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Winning Switch Words Part II


Switch Word(s) Description
Find Find a solution, to gain or regain something
Find Count Divine Generate business, Find money
Find Count……. Divine (fill up the rupees you want) To find the required amount of money, for example, “FIND COUNT 10 Lakh Rupees DIVINE”
Find Divine Love Now On To find your life partner immediately
Find Divine Order Count Now Done Get a job/ business opportunities
Find Divine On To get on with your life, when you are stuck up in an unwanted situation
Find Divine Order To find normalcy in a conflict situation
Give Sell your property
Guard Get divine protection, achieve personal safety
Halfway Do things quicker, Achieve your goal in lesser time than usual
Halfway Divine Manage traffic, Reach your destination faster
Halfway Divine On Catch trains/bus on time
Help To get the required help
Ho To be happy and joyful
Love Thanks Divine Energise a situation/ relationship/ event/ person
Move Move from current situation to new situation
Move On Moving forward in life
Next To know what to do next
Now Do or get something immediately

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1st is C-section, 2nd is Normal Delivery


I thank you for a wonderful service you are doing for mankind. I am a regular visitor to your website. I collect all the posts and practice a few.

My wife was pregnant for the 2nd time. First baby was born with C-section. So, this time we wanted a normal delivery. After seeing few posts, I asked my wife to daily chant “TOGETHER DIVINE” and she used to chant daily.

On the day of delivery, she chanted “TOGETHER DIVINE” and I chanted “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM”.

The baby got delivered at 1:10 PM with a normal delivery. Doctor herself was surprised. All our relatives are also surprised to know how come the second baby got delivered normally after the first one with C-section.

I know that it is because of the mantras given by you.

Thank you very much.

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Be Happy and Energetic


Many thanks for all your help to me it has made a difference.

I am unable to overcome my sadness and crying.  I realize I have to accept the situation. I also need to be happy and joyful.

My husband is coming home on 13th for the time my sons visit. My son is coming home on 14th and a family holiday has been planned from 22nd to May 2nd.

I need to be able to handle the situation with a happy disposition and with energy. However, I am very tired all the time.

I wish we could be reconciled and a happy family with love and trust.  

I wish my son is happy-safe, free of addictions, and desire and will to study well. 

I am also starting a business. I wish the energy to carry it through and make it a success.

I am presently at Prashant for a two week of Yoga Ayurveda Therapy.  

I am looking forward to your advice.


Take the flower remedies CENTAURY, WALNUT, OLIVE, WILD ROSE and HORNBEAM to feel energetic and tonified.

In addition, do as per the instructions in “Becoming Happy is in Your Hands”:

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To beget a child


A rabbit photo can be hung in their bedroom.

Light a white candle.

Facing west direction, chant “TOGETHER DIVINE”

How many days should I do it?

A single day’s practice is not sufficient. It has to be practiced regularly.

Even though we do these things, we should have Divine Grace to get the desired results out of this exercise.

We are not sure when we will get such a Divine Grace, until then we need to keep practicing it.

Can this be done as atonement?

Yes it can be done. It depends on individual’s faith and belief system. Whatever we do we should have 100% faith and belief.

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How to become happy?



Lakshmi is ‘Supreme Delight and Love’.

How to bring that in our lives?

There is a technique for that.

Whenever you feel sad, worried and fearful about money then do the following exercise.

There must be some period in your life where you would have been joyful and happier, and happiness born out of innocence. You would have enjoyed a joy of innocence.

Take that period as well as the current worrying period. Worry can be about anything.

We need to interchange them.

There is a technique in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), by which you can immediately shift your emotions.

Visualize a white screen in front of you.

That white screen is your brain.

Normally, how brain stores the images?

All the worries in life will be in one compartment.

Similarly, all the joys will be in another compartment.

Likewise, all your anger will be in some other compartment.

Similarly, all persons you like will be in another compartment and those persons whom you dislike will be in another compartment.

Like this, you can segregate all your emotions.

Close your eyes. Visualize a white screen in front of you.

Think about the joyful period in the past. You have look in which part of the white screen – in which compartment, you have stored it. Feel the joy within yourself and identify the place it is stored.

Where is my present state of worry, anger, sadness or grief?

We found two compartments.

Both of them are in different places. Bring the worry compartment into joy compartment. You cannot bring it directly. Take a round-about route.

Now, automatically your worry will be transferred into joy.

There is a period of abundance of money and a period of lack. Sometime you had money and now you don’t have much.

Do it once. Bring the worry into joy compartment and not the other way around.

By this way, you can turn your enemy into friend.

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