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See Positive Improvement in Parkinson Disease


My mother has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

From time to time, she is also losing balance. Her knees are giving away, so that she is suddenly sitting down in the middle of walking.


Chant “ROCK ROSE, CHERRY PLUM, ROCK WATER” 100 times over a glass of water and give her daily.

Do it two times a day.

Susmita (after three weeks)

I already see positive improvement in her! Thank you so much!!

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Asthma will disappear

One old man couldn’t come up stairs to Naran’s clinic, because he has asthma.

Naran enquired what type of healing can be initiated for him.

He commented that one part of the hair in his head is grey.

Interestingly, he is not worried about 20 years of his asthma. Why?

It is because the disease has become part and parcel of him. However, he is conscious about his appearance, and wants to look beautiful as he has the desire for approval in him.

The remedy therefore for Asthma is the Bach Flower Remedy CRAB APPLE.

But, Asthma will disappear and not his grey hair.

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Skin disease and allergies



Eczema: AGRIMONY, CRAB APPLE. If itching is more, add RESCUE REMEDY

For any skin disease, Crab Apple and Agrimony is the base remedy. If itching is intense, add Rescue Remedy.

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