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Have no pressure at work


I am currently into Banking and working for an IT company.

I am unable to cope up the pressure and to understand a concept properly. I am also lacking confidence and interest.

I need help to have courage and work properly to achieve results and be happy.


You can take flower remedies MUSTARD, OAK, LARCH, CHESTNUT BUD and RESCUE REMEDY.

Take 2 pills of each three times a day. Take the pills one by one. Don’t touch by hands.

RESCUE REMEDY alone you put 10 pills in a water bottle and keep it in the office. Sip small quantity every one hour. You can take RESCUE REMEDY water in the night also before sleeping.


To understand the concept: MUSTARD

Not to struggle: OAK

To have confidence: LARCH

To learn faster: CHESTNUT BUD

To overcome tension: RESCUE REMEDY

Not ready to go for a divorce


I am really tired of waiting to get initiation/news, words from my husband as he is not at all in contact with me or my family for last 2 months. We all tried very much but failed.

I am doing forgiving exercise for husband and my MIL more than 25 days now, but still no result or reply from his end.

Everybody in my family is asking me to take decision and to divorce him and start new life. But I am really not ready to do so.

Sometimes, I wonder why this person marries me, if he really doesn’t have any regards or interest in family life.


Chant “BEECH, WILLOW, PINE, WALNUT” for a month


See events from different angle: BEECH

Stop blaming anybody for what happened: WILLOW

Come out of the thought of “One’s bad karma”: PINE

Renew the love lost


Met a guy on matrimony site and we started dating for 2 years. We liked each other.

Then all of a sudden he lost interest. I want to know the switch words to get his love back.



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Husband not showing any interest


I have visited 2-3 astrologers. I am very scared about their predictions as all of them told me that there are 100% chances of separation/divorce in my marriage within next few days/months.

My situation is actually worst. I am chanting TOGETHER DIVINE but not seeing any changes in my situation.

Now, after visiting astrologers I am very depressed as I just wanted to live my life happily without any such drastic changes.

Though my husband is not at all talking to me, not taking care and not at all showing any interest in me from day one of our marriage.

I still love him very much and wanted to live with him only.


Continue this.

There is one symbol number 47 to unite the broken relationship

Write your husband’s name and your name in the empty circle, and chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”.

We are not excited about each other


It has been 2 years & 6 months since I got married.  Problem is conceiving a baby.  We are trying from past 1 year but we are not able to have. 

One more thing we are becoming a bit lazy in sexual matters.  We have noticed that in a month of 30 days we involve in sex for only 2 or 3 times, which is really bad on our part.

We actually realize this thing. And want to improve.  Please help us out.  I just want to conceive & deliver a baby.


If you are having two or three times, have it ten days after menstruation is over.

Hang a picture of RABBIT in the bedroom. Hang a picture of PIGEON in the dining hall.

You can chant “SWEETCHESTNUT, WALNUT, HORNBEAM” any number of time while retiring to bed.

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A balanced life!!!



Your wants have to be in balance

Wherever you need harmony you can use the word TOGETHER. It is a very special switch word. It goes deep into the life of person. It stimulates the values in us.

However, most of us do not know what we want. He will be working as a temporary worker but he may want freedom. Employment and freedom cannot go together. If you want freedom and independence then you should have your own business.

However, for doing business, he needs security and so he cannot invest in business. Like this, we are always in conflict in our lives.

Some people want to earn more money, but he cannot because if earns more money, his family life may be affected and so on.

Different parts of life

For all of us a balanced life is needed. What is that?

One is personal; one unknown person is there inside all of us. I can only know myself. That is the personal life in which physical life will be there too. You cannot be healing others continuously unless you are healthy. So, physical health is one part of life.

 The second part of life is our social life and relationships. That is, relationship with others – either relationship with the family or society.

The third part is professional. 

Thus, the first part of life is physical or personal, the second part is relationships, the third part is professional and the fourth part is spiritual.

Our conflicts of interest

All these four are not balanced in any of us because our interests are in conflict with each other.

Our physical health will be good but relationships will not be good. If relationship is good, his professional life will not be good as he may not go to the office.

When you take a decision for one part of life, it may imbalance the other part of life. When you decide to go to a foreign country, you will lose your family life.

For that reason, you cannot sit at home saying that for you, your family is important and therefore you will skip work.

In the same way, when you think money is important then you have to forego your family life.

Ultimately, you are working for your health, which is lost by working hard, going at 6 am and coming back at 12 midnight.

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Coming out of Love Pangs



Raja and Rani were good friends and loved each other deeply.  They would meet each other every day and spend time together.  They decided to get married.

Suddenly one day Rani’s father brings a boy who has come from U.S.A. and fixes the marriage for Rani.  Rani respects her parent’s words and agrees for the wedding.  Since there was not much time, the marriage takes place and immediately she leaves for U.S.A. 

There was no communication from Rani.

Raja was shocked when he comes to know about the marriage.  He is dejected in life.  Loses interest in life, grows a beard. 

At this state, for pangs of love due to separation give the Bach Flower Remedy CHICORY. 

Raja will get over his separation and starts to lead his life.

The person who is highly possessive will be sentimental and so a love failure affects him a lot. They will say after their love failure they will not get married as they prefer to live in the memories of their beloved. They might get ready for marriage after taking CHICORY.

Why this person is unduly influenced by love? If you give them the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT it will remove their sadness as Walnut is a great unwanted-link-breaker.

Raja was given Chicory and Walnut. And as expected he could come out of his love pangs.

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