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Nail Biting


Nail biting is mostly an expression of tension in anticipation of a difficult situation or of parental punishment with inherent guilt feelings.

Give the child the Bach Flower Remedies WHITE CHESTNUT, MIMULUS, PINE and WALNUT, each three doses.

Or put the pills in a bottle of water and give it to the child as sipping throughout the day is better.

Trying hard to build our house


I and my husband have been trying hard to build our house since last year. Because of insufficient money we are unable to complete the house till now.

My husband works very hard and has to work many night and days consecutively.


  1. Take the flower remedies MUSTARD, OAK and HORNBEAM – 3 doses of 2 pills each.
  2. Have a picture of CORAL in the pocket.


No solution in sight to find source of funds: MUSTARD

Working hard but with no favorable results: OAK and HORNBEAM

Gem remedy CORAL belongs to earth element. Anything concerned with land and building can be healed by Coral.

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Daughter is bed-wetting


My daughter aged 6 years. She is still bed-wetting when she sleeps. She is becoming conscious of that problem now but unable to find a solution.


Give her daily, two doses of AGRIMONY, MIMULUS and CRAB APPLE. In the night, give her WHITE CHESTNUT and RESCUE REMEDY, before going to sleep.

Chant “OM LAM NAMAHA” placing your hand on her naval.


Anything that is suppressed mentally (AGRIMONY) may come out as bed-wetting during night. CRAB APPLE assists AGRIMONY.

There is specific fear of bed-wetting, for which MIMULUS is suggested.

WHITE CHESTNUT for night bed-wetting.

RESCUE REMEDY to have control over bed-wetting.

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