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Teenage Rape Victim


A girl was raped during her teenage.

After marriage she developed depression. She gets mad at her children. That’s not a regular feature though.

At times in a month – periodicity is once a month or week: WHITE CHESTNUT.

Behaviour – she sometimes does nothing: WILD ROSE.

She gets mad at children: CHERRY PLUM.

To heal the traumatic event happened: STAR OF BETHLEHEM.

The above mentioned behavior was there for many years: WALNUT.

I asked her to take Star of Bethlehem separately once a day, for a month and rest of the (Bach Flower) remedies in water and ask her to sip it 6 to 7 times.

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Change Divine Order Vs Find Divine Order


I want to ask one question. Our scriptures say that each and everything is happening in this universe according to the Will of Supreme Lord.

It means good or bad whatever happens, it happens according to His Absolute Will. This is what I consider as Divine Order.

When everything is already in Divine Order i.e. according to His Will then what is the real meaning, significance of Switch Words “FIND DIVINE ORDER” and “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”?


There is no good or bad event. It is our judgments which separate any event.

When we think the event is bad, we deviate from the DIVINE ORDER.

Therefore, the mind is instructed to re-align with the divine order by the Switch word CHANGE. When the mind does not accept what is happening, we are commanding the mind to change.

To know what is in store for us, we FIND DIVINE ORDER.

Similarly, there is no bad person. The so called bad person has deviated from the DIVINE CENTER.

Instead of changing him, we have to accept him as he is, for which CHANGE DIVINE ORDER will be helpful.

When we try to change him, we deviate from the CENTER.

By chanting CHANGE DIVINE ORDER, we will change our view towards the other person and re-align with the center divine; we will have a different outlook.

Any how this has to be done for a long period of time, analyzing our behaviour at each and every step.

Read the reply, I gave to Bhavi:

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Winning Switch Words Part II


Switch Word(s) Description
Find Find a solution, to gain or regain something
Find Count Divine Generate business, Find money
Find Count……. Divine (fill up the rupees you want) To find the required amount of money, for example, “FIND COUNT 10 Lakh Rupees DIVINE”
Find Divine Love Now On To find your life partner immediately
Find Divine Order Count Now Done Get a job/ business opportunities
Find Divine On To get on with your life, when you are stuck up in an unwanted situation
Find Divine Order To find normalcy in a conflict situation
Give Sell your property
Guard Get divine protection, achieve personal safety
Halfway Do things quicker, Achieve your goal in lesser time than usual
Halfway Divine Manage traffic, Reach your destination faster
Halfway Divine On Catch trains/bus on time
Help To get the required help
Ho To be happy and joyful
Love Thanks Divine Energise a situation/ relationship/ event/ person
Move Move from current situation to new situation
Move On Moving forward in life
Next To know what to do next
Now Do or get something immediately

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Purpose of Tapping

(From Multi-Dimensional Healing June 27 Workshop)


Simple way of tapping/EFT

Pull the entire 10 fingers one at a time as well as the gamut point (it’s the hollow place between the front little and ring fingers).

For any type of problem, pull each finger and tap on gamut, and affirm “I accept myself totally”.

What does the affirmation means?

It means that I accept my life situation, the event, as well as my feelings and my thoughts.

How to make sure we are not influenced by a situation?

Situation is one percent, our reaction is 99%. It becomes bothersome or problematic because of our own mind.

You are watching an accident on the road. A person riding a motor cycle had met with an accident.

The mother of the person, who was watching it happen, will react more strongly than others. Same event but reactions are different.

Our habit is to react emotionally. If we don’t have connection to the situation, I am not affected. Who gives this link? Isn’t it the mind?

If you do tapping then you will come out of the panic situation.

Why should you come out of the panic situation?

Then you can help, as you have a calm and tranquil mind. You will react calmly and do the necessary. Instead we overreact and spoil the whole thing.  

Exercises for Program Your Life

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For the following imaginary life situations do the releasing techniques mentioned in the articles referred above:

  1. Power cut, when you are having your dinner.
  2. When you leave the house to drive to Airport, you realize your car key is missing.
  3. You are a branch manager of a bank; gave a loan believing that the client would submit the document the next day. For the next three days, he didn’t.
  4. You are invited to lecture on a topic. You prepared well and delivered it. After the event, many in the audience said that they knew the stuff already.
  5. Feelings and thoughts about an unreasonable spouse/co-worker/servant
  6. When a cop demands the driving license, you proudly showed it. The cop retorted, “What is this! You are showing an expired license!”
  7. You have ordered for a takeaway. Friends have arrived, but not the dinner. The caterer phone switched off.

Program Your Life Part II

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Be with your feelings


Focus on the feeling, with Adi Mudra.

Say, “Yes, there is … (mention the feeling here, for example, a feeling of sadness)”

“I welcome this … (feeling)”. But, can I let go this feeling?

If you get the answer “yes”, then just say, “I let go of this … (feeling)”

Is the feeling is still there? Ask the mind, “Can I let go just 10% of the feeling?” If the answer is yes, then proceed further and let go another 10%.

Still you are unable to come out of stagnation.

Now, observe your thoughts.

