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How Mind Affects Our Prana?

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Anger and worry will reduce the Prana inside us. If Prana is reduced, then your physical vitality will also be reduced.

Within worry, there is fear and sadness. Anger has jealousy, envy, likes and dislikes behind it.

What will increase Prana then?

When you do yoga for example, it will and due to that, it stabilizes the physical stuff.

Prana also can be increased by having certain states of mind.

What are those mental states that increase the Prana and thus our degree of vitality levels?

According to Dr. Mikao Usui – the founder of Reiki, the following principles do that:

  •   Be honest

You should act with your conscience;

  •  Be kind to others – express kindness and love to others.

Even if you see a cockroach struggling to get up from its upside down position, you should help it, to regain its position. This single act alone can increase your Pranic energy thousand fold.

  •  Have an Attitude of Gratitude

For anything good done to us, we have to say thanks; especially for parents we have to keep on say love and thanks as we owe so much to them.

  •  Also say thanks to others – even to your enemy. He will become your friend then. Don’t have vengeance and hatred. They not only will sustain the enmity but will reduce Prana as well.

Even inanimate things like the house you live in – say thanks to them.

You Will Be Greeted With Love


Visualize all are talking with you in love and kindness.

Visualize everyone you meet and greet you with love.

Before attending a wedding (or any function), visualize all the people in the marriage hall greeting you with love and talking to you with loving words.

Affirm, “Divine Love Manifests in My Life” – from ‘I love myself’ CD

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One drop of love will change him

A patient of Naran remarked about her spouse. He gave the following reply to her. These exercises however can be done anybody who wants to live harmoniously and be happy with them.


Look at oneself first

This is Drama of Life and if one understands, we will come to know, realize and understand that we have to bring in change in ourselves only.

We have to direct the mind towards oneself and then towards others. This is the basis of all healing modalities.

The nature always expects us to move towards perfection.

In this process, one understands not only the DIVINE ORDER, but also realizes that one has to rise above the mind and its tantrums, and become spiritual.

All healing methods help a person to understand his/her own potentials.

Others are mirrors of yourself

Before trying to change the other person do this exercise on you first.

Take a piece of paper and write about him first. Whatever you wanted to say about him write it.

  • Insert the word ‘I’ wherever you have put ‘He’.

For example, “He never takes the treatment properly and he escapes”, should be rewritten as “I never take the treatment properly. I escape.”

Change what all you have written about him Into I.

  • Now affirm, “I never take the treatment properly. I escape. In spite of this, I accept myself totally”.

Do three rounds of tapping for each sentence.

  • Do the forgiving exercise for them. “I forgive you …. (Name) you please forgive me and release me”.
  • Send Reiki to him daily.

Problem is the source of solution

Whoever is causing problem to you, can only give you solution.

Whoever irritates or angers you, can only give you peace. 

You cannot change your husband. You want him for your status and security. Then you have to heal yourself. Forgive.

  • You only have to make your life peaceful. For getting peace with such a person, you have to shed your ego and heal yourself.

Heal your controlling tendencies

Heal your anger and controlling tendency.

We always like people who comply or who just listen to us or obey us implicitly. That is why we want all the people to do this and that as well as agree with us, whatever we say.

When there is slight disagreement, dissent or difference of opinion, we may not like the person.

This dislike of the person who disagrees and the like of the person who agrees create conflicts in life.

  • Both are born from our controlling tendency – desire to control or change.  Release your desire to control and change others.

You have the power to heal him

What your husband needs attention, love and tolerance. Understand that he is mentally deranged, unlike we who are sane. The sane people are supposed to protect and understand such people.

When you ignore, chide, or send your husband away, who will take care of him?

The God has sent him to you, because you know Reiki.

God has sent him to you, because you know forgiving exercise and you know how to release your karma.

God has sent him to you because you know how to change yourself through flower remedies.

Heal him. This is how god has made him. One drop of love will change him. One iota of kindness can change.

Heal him from the heart. Sympathize with him. If he is the cause of your mental agony, how much he is suffering within mentally. Just help a man who needs help. Pray for him.

He is not a curse to you. He has not become your husband because of your bad karma.

He has come to you for healing. He is a grace for you.

Through him you spiritual journey starts! I hope you will start the Journey!!

Full of physical torture


My cousin is fighting for divorce as her 13 months marriage was full of physical torture. Unnecessary delay in hearing is making it impossible for her to concentrate on studies for a public exam.

Please advise switch words so that she can come out of that marriage and also get back the entire gold and dowry, which is not returned back by her in-laws.

Her father gave huge dowry which was more than 13 lakhs.

At present, she is trying to find a job. Next week she has an interview. Suggest also for getting that job.




Only supreme love can lift one from the seemingly unsolvable problem. With its kindness, it not only lifts but completes it, which is beneficial to both the parties.

Love is lacking here and we call for the supreme love to intervene.

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Frame of LOVE


Within a day of using the symbols you told me to use, i.e. Love and Joy (Symbols 66 and 67), I could find a marked difference in my state of mind.

It moved into positivity, calm and loving kindness to all including all who I felt had injured me so much that I felt quite silly about any anger I was holding.

Thank you very much.

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Lift me from my limitations


I have son who’s 4 years now. I am a worried lot about him. He started talking very late and he’s very slow in studying. I teach him and he forgets next minute.

Every time we go to school they tell he’s very slow. I want my son to study well grasp quicker and be good human and disciplined child. I want him to get A+ in all his exams.


Chant “SLOW CARE 398” over a glass of water and give that water to him.

In addition, chant “LIFT KIND DIVINE LIGHT” 100 times over a glass of water and give to the child separately.


To lift him from his limitations: LIFT KIND DIVINE LIGHT (from SAVITRI)

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No Words to Express Kindness of Divine

Sandhya Varma

My grandson    who will soon be 3 years old was not speaking clearly.  My daughter took him to a therapist, who indicated that the child may be mildly Autistic.

Extremely worried I came and asked Naran for help.  He asked me to chant “LIFT KIND DIVINE”.

Hardly four days after, I started chanting. Soon after, the therapist changed her view and said he may be just a late talker. 

Amazingly, not only he started talking, but also compiling sentences, e.g., “Bye, see you, drive there”.

I am amazed and thankful to Naran for this turn of events.

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