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Husband wants to marry again


I was married for 16 yrs and got 3 girls. Ours is a middle-class family. Mine was a love marriage

Initially, everything was very well. He took good care of me and family but for the past 6 yrs there’s a lot of change in his attitude and behavior.

He yelled at me and kids in front of everyone, treating us very badly.

Last month, he brought one lady home and told us that he’s going to marry her.

My girls and parents launched a police complaint and with the help of a police officer that marriage was stopped.

He did not want to divorce but want to lead a new life with that lady. I told him that I will not agree for that.

After this he stopped coming home and eating from home. He will come as and when he wished but will not eat anything.

He gives money for the home expenses. I want to lead a happy married life with him. I want him to be genuine and truthful to our family.

Recently, he started hatred towards me. Pls help me to change this and lead me a happy life.


Take the flower remedies CHICORY, HOLLY, and ASPEN.

Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water, every one or two hours, from morning to evening.

In the night, take the flower remedies WHITE CHESTNUT and WALNUT before going to sleep, 5 pills each.



A CHICORY person turns easily into HOLLY. Husband is the shadow-self of wife and hence, and therefore, his remedies are given to her.

Every day, she has to lead her life with the constant fear of what will happen, for which ASPEN will help.

To come out of persistent, constant worry: WHITE CHESTNUT and WALNUT

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Groom is picky


My brother is picky that he will marry only beautiful looking girls, though he doesn’t look smart. How to change his attitude?



A BEECH person is picky. Even if he doesn’t look smart, he will expect his wife to be smart.

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All-time Safety


Referring the blog:

Will doing what you have told us create a situation whereby girls are safe in all aspects?


That is a different question, different answer.

You cannot create any situation. You can handle a situation as per the requirement.

Nobody including men can be safe in all aspects.

When there is fear of something, handle that situation.

Or if the question is asked pertaining to a situation one is facing, I will give solution to handle that situation.


Okay. Thank you for your response. I understand it better now.

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Love eludes if you don’t do this



I love a boy. Even he loved me.  However, from past one month, he is not at all caring me. He says he love me. But I am not feeling it.

He is contact with many girls. Because of him I am daily crying. Pls suggest me any mantra so that he should be attracted to me only. He should love me more without contact with any girl.


Loving is not wanting something or wanting to possess.

If the desire is to possess somebody, love eludes. When there is no love but only desire, you will attract one who will have desire to possess others also.

For most of the people, desire is operating and not love.

Write daily 51 times:

“I release the part of me which is desirous to possess. I align with the part of me which truly loves others”.

Taking this as a rule, analyse your past life. 


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