Can I release this thought?

If the answer is yes then say, “I release … (thought)”

If the answer is “no”, then ask another question, “Is this thought useful to me?”

“No.” means you need to let go of the thoughts. Release all the thoughts one by one.

Find out which desire is behind the emotions.

Is it the desire to control or change the person or event, or the desire for approval or the desire to feel more secure? Ask the mind again.

If there is desire to control or change ask, “Can I release the desire to control?”

Yes means, “I accept my desire to control but I let go this desire to control”.

Is there any desire for approval? (Desiring for praise, recognition)

If yes means, “I just release this desire for approval.”

Is there any desire to feel more secure? or is there is any fear?

If yes means, “I release this desire to feel more secure; or i release my lack of trust ”

After some time, there will not be any feeling or thought. Peace dawns. Now take the required action. 

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Marriage Miracle in a Hurry

Client, June14th

We are in love from 3 years; we are aged 30 yrs; finding hurdles in getting married, though we don’t have any restrictions from both of our families.

He is having a sister of 28 yrs of age. She is not getting any proper proposals. He tells that after sister gets committed, we will marry.

I’m having a brother who is also nearing 29yrs.His life must also be settled. He is torturing my parents like anything because of me. 

Naran, June 15th


Client, June 25th

As per your advice, I’m chanting. The pressure from my family is increasing day by day and my brother is torturing my parents.

Pls give me any switch word so that my boy-friend will agree for the marriage immediately. I’m mentally and physically disturbed. I don’t want to get married to anybody other than him.

My kind request is to save my life; bless us for an early marriage.

Naran, 26th June



Thank you, hoping for the miracle to happen.

Client, June30th

Miracle happened today.

Yesterday, I went near his place and adamantly told him that he should marry me. Finally, after nearly 3 hours he agreed to tie the knot.

I told my parents in the morning that he’s agreed for marrying. All arrangements were made in a hurry and finally along with my parents we married in a temple.


From “Ask Naran” on “BEECH, WILLOW, PINE”:

Understand that every event in every person’s life is happening with mathematical precision- SUPREME DIVINE ORDER. Understand Divine is the doer and thank the divine for anything and everything happening in your life. If you accept the life as it unfolds, everything will happen right. To realize this, chant “BEECH WILLOW PINE” and calmness will surround you.

For her boy-friend not to escape: CHESTNUT BUD

Open Save Divine Delight:  I OPEN up to the DIVINE GRACE, so that I am LIBERATED from the present problem miraculously, to my DELIGHT.

Bring in a feeling of security

Bagavad Gita Book

अच्छेद्योअ्यमदाह्योअ्यमक्लेद्योअ्शोष्य एव च

नित्यः सर्वगतः स्थाणुरचलोअ्यं सनातनः

Healing Notes on Bagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 24


Uncleavable, incombustible, it is not liable to be drenched or dried up; eternal, all-pervading, stable and unmoving. It is forever and forever.

No pain (fire) can kill you; no sadness (water) can drown you; no worry (air) can dry you; no event (space and earth) can break you.

Survival fear is always there in our thinking… To feel secured is the desire of every human being.

In life, relationships make us insecure; our working place makes us insecure.

How to bring in the state of security?

For people who are unstable in their profession…

Who have lower back pain…

Who have fear of death for unknown reason…

Who have unknown fear …

And people who are fearful of in-laws …

And for people who feel unstable…

Listen to the Verse 24 of SRIMAD BAGAVAD GITA, or read it 11 times.

Any audio version of this verse can be looped and listened continuously.

You can paste the verse in paper and keep it under the pillow.

This brings back the feeling of security –the original SAT which is forgotten by the mind.

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Commenting on the post:

V. Rajalakshmi

Since, the topics of trees have come up. I want to tell about a certain event.

In my work place, we have a very old and large MALAI VEMBU (Neem) tree below which everyone sits and vehicles are parked.

Last week, the entire tree with its base fell down. It made a crackling noise for some minutes before it fell, giving something like a warning, so that everyone could move out.

Surprisingly there was no vehicle nearby. So everything was safe. All of us thanked the divine tree.


Very good! Keep thanking when you see the trees – any tree on your way.

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Why we need to be happy?



Why we need to be happy?

To be wealthy, we need to be happy.

How we can make ourselves happy? Read the blog on changing mental compartments here:

What is the basis of changing mental compartments?

Whenever you think that there is no source for money or today there is no money, especially for business persons, at that time you have to do this exercise.

Because, whenever there is fear or worry Lakshmi will not come. Therefore, you have to change your mental attitude.

It is one of the best NLP programs.

This is how brain stores everything…

Worry will be in one compartment…

Fear will be in some other compartment…

And joy will be in other compartment.

Some event is happening outside. Immediately, your reaction goes to the any compartment which you are used to.

For example, when there is no money immediately you will have fear – some type of fear, and worry.

If the event invokes fear means, immediately the brain will go to that compartment and will make you feel like that.

You won’t feel differently as you don’ have the habit of reacting differently.

If you do this exercise, then immediately there will be a shift in your thought pattern and emotional mind.

You can do this for any type of situation where you want a change in the (mental) situation.

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