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The child feels good


My sister’s son has a good handwriting but he is not fast in writing though.

He writes very slowly whereby he is not finishing his homework on time. In exams also he is very slow in writing.


Chant “ELM, OAK”


The combination “ELM, OAK” is working fine and nowadays he is fast in doing all.

He himself chants it many times. The beauty is that he is using that for all his work – not just for doing homework only. He feels good about that.


Continue chanting.

Child not preparing for board exams


My son is very poor in studies. He is in class 12th and is having boards this year.  He even doesn’t listen to us. Please provide me some mantra which can be done by me and he gets the positive response for it.


  1. Chant the mantra “LALITHAM ACHUDAM, LALITHAM ANANDAM, LALITHAM GOVINDAM”. Take a tumbler of water, hold it in the right hand, chant the mantra 100 times and see that he drinks that water.
  2. He has to take Bach flower remedies: WALNUT, CRAB APPLE, SCLERANTHUS and WILD OAT.
  3. Add the gem remedy CORAL also.


At what time should I chant this mantra? And can he drink this water anytime or immediately after I finish the mantra chants?


Anytime you can chant the mantra. If he takes it immediately, then it is good.


Lalitham Achudam Lalitham Anandam Lalitham Govindam: The mantra will reform him and make him understand the need of the hour.

When one does something other than what is needed: SCLERANTHUS

To choose the right path: WILD OAT

Correct his ways: CRAB APPLE and CORAL

Not to be influenced by peers:  WALNUT

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Lot of syllabus to cover


I have got exams shortly and lots of syllabus to cover. I am not able to concentrate and study.

Plz advice switch words so that I am able to study hard and clear the exam.


Write 398 in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow.

Chant “662 SLOW CARE” 50 times over a glass of water and drink this water two times a day.

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Mum tell me what to do


Shyla found that her son is not studying irrespective of several complaints from his teachers and after getting bad scores in his exams.

She took a colored Xerox of the Power Life Symbol 2-SLOW-CARE and wrote her son’s name in the blank circle. She carried the paper in her purse.

Now and then, she chanted the switch words, “SLOW CARE”, while looking at the symbol and thinking about her child.

After a few days, one fine morning, he approached her and asked her, what homework he had to do and what subjects he had to study for the day.

She was totally surprised about his change in behavior. He is continuing to be responsible like this for the last one week.

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Develop the habit of doing well


I gave Bach flower remedies MUSTARD, OAK, CLEMATIS, and CHESTNUT BUD to my son. I started giving it before his exams. For nearly 3 weeks I gave him.

Yesterday, he got his results. He got slightly better marks this time. Even his teacher told he has improved.

Now, his school will start from April 1st. he will go to 9th STD. I want him to study nicely this year. He should get nice marks and he should be happy. Please advise me whether I have to continue with the same pills.


Continue the same.

Give WALNUT separately.

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I study and focus on all things that do not come out for exams. The result is when I go to take exams, all the things that I study and prepared well do not come in the exam paper and I do not get very good results.


Write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow, while sleeping.

What you have read will come in the exams.

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Take Care of Your Career


I want to ask you some remedies for my son Aryan. He is very lazy and keeps procrastinating important things like studies.

I am worried about his career as he is very childish at times. He is soon going to give entrance exams. I am bit worried about him.





Procrastinating studies: SCLERANTHUS

Develop career: WILD OAT

Develop the habit of studying well: WALNUT

Make the child do praise-worthy things: BRING PRAISE DIVINE

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Lift me from my limitations


I have son who’s 4 years now. I am a worried lot about him. He started talking very late and he’s very slow in studying. I teach him and he forgets next minute.

Every time we go to school they tell he’s very slow. I want my son to study well grasp quicker and be good human and disciplined child. I want him to get A+ in all his exams.


Chant “SLOW CARE 398” over a glass of water and give that water to him.

In addition, chant “LIFT KIND DIVINE LIGHT” 100 times over a glass of water and give to the child separately.


To lift him from his limitations: LIFT KIND DIVINE LIGHT (from SAVITRI)

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Speak with confidence


Please guide me on Bach flower to gain confidence and self-esteem.

I am very afraid to talk on the phone & cannot order at fast food places. I cannot say anything no words come out of mouth.

Even kids make fun of me and laugh at me as I speak with no confidence.


Take the flower remedies MIMULUS, LARCH, and PINE each two pills three times a day.


Afraid to talk/fearful: MIMULUS

Lack of confidence, especially for mid-life crisis: LARCH

Low self-esteem: PINE

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Seems like miracles



Dear Naran,

I have written many mails to you and when I don’t get reply, I don’t feel anything because my work is to tell you. I know that from that point on, I am in the grace of your Love and Light in Pink Healing Energy.

Since last six months, though life has been difficult and very depressing, it has been DIVINE ORDER at work.

Main purpose in writing this is to share what seems like miracles…!!!

Even after any horrific experience, which I normally have with my people, I have a deep and sound sleep. I wake up in the morning and remain calm. I am so calm that I cannot remember when I last took RESCUE REMEDY. This is despite so many stressful events on a daily basis – maid, college politics etc. I think I may finally earn my thick skin. J

A day before, God is so great that he didn’t even make me feel any stress over the missing bag. And before I knew of the loss, it was restored! What a divine grace! Else it would have been a great problem.

Every day, when I have some problems, and am not able to reach you or find a solution, I somehow get an answer.  I feel it may be just my fanciful imagination, but I am always smiling with my thoughts.

The other thing is that I was very disturbed by a couple of counselling cases. It seemed like a mirror to me and what I saw disturbed me greatly. But I took the learning and told myself, if you learn the lesson then you will be free. 

And I am trying to be LOVE as much as possible. I always try and give Reiki to college, students, exams, food etc.

Last but not the least, your trip to Mumbai. It is as if the last unfulfilled wish, God decided to put me out of misery. 


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