked her to find out the compartment where her uncle is stored as her brother.

Bring the brother to the husband’s compartment.

She did this for one week.

Finally, she agreed to marry him.

This is one of the best NLP programs I teach.

We can do this easily.

Pick the compartment of the period when you had money and the compartment of the period you don’t have money. Bring the lack into abundance compartment.

Fear no change



I stamped lizard on my left foot and it died, I am afraid is it bad. I feel really bad and tears rolling down.




For feeling guilty: PINE

Expecting something bad to happen (without any known reasons): ASPEN

The message from Lizard, don’t wait to CHANGE

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