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Release your resistance to lose weight

Overweight girl

I am desperate to lose 10 kgs in a month – have tried a lot, but no joy. I eat sensibly but still do not lose weight.

I am chanting “ROCK WATER, OAK, CRAB APPLE” at the minute.


Chant “ROCK WATER, OAK, CRAB APPLE, RELEASE RESISTANCE, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER” over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water.

Do it three times a day.

Overweight girl

I have been chanting for reducing my weight. Unfortunately, I have not lost any weight at all.

I also bought CRAB APPLE Bach flower essence, mixed a couple of drops with 500 ml water and drinking it and still no joy.

I am desperate to lose weight. What can I do?


Continue what is given. Do it for one year.

How can you reduce within 15 days?

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Running Nose


The combination of Bach Flower Remedies WHITE CHESTNUT, WALNUT and CRAB APPLE is required.

You may put the drops/pills in the inhaler.


Running means continuous and so it indicates: WHITE CHESTNUT

If WHITE CHESTNUT does not help, replace it with SWEET CHESTNUT in severe conditions. 

Not able to adjust to the weather condition: WALNUT

Cleanser: CRAB APPLE

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Help to get out of debts

Aja Jackson

I am asking for a money miracle fast. I need a large sum of money to get out of debt and move into a beautiful home before December of 2012.

The family members around me are also in need of a money miracle. In this sense, I hope to be the conduit to help them.

It really does pain me to see them suffer financially. I would like to be the one to help them out of their debts in the most inspiring and empowering way.

Please give me the Bach remedy for this. Can you tell me how to use the liquid form as well to make the chant more powerful?

Thank you so much for all of your global impact on the world!!


Take the flower remedies CENTAURY and GORSE, two drops of each in 200 ml water and sip over the day.

Chant “BASKARAM PRABODHAM” as many times as possible.


Person who thinks he need to help and care for others: CENTAURY

No hope to organize the money: GORSE

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Diagnosed with Glaucoma


My wife was diagnosed with Glaucoma in the right eye in 2007 and by the time she lost 90% of vision in that eye.

The eye pressure is under control with eye drops, but the lost vision could not be restored.

She was also diagnosed with deterioration of retina in both the eyes, especially in the left eye, due to which she lost the central vision. Doctors say there is no cure. We only have faith in God.

My wife continues to work for an IT major in the software domain.


She can listen to “VISION IMPROVEMENT” CD

Ask her to take the eye tone pills too.

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Eye stye went off


I got stye in my eye due to long working hours in front of computer system and improper sleep.

I went to an eye doctor and she said my eye is infected. She told me that I have to take drops and medicines for one week.

When I logged into our site, there was a topic on mantras for eyes:

My joy knew no bounds.

I started chanting “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM” and the switch word POINT and my eye stye went off in 3 days.

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