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Have a Good Start in Business


To start the business: HORNBEAM

He starts business. First month, there is no profit as one could expect, but he thinks he is not doing well, and so he is a failure. He is a highly pessimistic person.

He thinks: when I try to sell salt, rain will come; I try to sell cotton there will be heavy winds. To prevent regression in business, GENTIAN is the remedy.

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Heavy Snoring


Your throat pipe is constricted.  To be given to the person at the time of sleeping the Bach Flower Remedies ELM and WHITE CHESTNUT along with Gem Remedy YELLOW SAPPHIRE.

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Crystal clear solutions


I’m writing this mail for my cousin.

I used to go through your blog and all those switch words and angel numbers explained in that blog used to work for me according to the situation till now. Your blog is very much helpful to public who are suffering from different problems. I really thank you for the support you have provided to the public through your blog.

But now, our family is in great trouble. We are having a warehouse rented for storing spices. Due to heavy rain all those spices are destroyed. The company is saying that they are having a loss of three and half crores and my cousin is responsible for that.

Our family can’t afford this huge money and we are very much desperate sir. We all are fully tensed.

Please find me some mantra or some switch words so that I can chant it for my cousin to help him get rid of this situation and my cousin not to be blamed by the company for the losses caused by natural calamity. We don’t have any other way.




I did the chanting.

The company itself called my cousin directly and said that it’s not our problem. Losses caused will be totally claimed from the insurance company and now there’s no problem for my cousin.

We all are really happy due to your grace. Once again thanks a lot. God bless you.


To find a crystal clear solution: CRYSTAL

Grieving and fearing over loss of money: CHICORY

For hopeless situation: GORSE

To REACH for HELP, the animal spirit guide WOLF is sought

Free from Emotional Trauma


I recently broke up with my boyfriend. And, I have been feeling hurt terribly. I would like us to come back together.

Casually, I came across your website, have tried some of the mantras and even the forgiveness exercise.

I still wake up with a heavy feeling and with a lot of emotional pain. Please guide me in this difficult period.


  2. While going to bed, be in the SAFETY MUDRA posture (Thumb touching the tips of little and ring fingers on both the hands).

You will be free from emotional trauma.


For grief and hurt feelings because of broken love: (gem) IGNATIA

Come out of love pangs: CHICORY

Come out of shock and to recoup: STAR OF BETHLEHEM

The Safety Mudra otherwise called as Safe and Secure/Pran Mudra will keep you in peace.

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Black patches on the face

A Case History for Water Violet

Rani became sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and started developing black patches on her face.

The doctor asked her not to be exposed to the sun. Her movement is restricted because she goes out either in early mornings or after evening hours.

First time when she met me, she was given Walnut (sensitive to atmosphere). She just took it for four times and reported that she could see some improvement on her face.

I wanted to probe in further.

Naran: What would have caused this de-pigmentation?

Rani: I believe that the heavy make-up I was using might have caused the problem

Naran: Do you think there are other reasons too?

Rani:  I was using lot of turmeric on my face. I used to be called as Yellow Beauty. Probably my usage of turmeric also would have caused this.

Naran: When other people, I mean friends and relatives, enquire about your face, what would be your reply?

Rani: Do you think anybody has the guts to ask me?

Naran: Hmmm was there are any?

Rani: Only two have enquired so far.

Naran: What was your reply then?

Rani: This is the latest make-up.

(Saying this, she laughed loudly, which indicated her superiority complex.)

Naran: Why should anybody have guts to talk to you?

Rani: I am a reserved person. If anybody tries to come near me, I will snub them. Few try to come closer to me. However, I will make sure that they don’t get close to me.

Naran: Do you have any close friends?

Rani: None fits my bill. I have some friends. But I am not close to them.

Naran: How do you select your friends?

Rani: Intelligence is very important. If I say something then they should understand it immediately. If I have to repeat what I say, then they are below my standard. He will be out of my list of friends.

Even in my area, nobody is up to my level. All the houses in my locality are built in small plots. My house is the only one which is built on a two-ground plot. (Laughing loudly)

(This above expressions points to Water Violet – Superiority Complex)


WATER VIOLET: She is not allowing anybody to get close to her. Mentally, she keeps the people at a distance. Physically, by developing dark patches on her face, her body helps her to keep others at a distance.

PINE: The reason she gives for the dark patches on the face is that she had used lots of make-up materials. Blaming oneself for the problem indicates Pine.

CRAB APPLE: Make-up is the word she used often. It means that she is covering up the patches. Covering up is the key word of Crab Apple.

WALNUT: For over-sensitivity to Sun rays

Written all over the sky

Paresh Bhatt

Referring the article:

One more success story I want to share here.

I read your post and then I went to the verandah. I chanted the Bach flowers’ looking over the sky.

At that time not a single cloud was to be seen and then I came inside. After fifteen minutes, I’m seeing that wind has started blowing and dark clouds have appeared from nowhere.

What I did was I chanted and imagined the sky is covered with Bach flowers names. And after a short-while there was a heavy shower followed by thunder and lightning. The rain was more than expected.

Thank you Naran for giving those Bach flowers name for bringing Rain!

The whole Kolkata received rain just after 15 minutes of just one time chanting the names of the Bach flowers.

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My body is acidic



Please any words to make my body more alkaline, as my body is very acidic. Thanks


Chant the switch words, “TOGETHER FORGIVE LOVE THANK CHANGE DIVINE ORDER BE” daily 500 times.

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Blurry Vision



I am a Pilot. I have to keep my eyes near to the LCD screens in the cockpit and cannot change my eye distance from them also.

This makes them heavy and my vision has also got blurry. My eyes cannot focus properly.

What I mean to say is when I look at near objects and then far away objects, the far away objects look blurry to me for some time.


PRAN MUDRA you can daily for 30 minutes at a stretch.

Get the EYE TONE pills from the centre. Take 3 pills 3 times a day. It will set right your problem.

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Don’t Upset Me! Be Nice!!



What you said is true… that inanimate objects also have some energies and feelings. I experienced it twice at least, which I observed.

My washing machine is huge, turbo sized, so I thought I can put heavy loads. One day, I over stuffed it knowing it is heavy load. It stopped in between giving process error. I tried moving things around still it said it is unbalanced.

So, I was talking to it, rubbing my hand and said “I am sorry. I overstuffed. I am giving you Reiki now. Please wash it this time. I will not give heavy load again”.

I turned it on again and it finished the full cycle without any problem 🙂

Recently being human, I forgot and overstuffed it again but it was not very heavy load. It did not run for more than 2 minutes. No matter what I did. I tried to drain it and spin so clothes do not get spoilt overnight. It did not work.

It was so adamant. It kept giving process error and did not budge. I told it “I am so sorry, it is my mistake. I will give you Reiki, and can you please just rinse and take out water… no need to wash also. Just drain the water, spin it and give to me, I will wash as two cycles again tomorrow. Can you do that for me?”

Then I turned it on again at rinse. It worked!! It drained and spin without any noise and issues.

I am now careful not make it upset 🙂 

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